'Honor Killing' comes to Sydney

Girl, 13, strangled by her dad

Thanks to Mullah


Of course, none of this has anything to do with Islam. Right?


A TEENAGER was last night strangled by her father before he took his own life in Sydney – and the horrifying discovery was made by the girl’s mother.

Neighbours were alerted to the tragedy by the “howling screams” of the 13-year-old girl’s mother, who made the gruesome discovery shortly after 6pm.

Police and ambulance crews rushed to the Stevens St, Pennant Hills townhouse in Sydney’s northwest, arriving to find the girl unconscious and her father dead.

Distraught neighbours last night said the evening calm was shattered by the mother’s distraught screams.

The scream was heard down the street. It was horrible,” one neighbour said.

It is understood the family were originally from Iran and had signed a two-year lease on the property three months ago.

“My friend heard a howling kind of scream. She said it sounded like a really sorrowful cry,” another neighbour said last night.



‘I heard people arguing and then someone screamed’

* The dhimmified Sydney Morning Herald doesn’t want to tell us that the family was from Iran, let alone that it was an ‘honor killing’


Murder suicide …. police outside the house.


Earlier today, police said the father may not have lived with the mother and her two children in the home but may have been visiting his daughter at the time of the attack, .

“We’re confirming that at the moment,” Eastwood Local Area Commander Superintendent Peter Marcon said.

“We have two different stories that the father was living at the house, and another that he was living elsewhere in this command.”

Superintendent Marcon said he did not believe the attack was motivated by race or religion, contrary to other reports.

* Aren’t you curious what these ‘other reports’ say?

Police confirmed the mother of the teenager arrived home at around 6.20pm yesterday to find her husband and daughter dead in what they believe is a murder-suicide.

* Could this have something to do with it?

Qur’an 64:14 “Believers, truly, among your wives and your children there are enemies for you: so beware of them! … Your wealth and your children are only a trial.”

Qur’an 8:28 “And know that your property and your children are just a temptation.”



Update:  Police displays willful stupidity re the motive

It’s a nice area, it’s a good area,” Supt Marcon said.

At this stage, we have no motive.”

Supt Marcon said police would speak to the distraught family members later today after formal identification of the bodies this morning.

The mother and her son, believed to be in his 20s, are currently being cared for by extended family members in the area, Supt Marcon said.

“Obviously they are very upset,” he said.

“It’s a tragedy, a young girl, 13, just at the beginning of her life. It’s just a straight out tragedy, a family tragedy.”

* Indeed. but feeling sorry doesn’t get to the bottom of it. It merely distracts.


11 thoughts on “'Honor Killing' comes to Sydney”

  1. Wake up media the murder of honour killings is definitely the cause behind an innocent childs death, islm is ther eason for the murder…wonder if incest was also involved
    evil islam , evil fathers with power over life and death
    ban islmic migration now

  2. * The dhimmified Sydney Morning Herald doesn’t want to tell us that the family was from Iran

    The SMH is now timidly citing residents as saying the family was “from a Middle-Eastern background” … as if neighbours would use that phrase. The motive remains a complete mystery, and police have “no evidence that there was a religious or racial motive”.

    There never is any “evidence” in these cases, but I’d be looking under I for Iranian, M for Muslim and H for History of Mental Illness, for starters.

  3. Today’s Telegraph says Iranian family, but the police still don’t believe there is a religious connection. I wonder why detectives would sieze a computer (and mobiles) as evidence, if it is just a domestic dispute gone wrong?.

    * While the girl always said “good morning” or “hello”, he said her father was “strange and silent”, only ever nodding his head at neighbours.

    I wonder why no names or father’s occupation have been published.


  4. The acceptance of Muslim immigration is remarkably destructive to the host society, yet on and on it goes. Is the Dutchman Geert Wilders the only Western politician who will tell the truth?

  5. Susan Says:

    Is the Dutchman Geert Wilders the only Western politician who will tell the truth?

    Politicians have to tell lies enough to win the next election, after which, the electorate be damned. See how easy it is to get away with lies, in western politics?

  6. Have you read the Yemen Times article “Why there must be violence against women”


    because after all, the family is supreme and the head of the household is responsible for his entire family’s spiritual obedience; so a man’s gotta do whatever he must do to keep the family submissive to Allah’s glorious will. (And apparently it’s perfectly acceptable to kill them when you’re trying to keep them obedient to Allah… Way different from those other “Abrahamic religions”, dont’cha think?)

  7. THE U. N., the main stream media, most government officials in the non-Muslim world, and even most conservative talk radio personalities refuse to call the situation for what it is, a struggle between societies based on the Judo-Christian morals and Islam.

    It is up to us, concerned citizens of the world to inform all justice loving people of the danger presented by Islam as practiced. There is an organization devoted to informing the world. It is the United American Committee. Find them on the internet.

  8. In America where the Holy Bible is banned from U.S. school systems…thanks to Political correctness and public atheism running the School education system You can not read about Our Lord and God, Jesus Christ…but the koran in which mohammed a confessed Jew killer …you can find the book in any school library…real sick! That is why the world is up-side down..you have to be anti-semitic or anti-Christ.

  9. eventhough i dont believe to islam (i have been born muslim) but I think u r going too far
    if the case is what has been said in the quran I believe u can find even worse than them in the bible supporters of judo christian culture dont forget mentions of stonning and many other brutal punishments in jewish history and holy book , and hearing these gruesome news , u can remember many other crimes and sometimes worse ones in very christian and jewish societies , at the end we r humans, we have mental health disorders ,we all, is not it better to see both sides? the mother who abandoned her newborn child in the park!!! was it because of christianity? the father who killed his 3 kids 3 month ago(I reckon) just to make his ex wife suffer ,there was a mention in the bible? or he had converted to islam?!!!!
    so please dont be idiots we can think better and behave humanly , and speak more responsibly

  10. Atila, dont forget, Jesus stated while standing between the porstitute and the mob who wanted to lynch her, “He who is without sin cast the first stone”. That ONE line obliterates all of islams values by itself. While Muhammed raped, murdered and pillaged Jesus preached love, so dont spread your hate and filth around here please.

  11. frankie, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Only thing I can add is probably a reference to the fact that in Islam, women are stoned for being victims of rape.

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