UK: Hairdresser faces ruin as Muslim woman increases claim for compensation


Bunglawussy Jubilant: Invokes Stormfront


Muslim Hairdresser now wants £35,000 compensation

A Muslim woman suing a salon owner for refusing her a hairdressing job because of her headscarf has more than doubled her claim for damages, after allegedly receiving hate mail.

* This frivolous lawsuit should have been thrown out in the first instance, but in Red Kens politically correct Londonistan it seems likely that the target of the Muhammadan ire will be crucified just to show how submissive the Brit’s are when it comes to the Muhammadan invaders.

Bushra Noah, 19, from Acton, claims Sarah Desrosiers, who runs the Wedge salon in King’s Cross, behaved in a “high-handed, malicious, insulting or oppressive manner” by discussing the case in public.

She claims this caused media intrusion in her life, harassment and hate mail, and left her feeling “awkward and embarrassed”. As a result, Ms Noah, who is suing Ms Desrosiers for religious discrimination, has now raised her claim for damages from just over £15,000 to more than £35,000.

Ms Noah, who had been turned down previously for around 25 other hairdressing jobs, said she decided to take legal action because she was distressed by Ms Desrosiers’ comments at the interview.


UK Hospital Jihad:

thanks to Mullah

Female Muslim medics ‘disobey hygiene rules’

By Julie Henry and Laura Donnelly

Muslim medical students are refusing to obey hygiene rules brought in to stop the spread of deadly superbugs, because they say it is against their religion.

  • Support for ‘no-go’ bishop after death threats
  • Women training in several hospitals in England have raised objections to removing their arm coverings in theatre and to rolling up their sleeves when washing their hands, because it is regarded as immodest in Islam.

    Universities and NHS trusts fear many more will refuse to co-operate with new Department of Health guidance, introduced this month, which stipulates that all doctors must be “bare below the elbow”.

    The measure is deemed necessary to stop the spread of infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile, which have killed hundreds.

    Minutes of a clinical academics’ meeting at Liverpool University revealed that female Muslim students at Alder Hey children’s hospital had objected to rolling up their sleeves to wear gowns.

    Similar concerns have been raised at Leicester University. Minutes from a medical school committee said that “a number of Muslim females had difficulty in complying with the procedures to roll up sleeves to the elbow for appropriate handwashing”.

    Muslim Woman

    Sheffield University also reported a case of a Muslim medic who refused to “scrub” as this left her forearms exposed.

    * These people are unfit to work in medicine or as cleaners. They abuse their privileges by boycotting generally accepted standards in hygiene and decency.



    * More insanity, more perversion, more caving in


    Bugging the buggers:

    Police bugged Muslim MP Sadiq Khan

    SCOTLAND YARD’S antiterrorist squad secretly bugged a high-profile Labour Muslim MP during private meetings with one of his constituents.

    Sadiq Khan, now a government whip, was recorded by an electronic listening device hidden in a table during visits to the constituent in prison.

    Last night Jack –the lastStraw, the justice secretary, said that he had ordered an immediate inquiry and added that it would be “unacceptable” for such a bugging operation to take place.

    Read it all


    Red Ken cops it: the old commie rat goes on the defense in the Guardian, but nobody’s buying any. The comments are hilarious!  The Bunglawussy comes to his assistance:

    “Islamophobes against Ken”

    * There is still room in the tower for both of you creeps!

    9 thoughts on “UK: Hairdresser faces ruin as Muslim woman increases claim for compensation”

    1. [Beautiful Bushra] claims this caused media intrusion in her life, harassment and hate mail …

      … now wants to raise her claim because the case was discussed in public … and has
      guranteed that her “case” was further discussed in public, perhaps giving her cause for
      more “grievance” needing an even bigger payout (and so on). Knowing Mo’s followers,
      I wouldn’t be surprised if the salon owner hasn’t received some hate mail and freaky
      threats and fatwas of her own. I hope the salon owner wins & is not harmed financially
      or otherwise.

    2. * Ms Noah …

      Hmm, do Muslimas normally identify as “Ms”, or is that an avenue for another grievance
      and payout? I’m trying to find out what the effect of all this has been on Ms Desrosiers
      and her business – I trust “The Wedge” is booming. I didn’t find anything, but came
      across this one about the (non-existent) No Go areas in Britain:
      Holocaust Day marred by ‘racist’ stone-throwing

      A gang of “Asian” youths threw stones at Jewish tourists on a guided tour of London’s East End (“Tower Hamlets”) – drawing blood from one woman’s head. The “youths” shouted at
      the tourists, ‘if you go any further you’ll die.’

      Sounds like a “No Go” area to me.

    3. “Muslim medical students are refusing to obey hygiene rules brought in to stop the spread of deadly superbugs, because they say it is against their religion.”

      Sack the lot of them! If they don’t like the rules, get another job. Better still, move to an Islamic country.

      They are taking Britain back to the barbaric age of Muhammad. Turning Britain into an Islamic cesspool. They really are the most uncivilized people on the earth.

      If I was a patient in a British hospital, I would SCREAM hysterically as loud as possible and act terrified every time a muhammedan nurse or doctor came anywhere near my bed. I wish every British patient would take the same or similar action.

    4. Muslim health workers would make ideal vectors for spreading pandemic diseases
      among target populations – more effective than suicide bombers – biotoxin laced
      burkas of doom.

    5. Perhaps the muslim woman wants to settle before going to court…hence she is pushing to scare the hairdresser into paying. I say counter claim against her and dont settle.

    6. Firstly, these people who won’t scrub up shouldn’t be allowed to practise medicine anywhere in the west. We have experienced this in Bundaberg with “Dr Death”: Jayant Patel – still on the run because he hasn’t been extradited to face the courts.

      Secondly, the hairdresser: why was she singled out over 25 others declined to employ her?

      I think when it first happened there was a website posted for the hairdresser. If I were her I would counter-sue for victimization.

    7. We are proud that we are muslims . All female creatures are not covered , God protected female muslims from any wolves that they are a lot around us all over the world.

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