Michael Savage Gets It Right About Kosovo

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“Bill Clinton Lied – No One Died?” Bzzzzzt! WRONG!

From the Willie Clitman Files:


Al Salibiyyah:

The Savage Nation On Bill Clinton & The Kosovo War

Bill Clinton is responsible for the murder of countless civilians. His administration, the biased media, and the liberal left have hidden this fact from the American people. The shameful attack on Kosovo is one of the most important – yet least understood – events in modern Jihad. It is imperative that the truth is exposed.

In the video below talks about the Clinton lies in regard to the Kosovo War. The first 2 minutes and 25 seconds are about Jesse Jackson receiving the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award, and second only to the Medal of Honor. After that, Savage disputes all the lies the Clinton Administration told about the Kosovo War:

More on the Kosovo War and Clinton Lies: Link


Bosnians & Arab Fighters against the Christian Serbs 


14 thoughts on “Michael Savage Gets It Right About Kosovo”

  1. Lets hope we don’t get 2-for-the-price-of-1 Clintons in the White House like we did before!

    Let’s not forget he downgraded the CIA and the military, and let go of the chance to get OBL, among many other stuff-ups!

  2. It will be a 2 for 1 deal. Madame Mao needs the wisdom of the co-president. After all, in their previous 8 years of corruption they didn’t totally destroy the US, depite their efforts. But they did soften it up for Bin Loser-that was another part of Willie’s wonderous legacy.

  3. Dear all, why do you claim to know anything about kosovo when in reality all you are saying is not correct. What are you talking about “murder of countless civilians” and “Savage disputes all the lies the Clinton Administration told about the Kosovo War” i will inform you that if it wouldnt have been for Bill Clinton and hi army of diplomats and Soldiers there would not have been any kosovo left or at least not the Kosovo everyone knows and cherishes. But e Kosovo empty of albanians and full of serb criminals. Dont try to deform the recent history and dont talk on behalf of Kosovar Albanians that heve gone through serb teror. USA has given our land back and with it our life back. I dont know how old are you but you should be ashamed for puting Something like that on the web.

  4. Kosovar Albanian Says:

    “I dont know how old are you …”

    I’d say he is approaching 60 years of age.

    “..but you should be ashamed for puting Something like that on the web.”

    Zionists have no shame, they are self centered and don’t give a rats ass about anyone else.

    Don’t worry your post will be taken down as will mine.

  5. Kosovar Albanian: you are an Albanian in Kosovo, are you not?

    Can you tell us why there are now more Albanians in the heartland of Serbia than Kosovars? Who has driven the natives out? Could it be that you have it upside down and Kosovo is now an Islamic heroin statelet with as many as 10.000 remaining Arab jihad fighters right in the middle of Europe, which you are trying to turn into EUrabia? Why don’t you give us a list of all the brandnew mosques that have been built with Sowdi money since you enjoy the protection of KFOR?

    Last time we checked there were a lot more Albanian criminals then Serbs on the prowl in EUrabia. In fact we hear very little from the Serbs, who are decent people.

    The corrupt Clinton clan, who sided with the deceitful Muhammedans against the Christan Serbs, committed the biggest crime against humanity in recent history. There is no doubt that they will burn in hell for that.

  6. My thanks to 1389Blog & Winds of Jihad for reposting, but how about a link to the author of the original post, Al Salibiyyah.


    Kosovo was a victim of Muslim immigrants who refused to assimilate. Instead, these jihadists murdered innocent Serbians living in their own homeland. They used violence and intimidation to force civilians from their home. They raped and murdered non-muslims. When the Serbians responded with the only force radical muslims understand, the Clinton administration deliberately lied and misled the West into attacking one of our own allies. For those of you who say the ethnic Albanians (i.e., muslims) were the victims, go learn your history.

    From http://www.historyofjihad.org/serbia.html:

    “The Serbs under Milosevic, only tried to reclaim what was historically originally theirs in the only way possible with the Muslim – with that of blood and death. The Muslims understand no other language. If humanity and our civilization are to be emancipated from the Muslim threat, then the only way out is to match and outmatch the Muslims at their gameplan, in their methods of war, in their cruelty, their pervasiveness, persistence, foresight, deception, subterfuge, hate for the adversary and all other departments of the war.”

  7. stop bullshiting… the jihadist were in bosnia non in kosovo…
    bill klinton is an heroe.. god blast him..

  8. stop bullshiting… the jihadist were in bosnia not in kosovo…
    bill klinton is an heroe.. god blast him..
    god blat the angliacn..

  9. dear serbs and other misinformed persons.
    i came across this blog and find it to be utterly full of nonsense and crap.
    some of u seem to feel that 1389 was Christian serbs against the muslim hordes…well, in the serbian national archives which contains account of the battle, it is documented that the Prince of Berat (an albanian prince) lost 4000 of his men in the battle…he was fighting on the serb side, in kosovo… so albanian fought for kosovo against the turks. so it wasnt just the serbs u fucks, it was a united christian resistance which the albanians were apart of. so stop using 1389 against us.

    secondly, after the muslim turks had over ran the balkans and were continueing to the central european states, a little known ALBANIAN warlord, Skenderbeg who turned on the turks with the support of the Vatican and fought the turks successfully, (unlike the serbs 0f which many fought on the ottaman side). Skenderbeg kept them out of 20 years until his death and THE ALBANIANS continued to resist for a furth 12 until they were crushed and destroyed.

    it is true that we converted to islam while the serbs mostly resisted, the reasons for which are complex.

    talking of hordes and invaders, does anyone need reminding of the origins of the Serbs…the slavs came from the baltic region of russia, so when u accuse the albanians who speak the oldest language in the balkans of being immigrants and invaders, please read your own fucking history. albanians were apart of the Christian Byzantine empire since it was created, we were the ones that faught the muslim hordes continuesly and u fucking serbs came along from russia while the byzantines were weak and destroyed it. but we were there before u came along. the Danube legions of byzantine were Illyrian (albanian ancestors) your the fucking immigrants and invaders, isnt that why ur language is sooo similar to russian…

    Now america and britain are the greatest civilisations that have excisted in human history, they knew the truth, and thats why they supported the albanians on this. you serbian animals rape kill and destroy…and then say its our fault…well lets blame the bosnian muslims for the problem…or maybe the croats? no no lets blame the kosovans, or maybe the macedonians…fuck even your little brother monte negro had ditched u like rats in a sinking ship.

    as for the heartland of serbia being kosovo, if we albanian are the invaders and immigrants, why did we not destroy all those hundreds of orthodox churches in kosovo. i mean kosovo was under muslim control for 500 years, so why didnt we just destroy them all…well heres why, because they were OUR churches u assholes, albania has a big othodox and other christian community…we didnt destroy the churches because they were ours. although we converted to islam we albanians made up 90% of Kosovo and were the influential group since we were muslims in the Ummah, we had the power yet we preserved our heretage and OUR churches in which our grandfathers and ancestors worshiped in.

    anyways, if you have read this far and you serb, then your probably really pissed off and claim i’m making things up, well, chek it out, research it and be objective. look serbia was at its greatest under tito…and you know what tito’s philosophy was? A WEAK SERBIA MAKES A GREAT YUGUSLAVIA! and while the republics (bosnia, kosovo, Croatia etc etc ) had equal rights and powers under the old constitution before Slobodan changed it, Yuguslavia was great and the balkan superpower, and a great european power. Soon as you serbs were allowed to raise your flags and run the country…you fucked it up!!! because you serbs are a barbaric disgusting race of men. but OH NO lets not blame the serbs, lets blame the none excisting ummah, or the man in the cave ossama or the mujahiden or whatever….

    If the greatest civilization of earth, The WEST, has anything to fear, it is not the albanians, it is the barbarism of the serbs who are willing bitches for the resurgent russia…the albanians are and will remain the most appreciative receivers of the greatest gift the Americans and Europeans have given us, which is LIFE and protection from the savage Serbs. Thank you USA and EU we are forever your friends and allies!

  10. A couple of questions for all these poor down trodden albanians in here………….why are so many of you everywhere and anywhere bar your new stolen country that you are so proud of and why have albanians become the most powerful and ruthless groupings/gangs in uk prisons, even overtakin triads and yardies? You say you thank ‘us’ for giving you ‘freedom’ yet you come to our countries and specialise in crime and trauma hmmm that’s gratitude eh! Only the blind and naive can’t see you for what you really are! Clinton pandered to catholic terrorists in northern ireland like he pandered to muslim terrorists in the balkans, not all of us are that stupid not to notice what he was up to all along!
    The message from east london is quite simple

  11. truthseeker Says:
    “It is true that we converted to islam while the serbs mostly resisted, the reasons for which are complex.”

    Hmmm you must have fought the turks, and that’s why you converted, right? Its not because you joined them in killing the serbs!! oh and serbs who did not converted, they have joined the turks…

    truthseeker Says:
    “we didn’t destroy the churches because they were ours”

    this video proves you are right!!!!! Oh and I taught that serbian rulers built churches. Albanians must have painted the portraits of our rulers on the walls…. Maybe your right!!!

  12. what the fuck albanians is albanians first realy whe have three religions but whe are at uns land churches what pretend serbs is albanians church everybody know before coming otoman empire in balkan all albanians was a cristian ; its true 90 procent noz in kosova is muslims but more peoples only say so but really albanians dont have in heart islam because is not arabians that just was imponed from fuckin otoman empire i am one ex-muslim albanian ; serbians is fukin rusians not just kosova is albania but all ballkan and i have forget before name of ballkan was illyria

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