Muslim Taxi Drivers Update: 'Infidel Women Are Whores…'

‘…who deserve to be raped’:


* A rather clueless article via Herald Sun. (thanks to Warner) One must suspect that the lawyer for the defendant was also of the Muhammedan faith due to his insulting tone, of which no note is taken.

THE case of a taxi driver accused of raping three female passengers was really about a breach of contract because the women were prostitutes, the man’s lawyer has told a court.

Hassan Nagi, 36, of Bexley in Sydney has allegedly been linked by DNA to the attacks in Glebe, Kings Cross and Kogarah between July 2003 and June last year.


He appeared in Sydney’s Central Local Court today on 12 charges, including three counts of sexual intercourse without concent.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) prosecutor Kate Chater said the women were assaulted “multiple times and there was the very serious offence of penetration.

“The women were all vulnerable and the taxi driver was in a position of trust,” she said.

Mr Nagi’s barrister Clive Stern SC told the court the women were prostitutes and that the sex was consensual.

“What the case is really about is a breach of contract,” Mr Stern said.

“There was a dispute about the fees paid to the ladies at the time.”

Ms Chater said the women were not prostitutes.

Magistrate Brian Maloney granted Mr Nagi bail, saying it was not for him to make any judgment about the victims’ professions, nor the morality of engaging prostitutes.

* Looks like Magistrate Maloney has a big heart for Muslim Taxi Drivers who rape infidel females…


But there are also Muhammedan Police-Men who go off the rails:

Thanks to Mullah

A suspended police officer accused of two armed robberies in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs at the weekend has been granted bail.

Emad Moussa is alleged to have robbed a woman after breaking into a house in North Balwyn on Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Muslim Taxi Drivers Update: 'Infidel Women Are Whores…'”

  1. I don’t know if Clive Steirn SC is a follower of Mo, but he is a barrister to the stars, such as
    Roger Rogerson (search).

    Again, I don’t know if suspended Victorian police officer Emad Moussa (aka Ahab Abu Sada )
    was a peaceful one, but I have a sneaky feeling that he was planning a little “inner struggle”
    when he set out to buy sniper weapons from America using the address of “Project Evil”.

  2. So the magistrate thinks there are professions where RAPE is OK?
    A magistrate in a court of law talking about MORALITY?
    This is a joke ,right?

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