Gillard wants 'world class' Muslim schools for the 'modern age'

From the ‘back to the 7th century’ department:

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THE rising number of Muslim schools is part of the “modern age” and the focus should be on ensuring all students get a world-class education, Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard says.


While controversy continues over the proposed construction of a 1200-student Islamic school in Camden, southwest of Sydney, Ms Gillard said it was an issue for the local council.

“There is a debate about the planning approvals and whether or not that is an appropriate location,” Ms Gillard, who is also acting Prime Minister, said on Fairfax Radio.

“From the point of view of the Federal Government generally, we say that parents deserve to have choices about where their children go to school.

“That’s inherent in the Australian system, and we want to make sure wherever they go that they have a high class, indeed world class, education.”

* Ever seen a world class burka, Miss Gillard?

Ms Gillard said the Government had plans to introduce a national curriculum board.

“We’ve had the Catholic system for a long period of time, we all grew up with Catholic kids who went to Catholic schools,” she said.

* Rrright. Lets get rid of the Catholics. Besides, they don’t vote Labor….

“In the modern age we have some Muslim schools as well.

“We have to make sure that wherever kids are learning, they are learning a curriculum that is going to equip them for living and working in a modern Australian nation.”


* Think Gillard has the faintest clue about what they teach in a Koran school?

* If she doesn’t, she is an ignorant fool. If she does, then she is a seditious snake. But lets assume she knows nothing about Islam, perhaps she should start reading from here: Muhammad’s own words

* Any Muslim school is an outright act of defiance against Australia. The intolerant & hateful teachings of Islam are diametrically opposed to freedom, equality, human rights and democracy. Those who aid and abet the spread of Islam are guilty of sedition and treason. In light of the above we should demand those who aid and abet the global jihad to be investigated and punished under the existing laws!

5 thoughts on “Gillard wants 'world class' Muslim schools for the 'modern age'”

  1. Gillard is right-let them build such schools all over the ummah.
    But leave the infidel world alone.

  2. ‘Think Gillard has the faintest clue about what they teach in a Koran school?’

    Julia, here’s a hint: the proposal for the Camden madrassa is being put forward by the QURANIC SOCIETY (in all probability a front for the Muslim Brotherhood) of Haldon St., Lakemba; if you insist on teaching muslim kids the Koran, you owe it to the next generation of non-muslim Aussie kids to educate them about the contents of the Koran, so that they will have some inkling of what they’ll be up against in the ‘modern age’, even if you are not.

  3. * ‘world class’ Muslim education:

    The 3 Rs” …

    Recitin’ (the Koran)
    Rapin’ (Leb style)
    Ricin (chemistry)

    Oops, the Diversity Officer is at my door. 🙂

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