Bin Laden's son ready to negotiate the surrender of Britain

* You can’t make this shit up, really! Its getting better by the minute:

Usama bin Laden’s Son Says He Wants to Be ‘Ambassador for Peace’ Between Muslims and the West


CAIRO, Egypt — Omar Usama bin Laden bears a striking resemblance to his notorious father — except for the dreadlocks that dangle halfway down his back. Then there’s the black leather biker jacket.

The 26-year-old does not renounce his father, Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden, but in an interview with The Associated Press, he said there is a better way to defend Islam than militancy: Omar wants to be an “ambassador for peace” between Muslims and the West.

Omar — one of bin Laden’s 19 children — raised a tabloid storm last year when he married a 52-year-old British woman, Jane Felix-Browne, who took the name Zaina Alsabah. Now the couple say they want to be advocates, planning a 3,000-mile horse race across North Africa to draw attention to the cause of peace.

“It’s about changing the ideas of the Western mind. A lot of people think Arabs — especially the bin Ladens, especially the sons of Usama — are all terrorists. This is not the truth,” Omar told the AP last week at a cafe in a Cairo shopping mall.

Of course, many may have a hard time getting their mind around the idea of “bin Laden: peacenik.”

Omar thinks he can be a negotiator,” said Alsabah, who is trying to bring her husband to Britain. “He’s one of the only people who can do this in the world.”

Omar doesn’t criticize his father and says ‘Usama bin Laden is just trying to defend the Islamic world’.

* its not exactly as if anybody attacked the ‘Islamic world’. Instead, these goat shagging desert dwellers received the biggest transfer of undeserved wealth in human history, some 10 trillion dollars in the last 30 years.

“My father thinks he will be good for defending the Arab people and stop anyone from hurting the Arab or Muslim people any place in the world,” he said, noting that the West didn’t have a problem with his father when he was fighting the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Omar is convinced a truce between the West and Al Qaeda is possible.

“My father is asking for a truce but I don’t think there is any government (that) respects him. At the same time they do not respect him, why everywhere in the world, they want to fight him? There is a contradiction,” he said.

Usama bin Laden, believed to be in hiding in the Pakistan-Afghan border region, offered a truce to Europe in a 2004 audiotape and a conditional truce to the United States in a 2006 message. In November, he called on European nations to pull out of Afghanistan in a message seen by some experts as an effort to reach out to Europe.

* No he didn’t offer a ‘truce’- he offered a hudna, which means he asked for time to regroup…

But in a series of messages since last fall, he also has been calling for Muslims to rally around jihad, or “holy war,” encouraging fighters in Iraq in particular to continue their battles with U.S. and Iraqi forces.

At least two of Usama bin Laden’s sons, Hamza and Saad, are believed to have an active role in Al Qaeda — with Hamza believed to be in the Pakistan-Afghan border zone and Saad thought to be in Iran, perhaps in Iranian custody.

Since leaving his father’s side, Omar has lived in Saudi Arabia, where he runs a contracting company connected with the Binladen Group, but he spends much of his time in Egypt. It was during a desert horseback ride at the Pyramids of Giza that he met his wife.

Their marriage in April made them tabloid fodder, particularly in Britain, where headlines touted the “granny who married Usama bin Laden’s son.” Alsabah, who has married five times, has five grandchildren.

The couple has applied for a visa to Britain. And they are planning their endurance horse race across North Africa, which they hope to start in March. It is in the planning stages — they are seeking approval of governments along the route and need sponsors to help pay for the event and raise money for child victims of war.

* See: they’re only concerned  about charity! Does your heart bleed already?


* Can’t help myself: I prefer the Bin Laden niece. Anybody got her number or e-mail?


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  1. Why must ideas of the Western mind be changed? It’s high time the ideas of the Koranist mind be changed considering the fact they’ve been fossilized for 1400 years. This is why there’s so much trouble in the world today. Besides, Koranism doesn’t get along any better with the ideas of the Eastern mind-Buddhism and Hinduism also take beating. Therefore it’s logical to conclude that Koranism is the problem, not Eastern and Western ideas.

  2. I whole heartedly welcome Omar’s overtures and would like to invite him to the United States territory of Guantanamo Bay.

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