Holy Shiite!

Muslims ‘let down by race law’

* You really can’t make this up: just in from WoJ operative Mullah:

Anti-Muslim prejudice is dealt with less seriously than other forms of discrimination, a university study found.

The Guardian (who else peddles bullshit like this?)

The research conducted at Bristol University examined 30 years of Government legislation and legal rulings to distinguish the difference between prejudice towards race, ethnicity and religion.


* New ‘Race’ Discovered! Islamic Science on the move!

*In the study, Dr Nasar Meer, research associate in the Department of Sociology at Bristol, found that Muslims are let down by race legislation because being a Muslim is recognised as a lifestyle choice or a “voluntary identity”.

* Let me take a wild guess: Dr Nasar Meer is a raving Christianophobic, Judeophobic, Hindu-Sikh& Buddhistophobic Muslim, but more than anything he is a devoted slave of Allah who applies Islamic science in his research…?

Dr Meer says other religious identities – such as Sikh and Jew – have had race law applied in their favour in a way not extended to Muslim communities.
He said many Muslims view their faith as an “involuntary identity” as they are born into the religion.

* Really? But aren’t most of us somehow born into a faith, even no faith at all? And isnt it the Muslims who keep telling us that they have ‘chosen’ their religion?

He said: “We explored what legislation exists to help protect people with what we call an involuntary identity. People with an involuntary identity shouldn’t be disadvantaged by others’ views.
The legislation should offer them support and make sure they’re not discriminated against.

Muslims have been totally missed out of the protection offered by race-relations legislation because it treats Islam as a religion and not a race.”

* Here we go: religious vilification doesn’t cut the mustard for the good doctor, he wants Islam to become a ‘race’- what say you Yvonne Ridley? (Remember Yvonne Ridley is the ex-nun-come journo/ captive of the Taliban who ‘reverted’ to Islam, wrapped a scarf around her head and declared everyone who disagreed with her new found faith a ‘racist’- if it was only that easy!


Hateful, rabid scum: Ridley

Dr Meer said he has come across various examples of when hatred towards Muslims was dismissed but hatred towards other religions had not been tolerated.

Dr Meer’s study “The politics of voluntary and involuntary identities: are Muslims in Britain an ethnic, racial or religious minority?” is available online at University of Bristol, here


* It is revolting that Bristol University wastes resources, time & money to produce such garbage. A quick Goggle search and you know that this jackass doctor is a longtime agitprop for Muhammedan causes, nothing else.


Update: Ridley slightly unhinged, sacked from Muslim TV show


10 thoughts on “Holy Shiite!”

  1. * Muslims ‘let down by race law’

    And naturally this “Clayton’s Race” (Islam – the race you are in when you’re not in a reac)
    needs its own schools to teach the “race” how not to integrate, and who better to judge
    the non-race’s schools than members of the non-race. I never thought I’d see Britain
    go down the gurgler so fast.

    * Muslim schools to conduct own inspections

    I wonder if these muslim madrassahs are funded by UK taxpayers? (silly thought)

  2. * Update: Ridley slightly unhinged, sacked from Muslim TV show

    “Agenda” tv show, on the Islam Channel, with boss Mohammed Ali …
    “sex and religious discrimination” … by a Muslim boss? fancy that.
    And a show on a Muslim TV channel wasn’t “politically balanced”?

    Move over, Ripley – you had nothing on “Ridley’s Believe it or Not”

    Who will get the “sensitivity training”? Ridley, or Ali?

  3. * what we call an involuntary identity

    Don’t people supposedly revert to Islam when they choose to become Muslims?

    Well, yes, and to become a Muslim, should one wish to party like its 1399, then
    one has to pronounce the “testimony of faith” / shahada … like this:

    * How To Become Muslim
    To become Muslim, you have to pronounce the Testimony of Faith ‘Shahada’, with sincere faith.

    Far from being “involuntary identity”, it sounds like something done voluntarily, by free
    choice … unlike race, where you don’t get to choose (unless you are a New Ager, and
    “chose” to incarnate …)

  4. More whining about how the master race mentality is not being properly bowed to.

    Geez-what a rack on the traitorous Muslima. That uncovered meat had better cover up better than that before her co-cultists get at her!

  5. “…it treats Islam as a religion and not a race.”

    hhhmmm, yesterday they wanted to be a religion, today they want to be a race… and all the while they are really a political movement that uses religion – and race? – as a front to gain a foothold into our countries.

    Whenever a muslim whines – feed them and tell them to go back into their holes. Isn’t that where all rodents who reproduce uncontrollably, and are considered a pest, go? Into a hole?

  6. The Nazi also would have loved being able to claim themselves a race… oh wait they did that too.

  7. Mullah, interesting article, thanks.

    It is no wonder they are not preparing the children for life in Britain – they are learning the koran and know they will get welfare from the dhimmi – at least as long as they are alive.

  8. Salaams bro malsikcuf [:)]

    Thanks for the “7th Century Generation” link – I assumed it was taking the Mickey
    out of Mo, until I started reading the thread about Yusuf Islam & realised they were
    serious, in that backward Islamic way. I had to get out, I laughed too hard.

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