UK 'Honor Killing' Update


Shafilea Ahmed wore western clothes and wanted to be a solicitor


By Nick Britten/Telegraph UK

Update to this story:

Girl who fled arranged marriage ‘was smothered or strangled’

A coroner this morning returned a verdict of unlawful killing on a Muslim teenager who vanished from home after refusing an arranged marriage, saying she was the victim of a “very vile” murder.

Ian Smith, East and South Cumbria coroner, said the way Shafilea Ahmed’s body had been hidden in a riverbank miles from home convinced him she was murdered, and said she probably died shortly after going missing.

After the verdict Cheshire Police vowed to continue investigating the death of the “beautiful and vulnerable young girl” until the killer or killers had been brought to justice.

Miss Ahmed, 17, disappeared four months after being taken to Pakistan by her parents to meet a potential husband. She refused to go ahead with the ceremony and even drank bleach in protest.

Her inquest heard she regularly suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her parents and was terrified about being forced into marriage.

The inquest heard that early in 2003 she ran away from home, only to be coaxed back on the promise she would not be taken to Pakistan. However, that trip went ahead and she was introduced to a suitor, but refused to go ahead with any wedding.

In September, Miss Ahmed, who wore western clothes and wanted to be a solicitor, disappeared from her home in Warrington, Cheshire.

Four months later her decomposed body was found washed up on a flooded riverbank at Sedgwick, near Kendal. She had been strangled or smothered.

Her parents, Iftikhar and Farzana, were arrested on suspicion of kidnap, and other members of her family were arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. All were released without charge.



Just received this from Bill:

Man guilty of wife school attack

* But of course this attack and ‘this man’ have nothing to do with the ‘RoP’- what are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

A man has been found guilty of stabbing his estranged wife seven times as she dropped off their nine-year-old daughter at school.

Haydar Guvec, 35, attacked Dilek Guvec outside the primary school in Enfield, north London in 2006.

The mother-of-two was stabbed in the side, chest, above the eye and in the top of the head, the Old Bailey heard.

Guvec was found guilty of wounding with intent and will be remanded in custody until 1 February for sentencing.

The (bunch of imbeciles) jury was unable to reach a verdict on a charge of attempted murder.

“He started punching me. I hadn’t seen the knife. I saw that I was stabbed twice in my head and blood was coming from my head.”

Haydar Guvec of Enfield, told police he accidentally cut his wife with a knife he had taken to the school as he was hoping to see his four-year-old son and peel an apple for him.

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  1. What an atrocity-she wore Western clothes in a Western nation. These savages are really something-they can stay in the ummah and wear whatever rags they like but nooooo-they have to come here and transplant their asinine ideas among us. Anyone who tries to fit in with the infidels then must be killed. Now why would anyone think that the Koranists are being looked at with suspicion and disgust given this type of madness?

  2. Perhaps western countries should consider interviewing EVERY young girl traveling to Pakistan/Saudi Arabia/Jordan/Syria etc. to give her the opportunity to claim assylum and declare immancipation from their parents to legally bypass forced marriages.

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