The Islamic Conquest of Australia continues with the aid of useful idiots:

 Huge Mosque to be built in the Swan Valley

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* Because Islam must dominate and not be dominated.

* Because all the world belongs to Allah and the soldiers of Allah follow divine orders

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Cairns: How To Force a Mosque on Unsuspecting Citizens



 An artist’s impression of the mosque. Note how they deliberately made the 19 meter minaret look small and inconspicuous? 


The Bosnian Islamic Societys proposal to build a mosque in the Swan Valley has pitched local non-Muslims against Muslims

A plan to build a $4 million mosque complete with a 19m minaret in the Swan Valley has divided the local Muslim and non-Muslim community, with some residents worried it will destroy the identity of the area as a tourist, viticultural and horticultural hotspot

The Bosnian Islamic Society plans to build the 1277sqm mosque on a 9400sqm block on Smallbrook Retreat in Caversham on the edge of the valley. The society bought the land two years ago for $280,000. The design includes several buildings linked by courtyards, a large archway entry and parking for 87 vehicles.
But the design is not the problem, according to Swan Valley Progress Association chairman Rod Henderson, who said the use of the proposed building as a mosque did not fit within the character of the area.

He believed the mosques construction would be inappropriate under the Swan Valley Planning Act 1995, which was designed to protect the region from inconsistent developments. “If someone were to come in and buy a block of land to make shoes, for instance, that would be contrary to the Act,” he said. “If someone wants to come in and put up a mosque, that is also contrary to the Act. It should be put up in a suburban lot in an appropriate area. Theres no delineation here, its not a matter of bias.”

But the proposal has been developed with advice from the City of Swan, whose chief executive Mike Foley said the plans would not have been allowed to progress if they did not meet its guidelines.
Bosnian Islamic Society president Sajit Smajic said the land had been chosen because it bordered Beechboro and Lockridge, where 85 per cent of Perths Bosnian Muslims lived.
“I think this building can embellish the whole area and can be another attraction for tourists, I dont think it will make the Swan Valley ugly or that it is out of context with the whole area,” he said.

* As they say: beauty is the eye of the beholder. But did you ever meet a tourist who wanted to see a mosque in Australia?

Mr Smajic said he was not surprised by the communitys reaction to the mosque because many people had negative stereotypes about Muslims. “We can sit down and put everything on the table and see what the people are concerned about and if it is possible to solve the problems, we will,” he said. “Once they sit down with us, they will realise we are not a threat.”

* Strange: where does he think do these ‘negative stereotypes’ come from? Could it have anything to do with Bali 1&2, with 9/11 and with the global  jihad around the world?
* Rrriigth! Lets sit down! Just show them the Koran, brother.  These ignorant infidels will surely see the light…

Mr Smajic said the prayer room would be big enough to hold 350 people but the five daily prayer sessions were likely to attract only 20 to 30 people. No Australian mosques broadcast a “call to prayer”.

*  ???? Can anybody verify that????

The public comment period on the plan closed last Friday, with the City of Swan receiving 139 objections from 143 submissions. The plan is unlikely to go to council before March.


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  1. * No Australian mosques broadcast a “call to prayer”.

    * ???? Can anybody verify that????

    I’ve been looking to see if any do, & haven’t found one so far, but I did come across this
    bit of treachery from Alexander Downer, fawning all over Indonesia and muslims…

    […] The multi-dimensional campaign we are waging against terror is not a war against Muslims or against Islam.

    It is a statement that has been made often enough by the spokespersons of the so-called West – myself included. It is, in fact, a statement of the obvious.

    But it is clear that this is still treated with some scepticism in parts of the Islamic world. And in the West there are still some people who misguidedly associate Islam with the terrorists that misappropriate the religion. […] (lots of fawning & grovelling snipped)

    [traitors can be found in bi-partisan fawning & grovelling]

    And in small ways the Australian parliament has tried to build understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

    Recently parliamentary collegues held a cross-party dinner in Parliament House for representatives of the Muslim faith from NSW, Victoria and the ACT to celebrate the end of Ramadan. The traditional “call to prayer” or Adhan by a spiritual leader was sung over the microphone – possibly for the first time ever within the Parliament – and there was a recital from the holy Qur’an. […]

    The same Parliament that asks Almighty God to vouchsafe his blessing turns instead to
    a satanic counterfeit, and sings out the Islamic “call to prayer” and recites from the “holy”
    Qur’an … traitors.

  2. The Bosnian Islamic Society wants to build this in Australia? Why not in Bosnia? Are they afraid those evil Serbs will say no with a little more force?

  3. [call to prayer] Another streaming pile, funded by taxpayer dollars, claims that mosques in
    Australia are not allowed to broadcast the call to “prayer” to the Allahfake outside the mosque due to council regulations, but you’d need to be sure that such regulations existed.
    Muslim Australians
    A Partnership under the Australian Government’s Living In Harmony initiative

    (p22) When prayer time comes, a ‘call to prayer’ is usually made from the local mosque
    (a Muslim place of worship) and is heard in the neighbourhood in Muslim countries. In Australia, because of council regulations, the call to prayer cannot be heard outside the mosque.

    (check out page 66 – stereotypes and misconceptions – eg)

    * Muslims worship a different God (they do)
    * Muslims hate Jesus (they claim he is the slave of Allahfake, and not the Son of God and
    was not crucified – blasphemy)
    * Islam is a racist religion (it is)
    * Islam is intolerant of other religions (it is)

    (etc etc)

  4. Aunt Bea – or maybe it will fall on their ‘prophets’ grave in Mecca – or that kabaa stone. We can only hope.

  5. “The public comment period on the plan closed last Friday”

    Don’t you just love it how the scum bag media seems to purosely report on these issues AFTER the fact!?

    Even so, it’s good to see that the Swan City Council received “139 objections from 143 submissions”

    hahaha! Top stuff, nobody in the Swan Valley would want this terrorist breeding ground in their area – it is a beautiful place.

    Another thing: The Swan Valley is full of Vineyards and Wineries owned – for the most part – by Sicilians. If you didn’t know, Sicilians have a long history in defending their territory from non-White invaders.

    Interesting times ahead, I know I will be a part of this protest!

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