Cleric Abu Hamza to appeal against extradition

* He doesn’t like the the idea of being waterboarded…


Radical preacher Abu Hamza is to appeal an extradition order that paves the way for him to be sent to the US where he is likely to spend the rest of his life in jail.

Telegraph UK


Berlin says al-Qaeda plotting to attack Germany

The terrorist group is trying to recruit homegrown radicals.
Berlin — The terrorist network al-Qaeda is actively plotting to attack Germany and is trying to recruit homegrown radicals inside Germany, Interior Ministry officials in Berlin warned Friday.



Heroin Republic in EUrabia is coming along nicely

Kosovo soon to declare independence

KOSOVO’S unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia was imminent and set to be recognised by about 100 countries, its Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said.

“It is a done (deal). Everybody knows it. None of the authorities from Belgrade can affect the positive development of a declaration and recognition of the independence of Kosovo,” Mr Thaci said.

“We have confirmations of about 100 countries around the world which are ready to recognise independence immediately after the declaration of independence.

“We will have a strong and massive (international) recognition,” he said after meeting with Joachim Ruecker, the head of the UN mission that has run Kosovo since the end of its 1998-1999 war.

The statement was made as Serbia’s minister for Kosovo, Slobodan Samardzic, said his government had information that Mr Thaci would make an illegal declaration of independence on February 17.


Esposito ‘inner struggle’ at Cubberley Auditorium

From the ‘painting a pussy on your cheek’ department


“Jihad has multiple meanings,” Esposito said.” The most primary meaning is ‘struggle for God.’”

He reminded the audience, however, that Jihad can be interpreted in many ways. To some, Jihad is the struggle to remain devout and obedient to Islamic ethics. To others, it is a validation for warfare and to struggle against an oppressive force.

* Then he seeks to justify suicide bombers:

He also worried that the American public does not spend enough time critically questioning the motivations that prompt suicide bombings.

“People like the quick fix,” he said, “People like to say it’s not only the Muslim extremists, but it’s Islam itself.”

* Unbelievable! Such Islamophobes!

He further argued that America runs the risk of blaming a situation solely on religion, and such simplification does not give a full picture of the complex circumstances in the Middle East. He blamed political and economic grievances as the main source of agitation that spurs the Muslim extremist faction.

* Yes, the Muhammadan grievance theater. The usual BS.

“The general American population, though educated, still [has] this misconception that Islam advocates the use of violence against civilians,” said Sameena Usman, government relations representative for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in San Francisco, who attended the talk. “I think it’s really important for speakers like Esposito to explain the important economic and political issues.”

* CAIR is a Hamas front that supports terrorism and seeks the introduction of Islamic law in America.

5 thoughts on “Cleric Abu Hamza to appeal against extradition”

  1. 100 stupid countries will recognize Kosovo’s independence? Go Serbia!

    Hamza might prefer to avoid waterboarding but I prefer him to be exiled on a remote island.
    Dead would also work nicely.

  2. “Jihad has multiple meanings,” Esposito said.” The most primary meaning is ‘struggle for God.’”

    Jihad does indeed have multiple meanings but what he sort of forgets (or is too ignorant to know because he choses to stay ignorant) that the ‘struggle for god’ is the least important and glorious for the muslim. He needs to go back to his corner and shut up. The muslims themselves have proven that it isn’t poverty, the West, or anything other than islam itself that causes jihad.

    As for Serbia – go Serbia!

    I would like to see Hamza wipe his own butt instead of one of his cronies doing it for him. One swipe with one of those claws and, viola!, soon no more Hamza.

  3. R-not

    Hamza couldn’t care less about the waterboarding – what’s troubling him is that the yanks probably wouldn’t arrange for his arse to wiped like the Brits (that’s people like – but not like, if you get what I mean – me) do. What he’s afraid of is that they might sharpen his claws first, then make him wipe his own arse. It’s what I’d do to him (that’s where the ‘not like’ comes from).

    Can you believe that eh? There is actually a bloke here in Britland who’s job is to wipe Hooky’s arse!

  4. Esposito is the asshole widely credited with the failure of government to perceive the danger from Islamic radicalism in the 90’s. He has been directly and indirectly on the Saudi payroll for much of his working life. The fact that he is still in charge of a Middle East Dept. in a major university speaks to the tremendously corrosive effect of Saud money in America.

  5. Sir Henry – you gotta be kidding me! LOL!

    GW, yeah, I believe it with the saudis – and it isn’t only the Universities – Hillary gets money from them (the Clinton library gets millions) and so does hubby when he gives a speech and they get canceled – he still gets paid. And that goes into their private checking account and she can use it. But it seems she doesn’t like to do that so she just asks for more money.

    And our media is controlled by the saudis – even Fox news – the saudis own a large chunk of Fox news even to a point where they tell them to use other words other than ‘islam and muslim’. They did that during the French riots – and gee, we didn’t even hear about all the other riots after that – sort of like they didn’t happen if you depend solely on Fox news (I don’t!).

    Our businesses, Pentagon/FBI/CIA/State Dept all are infiltrated by muslims. I read a book called Infiltration a couple of years back and now there are articles about the muslims not being as loyal to the USA as once thought. (no surprise here) They hire these freaks and then don’t do any background checks?! I say, use them if we need a spy, but don’t hire them. Pay them for their work and don’t let them in the chicken coop.

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