Dutch Dhimmies Fail To Intimidate Wilders

* Yep. The jihad of the dhimmies, doing the job for their Musulmanic overlords already:

Wilders accuses ministers of intimidation


Wilders says he was subject to “an hour of intimidation” on Wednesday.
28 February 2008

THE HAGUE – Freedom Party PVV leader Geert Wilders is furious about a talk ministers Ernst Hirsch Ballin (justice) and Maxime Verhagen (foreign affairs) held with him on Wednesday afternoon regarding his film on the Koran.

“It was an hour of intimidation,” Wilders said after the talk.

The politician did not want to disclose what had been said. A spokesperson for the justice ministry confirmed that a talk had taken place after reports about it on NOS Journaal.

The spokesperson would only say it was a continuation of a talk held in November last year when the government expressed its concerns about the consequences the film could have in the Netherlands and abroad.

Sources in The Hague say Hirsch Ballin, who called the meeting, has now also pointed out to Wilders that there could be legal consequences for Wilders if the film contains elements that could be considered hate inciting or blasphemous.

Insiders say Verhagen pointed out the political and economic damage the Netherlands could suffer. He also expressed serious concerns about the effects for Dutch institutions abroad.

The PVV leader expects his film will be finished at the end of this week. He will then look for a television broadcaster to air the film.

Dhimmi Watch runs this story too, here


More intimidation by the soldiers of Allah:

Berlin: Headbangers Storm Art-Gallery

We are back to 1938:

By Madeline Chambers

BERLIN (Reuters) – A Berlin gallery has temporarily closed an exhibition of satirical works by a group of Danish artists after six Muslim youths threatened violence unless one of the posters depicting the Kaaba shrine in Mecca was removed, it said on Thursday.

The Galerie Nord in central Berlin said it had closed its “Zionist Occupied Government” show of works by Surrend, a group of artists who say they poke fun at powerful people and ideological conflicts.


* Muhammad image/advertisement for meat-stock


On Tuesday, four days after the exhibition opened, a group of angry Muslims stormed into the gallery, shouting demands that one of the 21 posters should be removed, said the gallery.

“They were very aggressive and shouted at an employee that the poster should be taken down otherwise they would throw stones and use violence,” the gallery’s artistic director Ralf Hartmann told Reuters.


* The ‘heart’ of Islam?

* Question: Why were they not arrested at once and put in a cage?


UK: Bobbies Will Get Koran ‘Sensitivity Training’

Rowan Williams ‘inevitable’ sharia is coming, like it or not:

Police will be trained on the importance of the Koran and Sharia law to Muslims under Government plans to tackle extremism.
Lessons in the Islamic faith and culture will become part of the formal training for recruits.


Chief constables said officers will build better relationships by understanding the communities they are policing.

This could prove crucial in rooting out extremism and preventing a terrorist attack, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers.

But critics expressed concern that the plan could foster division, rather than combat it.

It comes after the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, said the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK “seems unavoidable”.

He later said his remarks had been misinterpreted.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis added: “Of course it is sensible for the police to have an understanding of the Koran and Sharia law as long as we do not allow the situation to slip so that Sharia law is regarded on an equal basis with British law.

“British law is and always must be pre-eminent.”

The scheme is part of a wide-ranging strategy to prevent extremist ideas gaining hold in schools, colleges and prisons.

Other initiatives in the 40-page strategy include guidance to parents on how to stop children searching for extremist websites, and intervening where convicted terrorists are suspected of spreading hate in prison.

Police will not have to learn the “depth and complexity” of Sharia law but would be expected to understand Islamic culture.

But critics have described the plan as “politically correct thinking”.

Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, said: “Police officers are not there to implement sharia law. They are there to implement British law.

* Damn right, he is. But Jaqui Smith and Allah knows best…


Numbers of Muslims in the U.S. only 1.86 Million…

* They huff and they puff and regularely inflate their numbers to a ridiculous 7 million, because they just have to be stronger than the hated Jooozzz. But even rapid breeding doesn’t get them there, at least not yet…

US Muslims number only 1.86 million

By Khalid Hasan

WASHINGTON: Muslims constitute 0.6 percent of America’s population of 310.1 million, or 1.86 million, a new survey has shown.

Muslim groups all along have claimed their US population to be around 6 million.

Hindus account for 0.4 percent, or 1.24 million, while Jews number 1.7 percent or 5.27 million of the country’s population. The extensive new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life details the religious affiliation of the American public and explores the shifts taking place in America’s religious landscape

Muslims, roughly two-thirds of whom are immigrants, now account for roughly 0.6 percent of the US adult population.

Link to Pakistans Daily Times


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  1. You go Geert!! Tell those dhimmi cowards where to stick it. What a buncha marshmallows. These people could be whooped by their dead grandmothers….

  2. “…Muslims, roughly two-thirds of whom are immigrants, now account for roughly 0.6 percent of the US adult population….”

    “It is estimated that up to 30% of African-American inmates are Muslims and converted to Islam in prison. Given the high percentage of inmates who are black, this means that about 15% of the U.S. prison population is Muslim.”

    Interesting maths….


  3. >>”Insiders say Verhagen pointed out the political and economic damage the Netherlands could suffer. He also expressed serious concerns about the effects for Dutch institutions abroad.”

  4. There might soon not be an economy or any Dutch institutions if the situation isn’t addressed NOW!

  5. Other politicians intimidate Geert Wilders? I think not.

    Wilders is on the up through doing just what it is they’re trying to intimidate him out of doing – AND HE KNOWS IT.

    Wont be long before he’s prime minister in Holland.

  6. “Only” about 2 million Koranists in the US? If just 5 percent are jihad lovers that’s 100,000 terrorists to worry about-a good sized army!

  7. They keep the Moon Rock, in a Big Black Box, within an opening that resembles a vagina. Are they required to wear rubber gloves when reaching in to touch it? Misogynic death cult, or what?

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