Bunglawussy Cries 'Witch-hunt'

“Another media attack on the King Fahad Academy”


‘Those bloody kuffars need to be put in  their place…’

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* Sheik Yer’mami reported, here

The London Evening Standard resumes the witch-hunt of the King Fahad Academy in Acton.


Colin Cook outside the Saudi school which sacked him for exposing the hate


The King Fahad Academy in West London was attended by the five children of infamous Muslim cleric hate-preacher ‘Hippo’ Hamza among others


The school has vigorously denied encouraging any form of racial hatred. It insists that the offending passages in the books were “misinterpreted”.

* As usual. Lying in the face of a kuffar is a virtue for the Islamofascists..

After Mr Cook’s allegations in February last year, Dr Alyusuf went on BBC2’s Newsnight and told presenter Jeremy Paxman that she was aware of the books but refused to withdraw them because they had “good chapters that can be used by the teachers”.
Mr Cook told the hearing: “Dr Alyusuf simply lied about her knowledge of the contents of the books and tried to pretend that the books were not taught in the school. She failed to repudiate the racist views expressed in the books.

“The truth is she cannot go against the Saudi ministry of education. She is their puppet.”

Mr Cook said the Ofsted inspection in March 2006 failed to identify major issues including parental complaints, unqualified teachers and indiscipline.
He added: “The Ofsted report was very inadequate. This is partly due to what the Academy did not tell the inspectors and partly due to, at best, incompetence by Ofsted.”
He says he was sacked on trumpedup grounds in 2006 after he blew the whistle on the school for covering up cheating by pupils in a GCSE exam.

“In any normal workplace, an employee would not be sacked for whistle-blowing or indeed treated as a second-class citizen for not being Saudi Arabian,” he said.

“However, as the head of human resources put it, ‘This is not England. It is Saudi Arabia’.”

He said he had to teach 28 lessons a week when Saudi colleagues had between three and 12. He said that when he realised the school was not going to carry out a proper inquiry into the alleged GCSE cheating, he took his complaints to exam board Edexcel.
The school claimed Mr Cook failed to observe proper procedure and fired him for gross misconduct.

The hearing continues.

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  1. I saw the video of that woman stating that the books “still held important lessons” for the children. She wouldn’t give a straight answer to the man about “apes and pigs” being removed. From here on in, though, I DEMAND that ALL references to the People of the Book being called apes and pigs be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY from ALL texts all over the world! If a cartoon can be put up against this, than so shall their words about the People of the Book. To quote one wacked out islamotard “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…THEY MUST STOP INSULTING US!” I was always taught that turnabout is fair play. If they can use our systems against us, we need to make it start working for us, again.

  2. The only difference is I won’t be killing anyone just because I am pissed. But then again, I am getting older and have about 15 more years before menopause hits me……After that, who knows what I will be capable of. : )

  3. Textbooks advocating hatred for infidels are OK but anti-Mo cartoons are not. OK-I get it now. This is freedom of speech, Koran style.

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