'Islam push for Australian-bred leaders'

* The above header might as well read ‘how to turn a criminal organization into a fortune 500 company’.

The comical efforts of Western governments to somehow accommodate, to appease Islam and to make this 7th century blood-cult into something more palatable, into something that is less threatening, dangerous and lethal to the indigenous infidels will fail as it must, because of the ‘immutable Koran’-, the sira and hadith, and the emulation of Muhammad, bandit chief, caravan raider, slave-trader, genocidal mass-murderer, misogynist and philanderer, arsonist and child molester, who is nevertheless worshiped by every Muslim as the ‘perfect man’-, uswa hasana, al insan al kamil, a perfect example for all mankind, for all time.


By Edith Bevin/Daily Telegraph


* The above Perth Islamic School was raided in a fraud probe, the principals have been arrested or are on the run. Winds of Jihad reported here…


THREE more Muslim schools are on the drawing board for Sydney within the next six years in a drive to develop home-grown religious leaders.

And the backlash against the proposed Islamic school at Camden would not stop plans to build more, a Muslim educator said yesterday.

Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations vice-president Silma Ihram said the push to open new schools was important for establishing Australian imams.

Ms Ihram, an Australian-born convert and the former principal of Noor al Houda Islamic College, said many of the controversial statements by Muslim leaders in Australia over the past two years had been made by religious figures “imported” from overseas.

“The difficulty we’ve got is that if you want to be an imam there is nowhere in Australia to learn – that’s why we’re getting imported imams,” said Ms Ihram, who is a consultant for the controversial Camden school.

“You have to leave the country to get that education – that’s difficult. It’s a huge risk. You don’t know really what influence some of these teachers will have – it could be positive or it could be negative.”

* Unfortunately this reporter doesn’t ask Ms Ihram, this ‘Australian-born convert’, what this ‘huge risk’ may entail.


The mother of six said even religious leaders raised in Australia – but who were trained overseas – often had difficulty marrying their religious leaning to Australian culture.

The proposed new schools would bring the total number of Islamic schools in Sydney to 16. Nationwide there are about 30 Islamic schools.

Ms Ihram said other existing schools may also be expanded and moved to other sites.

The application to build an Islamic school for 1200 students in Camden has met with strong community opposition.

The council received more than 3000 submissions on the application – most of them opposing it. No decision has been made on the application.

* It is still not understood in most countries in the West that Islam and Muslims do not migrate to become Europeans, Australians or Americans, but they arrive with the mental baggage of entitlement, an ideology of conquest and subjugation. Muhammadanism is the perfect ideology to infiltrate and to subvert, and wherever Islam has spread, there has occurred a total and revolutionary transformation in the culture of those conquered or converted.


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  1. People clearly don’t want more of this but yet the Koranists press on. Then they wonder why people don’t like them. Why should they be liked? They act more and more like politicians all the time-shoving things down the throats of people when they clearly say no.

  2. ‘Islam push for Australian-bred leaders’
    by sheikyermami on January 9, 2008

    …”The proposed new schools would bring the total number of Islamic schools in Sydney to 16. Nationwide there are about 30 Islamic schools.”…

    How are the number of schools in Australia shaping up today 2nd April 2010?

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