Howdy Sowdi Rowdies!

* The inbred offspring from the oil slick Kingdom of bigotry and Arab Imperialism has difficulties adjusting to Western lifestyles, where it is not acceptable to rape uncovered females at will and to beat the crap out of unpaid maid-servants:

* Arab News writer Maha Al-Hujailan, Al-Watan has issues with

Sending Teens Abroad

Hat Tip Mullah

‘Sending teenagers that just graduated from high school abroad is very dangerous, especially if they go to a country that is radically different than ours.’

Culture Shock:


Sowdi Swine-Be Cue


Our students do not learn their culture and religion properly in terms of proper social skills. How can we send them into a totally different society and expect them to adapt adequately?

I wish that Education Ministry officials would visit the US Embassy when visas are being issued in order to see how disorganized Saudi students behave. They do not stand in line, and they are incapable of answering questions effectively. Some of our students even lie in their responses and are proud of it. These students, used to lying to officials in the Kingdom, can fall easily to American justice when they lie or provide false information to US officials.

One of the bad habits that our students take with them when they go abroad is the culture of sexual harassment. They cannot take this culture to America. American woman can easily report sexual harassment to authorities. Saudis that engage in sexual harassment can end up arrested, charged, jailed, and deported. In this system that often sides with the woman in sexual harassment cases, what do you think happens when the accused is an Arab?

* They should be treated with whatever the law in the U.S. has in store for them…

Furthermore, Saudi students will face a justice system that doesn’t recognize the Saudi practice of “wasta” (connections with higher ups that can get you out of trouble with the law).

* Imagine that! What will these filthy kuffars come up with next?!

And what about the Saudi way of driving? With highly organized and patrolled traffic systems in America, and the West in general, I do not think Saudi students would last very long on their roads.

Adapting to a foreign culture is a big challenge for grown-ups. What about teenagers fresh out of high school, living away from home for the first time?

And the situation in the United States has changed considerably from a decade ago. Saudis are associated with terrorism, due to the negative portrayal of Saudi society in the media.

* which has nothing to do with flying jets into buildings and the global jihad, nothing at all…

The problems with young Saudi students living abroad has little to do with their education back home, but rather their ignorance of laws and customs in their host countries.

Saudi college students are a national treasure that should not be thrown into the hands of a different culture that they know nothing about. The money spent on sending them abroad could be better spent on developing more colleges and universities here at home.

* Just do it!


* More wingeing & whining:

Saudi Students Taught How to Behave in Host Countries

Lulwa Shalhoub, Arab News

Dr. Abdullah Al-Mousa, general supervisor of the general administration for scholarship programs, said that some students win scholarships but decide not to go at the last minute. “Last year we specified 200 seats for medical fellowships at various Canadian universities; students changed their minds at the last minute and did not go,” Al-Mousa said, adding that this year the Ministry of Higher Education had only 60 seats.

He also warned students against marrying non-Saudis, especially non-Arabs, and said that around 20 students, who married abroad, had to cut short their scholarships and returned to the Kingdom. He added that they faced problems, but did not elaborate.

Sowdi Rocket Science Students:


But Business is Business:


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  1. If the writer is so worried about them he is right about building more universities there and keeping these people out of our institutions.

    Who needs them? Especially the ones who are learning to fly planes.

  2. Absolutely amazing how these shameless people can talk about these shameful things with a straight face.

  3. Saudi Arabia can and should keep their “students” at home. This will accomplish two things-one, they will receive a proper Koranist upbringing and two, infidels needn’t worry as much about terrorism. It would be a can’t lose situation for everyone.

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