Hollywood comes out against Kosovo 'independence'

George Clooney & Sharon Stone got the ball rolling. Not all are commie rat-bags like Spiccoli, take a look who’s on board, you’ll be surprised!


George Clooney & Sharon Stone


Check out the picture gallery at Jihad Watch Deutschland! The red-green scum is seething!


At last! Ashura-Blood-Cult Arrives in NewYork:

Blood flows in American Streets


* Imagine if WE did that to them!

Every ‘human rights’ shyster between Brooklin and Timbuktu would come out screaming bloody murder!


Multi culti is just grand, ain’t it?

* Atlas has more and JW also...


Britney splits from Muslim boyfriend, gets restraining order


SPLITSVILLE: Britney has told pals that the 35-year-old Ghalib ‘was making money’ off her.

WoJ reported here

7 thoughts on “Hollywood comes out against Kosovo 'independence'”

  1. Hi Sheik, is there a story to go along with the photo about Hollywood and Kosovo?

    The link just brings it back to the photo.


  2. Two things here: Isn’t there some type of law about spreading blood around in public places? Couldn’t that be considered dangerous not knowing if anyone is infectious?? That HAS to be illegal somehow! Also, if they are cutting their children like this, here in the US of A, should that be a crime also? Heck, in some places you can’t even spank your child, but these animals cut their childrens head wide open. Hey, the next time one of my kids piss me off, I can beat the hell out of them and claim my “religion” says it’s OK. What a game plan : /

  3. So what..? Do these Hollywood ppl influence policy that much that they could stop the stealing of the Kosovo by the Albanians?

    Hey.. since Clooney lives in South Switzerland he’s probably been getting a bit of a [dis]taste of what these islamofascists are really like.. 🙂

    They’d surely burn down and loot his little castle upon the shores of Lago Como..

  4. The muslims know that saying a lie often enough it will become the truth (Stalin said that too – and other commies practice it too).

    As for the hollyweirdos – send them to Kosovo. Hollywierd is so full of cowards that know that bashing Christians won’t get them dead. I can’t even watch movies anymore if I see the ones mentioned in this article and a few more. I wish people would stop watching their movies or sitcoms. Tell them how we feel where it hurts – in their pocketbooks.

  5. Celebrity opinions are all too common, and useless these days.

    As for Clooney he gets mad at Bush for interfering (in Iraq and Afghanistan), but now he wants Bush and his successor to interfere in Darfur??? And now this also.

    I can’t help but think of those celebs during WW2 making the rounds of entertaining the troops, selling war bonds and in fact joining the military. My how things change!

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