Canuckistan: Inquisition over Cartoons


Ezra Levant


Politically correct wankfest over Muhammad cartoons

Conservative who published Prophet cartoons faces rights commission

Calgary Herald

CALGARY – Outspoken conservative commentator Ezra Levant will be before the Alberta Human Rights Commission Friday defending his former magazine’s 2006 publication of a series of Danish cartoons depicting the 7th century cultleader Prophet Muhammad, worshiped by his adherents as some kind of prophet.

Members of Calgary’s Muslim community were outraged when Levant’s now-defunct publication, the Western Standard, published the cartoons in February 2006, shortly after their initial appearance in a Danish newspaper led to rioting and protests around the world.

* Let them eat dirt. Nobody has the right not to be offended.

Levant, the magazine’s former publisher, will be on the hot seat today in Calgary during a commission investigation – a process he calls an “interrogation” – in which he’ll be questioned extensively about the publication of the cartoons.

The human rights commission could then order a full hearing into the matter if it deems it necessary, he said.

“I object to the whole proceeding. It doesn’t have any moral authority,” Levant said Thursday in an interview.


“Free speech is a human right.”

Soharwardy, who isn’t expected at the proceeding, couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday.

Syed Soharwardy, president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, later filed a complaint against the Western Standard to the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

“Human Rights for Muslims Only…


In other news:

“Our hears bleed for this poor Taliban assassin..”

Bring Omar Khadr home to Canada to face terror accusations, law students say. Omar Khadr, detained by the U.S. at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is accused of throwing a grenade when he was just 15, killing an American soldier in Afghanistan. 



3 thoughts on “Canuckistan: Inquisition over Cartoons”

  1. Every time someone sets up a “human rights commission” it’s time to worry. Usually, these things are set up by lefties to confer rights on lowlifes and losers who neither deserve them nor even understand the term. These commissions also end up being a convenient court to try those who refuse to bend to the god of PC. The Koranists know this and love this-dopey infidels give them yet another weapon with which to beat anti-jihadists to death. Levant had better head south or he’ll be spending time in jail because this pro-jihadist organ will throw the book at him.

  2. So we’re STILL enduring whining about “offending the religious sentiments of Muslims” over these silly cartoons?

    People, you’re in Canada now. They have different laws and customs than you are used to; these include free speech and freedom of thought. If you don’t like free thought and free speech, go back to the Islamic Paradises you came from. Sharia law is already in place “back home”, so you can have four wives and beat them all, you can marry your daughters off to your brothers, you can train your kids to go blow infidels up, and nobody will object.

    You came to Canada because it’s a land of freedom and prosperity. And yet instead of starting a new life in a new land, instead of adopting the values of Canada and the West, you want to cling to the oppression and religious mania of the Islamic “total way of life” because it’s “your culture”? Here’s a little more free speech for you: “your culture” sucks. Countries fail under Islam because Islam is a failure. Islam creates nothing but misery and chaos. Islam benefits no one. Islam calls itself morally superior, yet approves any tactic –ANYTHING: terror, murder, lying, treachery– for the purpose of spreading Islam. Islam is the problem, not the solution.

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