Rice will bend over and spread 'em "if Iran would only talk…"

‘Boy, do I have a deal for you…’


“Anytime, any place…”

Picanninni Delusions via Reuters


Jan 23 – US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the US would be willing to start talking to Iran, provided Tehran gives up nuclear ambitions.

A similar offer was made in 2006 and Rice has often said she would be prepared to meet any time, any place with the Iranians to discuss any subject as long as they gave up nuclear work that the West believes is aimed at building an atomic bomb. Iran says it is for peaceful power generation.


4 thoughts on “Rice will bend over and spread 'em "if Iran would only talk…"”

  1. That woman just doesn’t understand the arab mentality, or the middle east mentality, or the muslim mentality. How the heck did she ever make secretary of state?

  2. First I have to say that Condi is looking pretty damn hot!

    But that’s not what turns me on about her.

    I’m impressed that she has offered the Satanic Cult a deal that they will never take.

    Once again Condi has made my dick hard and eased my fears of the west capitulating to ALLAH.

    For all of you arm chair pundits/slash / ignorant morons. The offer was a threat.

    Wake up and smell the Omelot gas coming from my glutus maximus.

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