5000 Bosnian Muslims rally behind Jihadists

“I carry Bosnia in my heart,” says Aiman Abu Abdurrahman, a Jihadist from middle east who was invited by the Bosnian Muslim government in the 1990 to help them kill Christians.


Murderous Jihad Veterans

Abdurrahman was given Bosnian Muslim citizenship
and was given a local Bosnian Muslim woman to marry with whom she has children.

“Bosnia is a country in which I have experienced the nicest days of my life, my Bosnian [wife] has enriched my life, my good Bosnians will always be on my side,” says Abdurrahman.

Two of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were veterans of the Bosnian Muslim Jihad. Most gruesome atrocities such as beheadings of Christians, burning down churches with Christians in them and other brutalities have been documented by these Bosnian fighters and the video footage is for sale in many mosques across Bosnia.

Abdurrahman and other Bosnian Muslim Jihad fighters are under pressure by the Western governments who demand that the Bosnian Muslim government deport them to their countries of birth.



Thousands protest against deportation of Jihadists from Bosnia

ZENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina-Up to 5,000 people protested Saturday against the government’s decision to expel a Syrian native who fought on the side of Muslim Bosniaks during the 1992-95 war.


Bosnian Muslims shout slogans during a protest against the deportation of Syrian native Imad al-Husini, known as Abu Hamza, in the central town of Zenica, Bosnia Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008.


Imad al-Husini, known as Abu Hamza, was stripped of his Bosnian citizenship last year after a special commission found that naturalization procedures had been ignored in the cases of some 500 people from countries including Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Tunisia, Sudan and Russia.

Muhammadaism in the heart of Europe:


Husini, the vice president of the war veterans’ organization Ensarije, and the most visible former Islamic fighter in Bosnia, has led a protest against the revocation of citizenship and the expulsions.

Shouting “Halali nam, Hamza” or stay with us, speaker after speaker called the deportation an injustice citing that Hamza and many other Jihadists were Bosnian Muslim patriots that fought in the Bosnian Muslim Army in the 1990s.

Most grotesque killings of Christian Serbs such as beheadings, mutilations, decapitations and other bestial methods are attributed to the Jihadist fighters.

The basic message of the protest was that “We all are Hamza” and the organizers urged all protesters to raise their children in a strict form of Islam.


* You’ve heard a lot from whining and wingeing Muslims, but have you ever seen a crying jihadist?





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  1. Prenj, of course you are quiet correct it’s all propaganda, the western countries never spent the 80s wrecking the Yugoslavian economy did they and muslims never started their usual demand and push routine?
    Like camp Bondsteel is a mirage the Caspian sea had nothing whatsover to do with bombing the innocent Christain Serbs!
    Germany’s jackboot was promised during ww2 to crush the Serbian people later realising time and Nato would do the job for tham!

    The US and NATO had advanced plans to bomb Yugoslavia before 1999, and many European political leaders now believe that the US deliberately used the bombing of Yugoslavia to establish camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.. According to Colonel Robert L. McCure, “Engineering planning for operations in Kosovo began months before the first bomb was dropped.” (1)

    In June 1999, in the immediate aftermath of the bombing of Yugoslavia, US forces seized 1,000 acres of farm land in southeast Kosovo at Uresevia, near the Macedonia border, and began the construction of a camp. (2) Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, currently provides all of the services to the camp. This same company receives $180 million per year to build military facilities in Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, and several other countries. Presently, the Bondsteel template is being supported in Georgia and Azerbaijan


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