Dutch Dhimmi's plead for tolerance

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Dutch opinion leaders published a page-size advertisment in the daily Trouw on Wednesday calling for tolerance and a softer tone in the debate about migration and Islam. In their statement, the 717 signatories, including prominent politicians, artists, authors, relgious leaders and academics, called on the Dutch to “break the downward cycle of intolerance and indifference” in the Netherlands.


Dhimmi Terpstra:

Terpstra has called on people to fight the anti-immigration sentiments promoted by Geert Wilders’ PVV party which he says are ‘polarising society.’


The statement was initiated by Christian Democrat Doekle Terpstra, who called upon Dutch society to counter the “wilderization,” a sarcastic reference to Dutch liberal-right politician Geert Wilders, one of the Netherlands’ most outspoken Islam critics. Responding to the publication in Trouw, Geert Wilders called the signatories “silly and naive fools.”


Wilders comes out guns blazing: “Islam does not deserve respect”

* Not that any of the far left swine from the MSM bothers to mention that the brave Wilders has been under ’round the clock protection for years now because of the Muhammedan assassins who want him dead:


The Hague (2 January) – The populist leader of the right-wing Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, has criticised an appeal for tolerance and respect by a number of prominent Dutch citizens in today’s Trouw newspaper as the work of “silly and naive fools”. He also referred to them as “dhimmis”, by which he means non-Muslims who act subserviently towards Muslims.


*  “Dhimmitude is the status that Islamic law, the Sharia, mandates for non-Muslims, primarily Jews and Christians. Dhimmis, “protected people,” are free to practice their religion in a Sharia regime, but are made subject to a number of humiliating regulations designed to enforce the Qur’an’s command that they “feel themselves subdued” (Sura 9:29). This denial of equality of rights and dignity remains part of the Sharia, and, as such, is part of the law that global jihadists are laboring to impose everywhere, ultimately on the entire human race.

The dhimmi attitude of chastened subservience has entered into Western academic study of Islam, and from there into journalism, textbooks, and the popular discourse. One must not point out the depredations of jihad and dhimmitude; to do so would offend the multiculturalist ethos that prevails everywhere today”

Mr Wilders says that “Islam does not deserve respect, but must be fought as an intolerant and Fascist ideology”. The advertisement in today’s newspaper was meant to serve as a counterweight to the ideas of Mr Wilders.


* Here’s the link to sheik yer’mami’s song ‘Tolerance’


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  1. Thank GOD for Geert Wilders!! We need to split up our Western Countries.. the Leftists and the dhimmis can take the islamos into their share of the country.. ie.. the French can take them and the Flanders can live in Peace..

    The Franco-Belgian can then be proud of what dogoody liberals they are and suffer at the hands of the Saracen invaders.

    Whilst those who know the threat can life in saftey without having to pay for the foolishness of our dhimmi brethren any longer.

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