Wilders Movie sends Dutch dhimmies run for cover

Dutch crisis talks over anti-Islam film: reports



THE HAGUE – The Dutch government has held crisis talks over the possible fallout of a planned film by far-right MP Geert Wilders that attacks Islam as an ‘inspiration for murder,’ media reports said Friday.

The reports said the government had compiled a secret document on how best to deal with reactions to the film.

Wilders, the head of the far-right Freedom Party, announced in November that he planned to release a 10-minute film this month that will show that Islam’s holy book, the Koran, ‘is an inspiration for intolerance, murder and terror’.


* Another cartoon rage in the making? 

The Hague fears a repeat of the Danish cartoon riots when thousands took to the streets in Muslim countries to protest cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in a Danish newspaper.

The protests left some hundred people dead, Danish embassies were attacked and Danish goods were boycotted.

According to the De Volkskrant newspaper and RTL-news, the government has already prepared for a possible evacuation of Dutch embassies and citizens from the Middle East.

But Foreign Ministry spokesman Bart Rijs told AFP Friday that there were no special emergency measures for Wilders’ film.

‘We always have scenarios for possible calamities at our embassies, consulates and other Dutch representations abroad. They are regularly updated,’ he said.

‘There is no reason to believe the Dutch government is now implementing an emergency scenario and there is no reason now to evacuate anybody,’ Rijs stressed.

Wilders, whose party holds nine of the 150 seats in parliament, insists he will go ahead with his movie despite the uproar.

‘Now that everybody is already in a state (over the film) I see it as a confirmation that I should go ahead. I would not be worth a button if I were to capitulate now,’ he told the HP/De Tijd magazine.

Wilders is known for his harsh anti-Islam stance and has been under round-the-clock protection since the November 2004 murder of outspoken Dutch columnist Theo van Gogh by a radical Muslim. He has received a number of death threats.

* How many times did you read ‘far right’ in this article?

* Since when is the patriot who sees the liberal democratic order of his country being destroyed, vilified as having a “harsh anti-Islam stance?’


9 thoughts on “Wilders Movie sends Dutch dhimmies run for cover”

  1. the film should be shown at every school in the entire world. Also every politician and religious leader should take 10 minutes out of their schedules to watch the film. And, in the interests of fairness, let any muzzies who don’t agree with the content produce a rebuttal and show that also. This debate needs to get aired, big time.

  2. I hope they protect him or else he will be another Theo Van Gogh who was killed for his movie ‘Submission’. Hirsi Ali has to have 24 hour guard because of it too. this is a brave soul and deserves our support.

    And from what I read somewhere (I don’t remember when/where) there were indeed some who were killed due to the cartoon and their having taken part in getting it published. I don’t remember all the facts about this but someone was killed in Italy somewhere.

    I like how they prove time and again that their ‘religion’ is indeed violent.

  3. Trouble is; there is still a whole bunch of people in this world who don’t pay any attention to what is going on at all. Some of them don’t bother even watching the evening news or readiing newspapers ( neither of which provides true and accurate world news). They definitely don’t read weblogs either. Their biggest concern in the newspapers is to find where the weekend yard sales are at. They are just stuck in, and focusing on, their little tiney world-view. Because of these dumbsh*ts our world is in real trouble.

  4. Best way to handle reaction to the film: instruct the police to use their weapons rather than leaving themselves open as targets.

  5. Why are the Dutch politicians so fearful of “the “Religion of Peace”??? — after all the vast majority are moderate, peaceful muslims who I’m sure will come out enmasse in solidarity with the Dutch people’s right to freedom of speech…………………………………………………..

  6. I hope they protect this man well, and that he never changes his anti-shitlamic tune.

  7. it really pees me of that people around the world are blind to see the islamic take over of there countrys the muslims also should not be crying for the isreali occupied land after all thats what there doing to our countrys. breeding and occupying.

  8. The thought behind this movie is for the muslims to prove they are not violent, when the movie gets aired and the muslims stay calm, they are a good religion, but everybody knows that there will be deaths in muslim countries, thus them proving wilders was right. When the film gets aired and there will be violence in the world, Wilders will be drinking a champagne bottle because they prove it themselves he was right. Here in the netherlands muslims have made a promise that when the film gets aired they will open all moskee’s (muslim churses) for everybody to disprove wilders points, now that’s a nice tought, if that will happen wilders will become an idiot, hope the muslims here are not all radical, or else there could be a problem, but when that problem comes, wilders would be right.

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