Stupid is as stupid does: Prince Charles

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* Charley, Englands ‘Defender of the faiths’ – wrote a letter to the racist, hate spewing, anti-semitic, Islamofascist Mahatir Mohammed of Malaysia: claims he was “determined to continue the battle to spread the message that proper fundamentalism is in the best interest of the future of our world.”


* Shakin’ with the sheiks…

Charles’s letter in support of Islamic ‘fundamentalism’

Demonstrating the extent to which he sees himself as “defender of faith”, the Prince of Wales wrote to Mahathir Mohamad, the former prime minister of Malaysia, saying that he was “determined to continue the battle to spread the message that proper fundamentalism is in the best interest of the future of our world.”


* Mahatir: rants, Jew-hatred & dementia

Charles told Mahathir, who later claimed that Jews “rule the world by proxy”, he understood the “frustrations” Muslims experience “as a result of apparent Western misunderstanding and misrepresentation. I have, for a long time, despaired of the ignorant and thoroughly evil ‘role’ of the tabloid media in deliberately misrepresenting Islam and reducing everything to the level of the absurd.”


The hitherto private letter, which Charles wrote in September 1996 after Mahathir had given a lecture to the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, of which the prince is patron, has just been published in Malaysia in Dr Mahathir’s Selected Letters to World Leaders. “We now live in a Press State where everything is dominated by the lowest common denominator and by the most ludicrous of ‘sound bites’,” Charles also told Mahathir.

“Relations between countries seem to be decided by tabloid newspapers nowadays and I resent it deeply. Important issues are reduced to the level of farce, as I know to my cost having expressed an interest in the contribution made to this country by ethnic and religious minorities and by my desire to include other faiths, such as Islam, in the celebrations surrounding the forthcoming Millennium. In an attempt to show how much we share in common and how much we can learn from each other, I have discovered how easy it is to be misunderstood and misrepresented. I have even received several letters accusing me of becoming a Muslim!”

* One must suspect that the good prince has a certain affliction…

Charles said he saw the appeal of “proper fundamentalism” in “a world, in my part of it at any rate, which is increasingly without meaning, without roots, without a spiritual dimension and which worships the God of Technology.” He finished his letter with the rallying cry: “There is much to be done…!”


* Don’t go there, Charley! We all know you have issues, but remember the wise words of Miles Davis: If you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything…’


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  1. Nothing to add to this really, just shake my head in despair.

    Also, from 2005, see:
    “Lambasting at the Western civilization and declaring Christianity as inadequate to the task of spiritual restoration, this future head of the Church of England, has declared that “Western civilization has become increasingly acquisitive and exploitive in defiance of our environmental responsibilities.” Instead, he praised the “Islamic revival” of the 1980s and portrayed Islam as Britain’s salvation”

  2. Kevin Rudd, if you do anything, prevent this flake from becoming Monarch of Oz, whether
    through a republic, or Act banning him, his heirs & successors …

  3. Kevin Rudd, if you do anything else, don’t revive the Muslim reference Group – had
    enough of Hilali, Trad & co, thanks…..,25197,23082214-5013404,00.html
    Leaders want Islamic taskforce return

    [… victim card] However, Aziza Abdel-Halim yesterday stressed the importance of forming another government-backed Islamic body to shield Australia’s almost 350,000 Muslims from being racially and religiously targeted by opponents of Islam. […]

    [… another victin card] “We’re always targeted, we’re always painted with a black brush and that does not help our young people to really adjust and integrate,” she told The Australian.[…]

    Give me a “whinging Pom” over a moaning mozzie any day 🙂

  4. Long live the Republic of Britain. Once the Queen dies the monarchy needs to join her-it’s now moving from being an embarrassment to becoming treasonous.

  5. Elizabeth the First would have had the correct solution for the traitor, Charley.

    Off with his head!

    No messing about in those times. No political correctness. Off with his head and drawn and quartered!

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