Useful Idiot Blames the Jooozzz for 'Obamaphobia'

Some of the dirtiest attacks against Barack Obama are being carried out by Jewish bigots in the US and Israel, and if Obama is the Democrat’s candidate for president, which looks very likely, these smears are going to get a lot worse.


* Kenyan elders demand U.S. government apology for circulation of photo of Obama in Somali garb

* Larry Derfner rattles his cage at the Jerusalem Post of all places…

* and Bunglawussy Watch jumps on it like a Doberman on a pound of mince meat

Moe’s Jihad News Presents:


“Everyday Jihad really sux… “


Pamela Geller smells a rat, one that smells worse than Gavin King:

The web is being scrubbed of Obama’s ties to Islam

I refuse to dhimmi down and STFU. Too much is wrong. Obama’s narrative is being altered, enhanced and manipulated to whitewash troubling facts. The web is being scrubbed of Obama’s ties to Islam. But America will know the truth even if the mainstream media refuses to touch the third rail. The media is already in full spin mode. The racist charge is fallacious – Islam is not a race, but why split hairs, right?



Nice Hat, Harry!


* Want More? Meet Frontline Harry at Flopping Aces

* Al-Qaida sympathizers call on Taliban to hunt down Prince Harry 


Muhammad For Sale

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From the ‘Poverty Breeds Terrorism’ Department:

Politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, pharmacists, police commander, TV journalist among Moroccan jihadists

This fact makes the LA Times scratch its venerable head in puzzlement. I mean, doesn’t everybody know that poverty causes terrorism, and only the desperate, uneducated and easily led join jihadist groups?

Of course, we have documented here for years that the opposite is the case, and just yesterday Saudi pseudoacademic shill John Esposito admitted it himself: “The radicals are better educated, have better jobs, and are more hopeful with regard to the future than mainstream Muslims.” But it never seems to get through to the clueless, indifferent, PC-addled mainstream media.

“Morocco’s unlikely group of terrorism suspects,” by Sebastian Rotella for the Los Angeles Times (thanks to JW)


Spanish Jailhouse Rock:

Spain: Muslims In Prison Allowed Performing Congregational Prayers

70 percent of Spanish Inmates are Muslims, who number around 54,000

Muslims serving jail sentences in Spanish jails will now be allowed to say their prayers in congregation, provided at least ten of them expressed their wish to do so. The aim of the new ruling is to bring about equality of treatment between Muslim prisoners and Catholic interns in their religious rights.

The largest Islamic organization in the country, the Islamic Committee of Spain, has welcomed this initiative, taking into account that 70 percent of those in Spanish jails are Muslims, who number around 54,000.

Last Ramadhan a number of Spanish jails changed their meal times to conform to the Ramadhan meal times of their Muslim inmates, and provided them with prayer areas within the prisons. But in those prisoners where such arrangements were not made, there were protests.

Spain with its 40-million population, which is 94 percent Catholic, has a Muslim community of around 600,000.

Today’s History Lesson:

After conquering Spain, the Muslims immediately began the campaign to head on for France. Some Jews helped the Muslims thinking they were liberators. The Jews soon learned the folly of this belief! Soon the Jews along with the Christians were made to pay the Jiziya poll tax was imposed on all non-Muslims (Kafirs) by the Muslims. They were also drafted for slave labour to demolish churches and build mosques from the columns of the destroyed churches.



Londonistan: Caliphate of Dole Bludgers

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  1. One of these days the truth about Oprahma will come out. I find it amazing that a guy hardly anyone knew about just two years ago suddenly has a shot at being president. There’s something sinister going on behind the scenes that has managed to make this happen. Hopefully the truth comes out before this loser captures the White House.

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