UK: Mega-Mosque Intimidation-Jihad fails to silence opponents

The flame of free speech in Britain is flickering, but still burning.

Anti-dhimmitude, in an update on this story: “Islamic Sect Fail in Legal Attempt to Silence Olympics Mega-Mosque Opponent,” from the Christian Peoples Alliance website (thanks to DW):


Standards Board for England rejects Tablighi Jamaat complaint

Local authority watchdog, the Standards Board for England, has rejected an official complaint by Olympics mega-mosque promoters Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) against Cllr Alan Craig, leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance group on Newham Council.

Board officers decided that TJ’s allegations against Cllr Craig did not even warrant investigation. They ruled that Cllr Craig’s statements about TJ and the proposed Olympics mega-mosque were most likely to be lawful and protected by the freedom of expression articles of the Human Rights Act.

“Referring a councillor to the Standards Board is a very serious matter; I’m sorry Tablighi Jamaat have gone down this road to intimidate and close down democratic discussion,” said Cllr Craig, who has been leading local opposition to the mega-mosque.

“They are an ambitious and powerful global Islamic sect but this small-minded action has backfired on them,” he continued. “I’m glad the Standard Board has recognised my opposition to this enormous landmark mosque is legitimate.”

TJ complained that Cllr Craig’s statements had (1) failed to comply with equality laws; (2) failed to treat others with respect; (3) prevented council officers from acting in an unbiased fashion; and (4) brought his office into disrepute. The Standards Board considered that none of these allegations warranted referral to an ethical standards officer for investigation.

“Tablighi Jamaat are proposing a huge project which will directly impact all of east London,” said Alan Craig. “If built, it will be their international headquarters. Therefore they should drop their secrecy, their silence and their attempts to intimidate.

“They should instead enter into public debate so that we can discuss both their organisation and their project with them.

“What have they got to hide?”

Good question.


The Muslim view on the 3 Little Pigs

Bunglawussie Watch:


‘Offensive to Muslims..’


Not offensive to Muslims…


More wingeing and whining from the Muhammedan quarter:

“It infuriates me when people insist ‘British culture’ should be imposed on Muslim children (and adults).”


* Don’t be ‘infuriated’- piss off to Pakistan!

“New racism is a term used to describe how some people insist all communities in Britain should be ‘treated the same’, even when services are quite clearly designed solely with white, middle class, non-religious people in mind, thus effectively excluding everyone else. According to this evil ideology, we (that means people like me) are expected to “integrate”, which is short hand for learning to act like white, middle class Telegraph readers. Does that mean we should all drive Chelsea tractors and talk about ‘the Muslim threat’ all day? Or would that be a stereotype?”

Read it all


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  1. The comment below on the “Muslim Magic” (???) site opens up some possiblilies:

    * Hmmm, I don’t know if the WordPress ham[WARNING!! HAM IS HARAM]

    Well, if HAM IS HARAM, then the UK will need to have a lot of place names airbrushed
    away to appease the peaceful ones – Nottingham, Birmingham, Chatham, Eastham etc.

  2. Another small step in the right direction

    Man charged after Muslim ceremony
    A man has been charged with child cruelty after two teenage boys allegedly took part in a religious ceremony involving flagellation.
    Syed Mustafa Zaidi, 43, of Station Road in Eccles, is due before magistrates in Manchester on Friday.
    Greater Manchester Police said the charge relates to the treatment of two boys, aged 15 and 13, at a traditional Ashura ceremony.
    The ceremony took place at a community centre in Levenshulme, police said.

  3. “As I saw it, the embargo on Three Little Pigs worked to reassure parents anxious about classroom racism, which many of them experienced, as well as allaying fears of Westoxification ” And a commenter mentioning “so-called ‘British culture”

    Holy crap I can’t even comprehend the contempt and arrogance of these parasites.

  4. Westoxification (search) was apparently coined by that well known moderate Muslim,
    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

    n. the financial, cultural, or military reliance on the West by non-Western societies.

    I’m sure there are plenty in the west willing to help the poor Muslims with detox, but
    not while our governments are furiously pumping in the jizya to feed the reliance.

  5. “* Don’t be ‘infuriated’- piss off to Pakistan!”
    Great to know freedom of speech remains a cherished value, for white people and chumchas, I guess. Great to know nothing has changed since the age of colonialism. For some ppl, anyway.

    “Westoxification n. the financial, cultural, or military reliance on the West by non-Western societies.”
    A completely spurious definition. Burn your dictionary. The term in English is derived from a Persian word first used by Khomieni. It means being enculturated by the negative aspects of Western culture, such as sexual immorality.

  6. So, from the Muslim point of view:

    “I am poor and oppressed. Let me come to your rich and free country, with its green grass and pure water; there will always be plenty of food for my family. Your country embraces the rule of law over the whims of despots; therefore my family and I will always have redress against any injustice done to us. Your country allows freedom of conscience and the free practice of religion, so my family can worship God according to our ancient beliefs. Your country is compassionate, so if I die or become unemployed my family will not be thrown out into the street and forced to become beggars. Your country offers free education for my children. You have a strong economy, with unlimited employment opportunities.

    “So, I say: let me come to your country, which because of its culture and beliefs, its work ethic and sense of responsibility, its firm commitment to the intrinsic worth of each individual, its freedom, its tolerance… for these and so many more reasons, yours is one of the most successful societies this world has seen at any time in history. I will leave my homeland, controlled by the iron fists of corrupt despots on the one hand; and by the iron wills of the equally corrupt religious leaders, who dictate to us in the name of God, on the other hand. My country is poor, the people uneducated; official corruption is commonplace, bribery is is necessary to accomplish anything. We are told that everything worth knowing is written in the Quran or demonstrated by the example of our prophet; our imams tell us how these teachings apply to our daily lives.

    “When I arrive in your country (this wonderful new place that I and my children will now call home) I expect not to have to change in any way. I will keep my beliefs, my assumptions, my culture, my language, my affiliations; I will be sure my wives and daughters dress and act according to the traditions of the old country. I will disparage everything that has made your culture successful; I will call you and your society immoral, superficial, and useless. I will demand that your country accommodate Sharia law since it is part of my “culture”. I will insist that you ignore –or at least not mention– the cultural practices that have made my country such a cesspool that I felt compelled to leave it. The list of Things Which Must Not Be Mentioned includes (but is not limited to) such topics as: wife beating, honor killing, incitement to jihad in the Quran, the Quran’s Satanic Verses, Mohammed’s 6-year-old bride, anti-Semitism in the Quran, the prevalence of child abuse in Islamic countries, slavery, undercover documentation of what imams really say during Friday sermons, the curious convergence of “terrorism” with “Islam”, Islam’s stated goal of world domination, Islam’s explicit permission to use any tactics –lie, cheat, steal, betray, seduce, terrorize, threaten, murder, mass-murder, whatever– in furtherance of that goal. Whoever dares to to criticize, question, or mock anything about my beliefs or culture or religion will be labeled “racist”, “bigoted”, “hateful”, “fear-mongering”, or “prejudiced”. When there are enough of us Muslims in your country to affect your elections, we will form a bloc and start agitating for concessions in the name of “diversity” and “compassion”. We’ll threaten violence (but subtly, of course) if you don’t accede to our ever-escalating demands. Eventually we’ll make your country so much like our old homeland that we’ll have to move again, to someplace we haven’t yet infested and corrupted. But that’ll be a long time from now. We have time. More than enough time.”

  7. I lived in the UK for 5 years and had no problem respecting it’s history and culture which towers above any of the wretched islamic cultures. And mohamedans complaining about “Westoxification”, while living in and enjoying all the benefits of the West is a joke as is the idea of a muslim lecturing anyone about sexual morality. It’s a sick culture and it’s days are numbered.

  8. Someone said about Westoxification

    * A completely spurious definition. Burn your dictionary.

    Seem to be getting a lot of those spurious definitions in recent years, with Bush describing
    Islam as a “religion of peace”, and the UK Govt describing Islamic terrorism as “anti-Islamic”.

  9. Those pix of the Ass-hura crazies offend me. Do the Koranists care? Nope. But heaven help us if we do something that offends them-even if it’s in our own countries.

  10. excellent piece by anon,very well written and sums up just exactly what is taking place in Britain and other parts of europe,we are sleepwalking our way in to that abyss called islamic domination,our cultures and identities are under more threat than ever,and the amount of white female converts via intermarrige is ever increasing,there must be no road back for those who leave their race and culture, (after all ,we have seen how muslims in the UK handle such issues,any doubts,go and ask some of the 100+ young woman and teenage girls who have met a ghastly end at the hands of their own kin,)they also must be deported with the savage whordes who have turned our country in to a cesspit, its time to let slip the dogs of war and nail our colours to the mast,we will never keep our freedom without fighting for it ,we must do as they do and take to the streets,boycott their products,tv shows,newspapers etc,hit them in the pocket,that hurts them more than anywhere, only then will the white middle class flunkies and grovellers and those who purport to represent the working class among them,will take note,for if we dont act,they will continue to treat us like the laughing stock they have made of us for years.

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