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Afghanistan: RoP Carbomb Kills 35 Afghan Civilians


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – A suicide car bomber targeting a Canadian military convoy killed 35 civilians at a busy market in southern Afghanistan, a police official said.
At least 28 people were wounded in the attack in Spin Boldak, a town in Kandahar province near the border with Pakistan, said Abdul Razeq, the Spin Boldak border police chief. Three Canadian soldiers were lightly wounded, he said.

* Who gets the virgins, Yusuf? More…


Iran’s ‘Peaceful Nuclear Power’ Mullahs: “In the near future, we will witness the destruction of the cancerous existence of Israel by the powerful and competent hands of the Hezbollah combatants”

* The Mahdi must be just around the corner, any day now:

Tehran: The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said on Monday that Israel would soon be destroyed by the “hands of Hezbollah”, the Fars News Agency reported.
“In the near future, we will witness the destruction of the cancerous existence of Israel by the powerful and competent hands of the Hezbollah combatants,” said Mohammad Ali Jafari, head of the Revolutionary Guards said in a letter to Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.


Khamenei: ‘Allah wants nukes,you better learn to love the bomb’

‘Allah will reprimand Iranians for not supporting nuke program’

With Allah on our side. “Iran says God protects nuclear program,” by Nasser Karimi for Associated Press

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Sunday that God would punish Iranians if they do not support the country’s disputed nuclear program, state radio reported.



More ‘Honor Killing’


Remember Amina and Sarah

* He had to do it, he had no choice:

* You could almost feel sorry for the guy, right Yusuf?

Iran: Father ‘stones 14-year-old daughter to death’

“I suspected that my daughter had a relationship with a man and I had to stone her to death as she had besmirched my honour. I had no other choice.”

Of course!

From AKI


“The Taliban are not terrorists”


* Of course not. They’re aid workers. Like mother Theresa with a dick. (Well, sort of..!) Where would we be without them? But what about those 164 jihad verses in the Koran that urge the believers to strike terror in the hearts of those who disbelieve?

30 prominent Pakistani misunderstanders of Islam say “The Taliban are not terrorists”

They justify suicide bombing, also. Misunderstanders of Islam? Actually, this is a statement by 30 prominent Islamic scholars in Pakistan. “Statement by 30 Prominent Pakistani Islamic Scholars: “The Taliban Are Not Terrorists; Do Not Look Through American Eyes at [Those You Call] ‘Terrorists,'” from MEMRI

Taliban Beauty Queens


Cartoon Jihad Continued: “Kill, bomb the Danes…’


* Remember that: No more holidays in Gaza or Ramallah!

Muslims worldwide should bomb Denmark’s embassies and kill it diplomats following last week’s republication of caricatures of Muslim prophet Muhammad, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees in the Gaza Strip said on Monday.

Israel Radio reported that the spokesman, speaking to demonstrators burning Danish flags, said anyone involved the drawing, printing, or publication of the caricatures should be “slaughtered.”

Danish newspapers reproduced the drawing on Wednesday to show their commitment to free speech after police foiled an alleged plot to kill the cartoonist who created it.



Man arrested at airport with training grenades

YAKIMA, Wash. TSA detected devices as 20-year-old tried to get through security

Police locked down the small airport for a few minutes, then evacuated about 30 or 35 people while explosive experts from the Army’s Yakima Training Center dismantled the grenades. All scheduled incoming flights stayed on the ground at other airports.

Authorities said the man lives on a military base in California, but Bardwell would not disclose his name, his branch of service or details about his questioning.

* Hmm, why not?


America at the crossroads:


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  1. * America at the crossroads:

    US once stood for Uncle Sam; now it might as well be Under Sharia, as the dying
    superpower assures Muslim rebels in the Philippines that it is only there for training
    exercises, and not for combat …
    MANILA (Reuters) – The U.S. ambassador to the Philippines met the leader of the country’s largest Muslim rebel group on Tuesday in an effort to defuse tensions over U.S. soldiers entering Muslim areas in the south.

    “We don’t negotiate with terro … err, please don’t shoot us or take offence, we’re only
    training and doing humanitarian work”.

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