The Perversion of Everything

Netherlands: Defaming the Memory of Anne Frank


* Peddling Dreck:

A Dutch merchant wraps Anne Frank in the symbol of Palestinian terrorism, the kaffieh…

The Muslim perpetual-grievance organizations say that they are the new Jews. Adam, and Abraham and all of the key figures of the Torah stories are said to have been Muslims, according to the Islamists. The capital of the Jewish people and its holiest city for 3000 years is said to be Muslim. The holiest place in Judaism, the Temple Mount, and even the Western Wall, are said to be a Muslim place. Now Anne Frank, who was hounded into hiding and finally murdered by the Nazis for the sole reason that she was Jewish, is being portrayed in the garb of the jihaditerrorists who are seeking to carry out ethnic cleansing against the Jews in the Jewish homeland.

There is a lot of identity theft going on.

While the Mohammedans are continuing the work toward the final solution. They want the identity of the Jews in some ways. The fact that the Jews are still around is an inconvenient truth.

But there’s hope:

Where’s the Mohammed Bomb Turban T-shirt? Surely I can order one of those “banned” works from Boomerang, right?



Australian ABC Accuses Israel of Drug-Libel

* After blood libel, the ABC ‘exposes’ the evil Zionists latest weapon: Death drugs!

TONY EASTLEY: A study has found there’s been a surge in the use of illicit drugs by Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem.

According to Palestinian drug workers a major reason for the increase is that Israeli authorities are turning a blind eye to the trafficking of drugs to Palestinians.

They claim it’s part of an effort to destroy the fabric of Palestinian life, a claim Israeli authorities strongly deny.

DAVID HARDAKER: The drug dealers are nearly always Israelis, sometimes working with Palestinians. Not so long ago illicit drugs were virtually unheard of in Palestinian life. Now they’re freely available.

The Palestinian drug workers allege that while Israeli border security is generally ferocious, when it comes to drugs it is uncharacteristically lax.

Head of the research, Doctor Luay Shabaneh.

LUAY SHABANEH: There is something has to be worked out with the Israeli side, at the checkpoints and at the border points, to minimise the transfer of the drugs.

DAVID HARDAKER: From what you know, are the Israelis deliberately allowing drugs to come into the Palestinian area, or are they simply being neglectful?

LUAY SHABANEH: Well I can’t claim that they’re doing this on purpose. Maybe they are lazy, maybe are careless. I could say maybe they are careless, because they don’t feel that they are affected very much.

DAVID HARDAKER: So, in other words, that it might not matter to them. Is that what you’re saying?

LUAY SHABANEH: Yes. Yes, because I mean, we are the recipients. The drugs are coming from their side, therefore we are mostly affected not them.

DAVID HARDAKER: Israeli authorities have flatly denied using drugs as a tool of occupation. Drug workers on the ground can’t prove it, but they’re convinced that the inaction of Israeli police is deliberate and that it’s aimed at pacifying angry young Palestinians.

* Well, if drugs ‘pacifies young Palistanians’ its not necessarily a bad thing , or ist it?