Aussie Jihad Sheilas

Watch if you can bear it:


Dumber than a ton of bricks… 


* The terrorist grandmother made quite a splash Downunder when she played her grievance theater on the TV last night. She and her close friend Raisah are heavy breeders, having produced a brood of some 15 children with a host of African jihadists while being on the dole. What amazes is the hide of these ingratiates who are obviously too dumb to see that they’re biting the hand that feeds them.

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Dingaling Massage in Brisbane

* A Pakistani medical student gives one of his underage patients a penis massage and gets a slap on the wrist:

‘Penis massage’ med student should have conviction: govt

A Brisbane judge spared him a criminal conviction so as not to jeopardise his future career, but the would-be doctor who tried to give an 11-year-old boy a penis massage might not be so lucky a second time.

State Attorney General Kerry Shine is seeking a jail term for disgraced University of Queensland medical student Shakeel Mirza, who escaped with only 12 months probation over his attempt to molest the boy in February 2006.

A criminal conviction was not formally recorded after his defence lawyers successfully argued that a black mark against his name could prevent Mirza, 27, from getting a government Blue Card – or security clearance – allowing him to treat children in hospital.

But at an appeal hearing in Brisbane’s Supreme Court today, barrister for the Crown, Michael Copely described Mirza’s punishment as “manifestly inadequate”, and accused sentencing judge David Searles of “closing his eyes” to other sentencing options.

* Australia seems to have a lot of judges with closed eyes…

He asked the court to resentence Mirza to 12 months’ jail – albeit wholly suspended – and record a criminal conviction.

“The offence was serious enough in itself, given the age disparity of the parties and the breach of trust,” Mr Copely argued.

The Pakistani-born medical student had been appointed as a mentor to the 11-year-old boy under the Lions Club’s “Aunties and Uncles” program when he tried to force his hands down the youngster’s pants at the family’s Brisbane home.

The court heard he had been rubbing the child’s head to relax him when he offered to massage the child’s penis instead because “it would feel better”.

The boy managed to fend off Mirza’s advances.

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6 thoughts on “Aussie Jihad Sheilas”

  1. Great that some of our overseas posters are able to watch this documentary – if they can stand it.

  2. The self-delusional aspect of these two women is so blatantly apparent. How easily they believe the propaganda spoon fed by muslim leaders. Frankly, they are now reaping what they have sown.

  3. Penis massage? I wonder what hadith covers that?
    I may have to consult one of those online “Ask Mullah Whatever” experts to see the answer-I could use a good laugh.

    Anyone who has that many brats while sponging off the government needs to be forcibly sterilized. There’s no excuse for that.

  4. It is my firm belief that willing converts to islam suffer from a serious personality disorder. After watching the video, I know I am right

  5. All this sexual filth originated with the wily founder of Islam: the pervert from Mecca. Boys, girls, anything he desired, his invention–the hateful Allah–allowed him.

    The Moslem Sheilas are burkha-clad, walking uteri, bedazzled by the exotic, fierce, “sword wielding jihad warrior” of yore–today usually a bag-full-of-feces living off the dole or engaged in some bottom-feeder occupation. The Sheilas will breed with a succession of these jihadi scum-bags to make more little warriors for Allah.

    There is no outreaching to Moslems–only separation from our societies and expulsion into the filthy Ummah.

    Ultimately, there will be only one solution. Not for the squeamish, but necessary for our children’s survival as free persons in their own free lands.

  6. These women could have just as easily become bike gang’s shelias had they met those guys first.

    Like all cults, Islam gives its members a sense of belonging & importance which these women obviously lacked in their previous lives. Their profile matches those with anti-social & criminals tendencies & a strong desire to shock.

    The question to ask these women is would a former muslim be allowed to sit in front of TV & discuss their reasons to convert to christianity & live to tell? Even more interesting would be to challenge ABC to interview former muslims but then again who would want to have fatwas issued on their heads or have their studio blown up?

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