We Need More Muhammedan 'Watchdogs!'

“As long as its Arabs producing nukes its all good- why worry?”- sez El Baradei


ElBaradei: Unconcerned

Update: Spine sighted in France 

French Envoy Condemns Iran Statements

PARIS (AP) — A French ambassador summoned by Iran’s Foreign Ministry condemned recent comments by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad implying Israel would be destroyed, a French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Monday.


The nutroots will love this:

The head of the United Nations’ blind, toothless nuclear watchdog agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, says he doesn’t see any reason to worry about Arab nuclear programs.

“All the Arab countries’ nuclear activities will be under agency safeguard systems, so I don’t see a reason why anybody should be concerned about … Arab countries using nuclear energy for power development,” Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told reporters after meeting with Arab League chief Amr Moussa in Cairo. …

* ‘Arabs are the best of peoples’- according to the Islamic profit Muhammad. We should trust them…

“I hope again that Iran will continue to demonstrate full cooperation with the agency because the more we can clarify the past, have a good grasp on the present, the more we can help to build confidence about the future nuclear activities of Iran,” said ElBaradei.



You gonna love this:

Headbanger delusion:

Thanx to Weasel Zippers: This one is so good you don’t wanna miss it…

Islam is, no doubt, a religion of peace for the nations of each and every religion or community, but unfortunately some western leaders, politicians including their media supported by the US and Jewish lobbies have started anti-Islam propaganda in the aftermath of the September 11 tragedy, instead of studying this latest religion of the world positively. In fact, all this is part of a conspiracy against the Islamic world.

…The fact of the matter is that all over the world anti-Muslim groups are deliberately acting upon a conspiracy to distort the good image of Islam in wake of the war on terror which continues between the US-led allies and the Islamic radicals in Iraq , Afghanistan , Palestine , Lebanon , Somalia and Kashmir.


Conspiracy schlock peddler Syed Mubarik ‘Ali Gilani

As regards the 9/11 events, it is now believed that the plot to destroy the WTC Towers and Pentagon was actually prepared by the Jews who wanted to use this card so as to exploit the situation which afterwards resulted in invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Muslim activists were compelled to react through ambush and suicide attacks, not only in these countries but also in other pro-American Islamic states, especially. Nevertheless, a number of questions arise in the mind of both intellectuals and non-intellectuals. Can somebody tell that as to why Jews were not killed in the 9/11 attack? Can somebody explain as to what was the fault of Japanese innocent people who were burnt alive though a nuclear catastrophe in Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Can someone reply as to what was the fault of innocent Vietnamese where ten thousands of people were massacred and even buried in the common graves?

<<Answer here>>

* You can’t beat the infinite wisdom of the Koranimals. This headbanger has a mandate to speak for the Japanese & the Vietnamese, and he knows that the Jooozzz are to blame for all of it.

Sorry folks, what was that song again?

‘Why can’t we all just get along…’


3 thoughts on “We Need More Muhammedan 'Watchdogs!'”

  1. “The fact of the matter is that all over the world anti-Muslim groups are deliberately acting upon a conspiracy to distort the good image of Islam…So, strenuous efforts must be made by all the Muslims and particularly Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to take all those steps which are necessary to cope with this aggressive adventurism which continues unabated. Particularly, Muslim think-thanks should suggest logical policies to fight against these conspiracies directed against the Muslim world.” ~ Zaheer-ul-Hassan

    Small suggestion.. stop blow stuff up, stop killing people just because they don’t pound their heads in the same compass direction you do… In short… grow up as a culture, society, and religion and join the rest of humanity… or continue to slide back towards the 7th century and perhaps rejoin the feted cesspool that spawned Koranimals.

  2. my dear Senor Doey boy
    I just want to high light here that islam is the latest religion of the universe because adoption of Muhammad’s way of life dosnt stop progress of the mankind. Basically true follower of islam doest beieve in society and culture . The culture and norms of society whihc u and me observing are below than the saying of Islam. Islam tells us to seek progress, live within the society peacefully and respect others rights. Islam pulled the word out when people use to burry their females . Power believer use to bleed the weakers . simplly we can say that there was no rule in the world despite presence of cristanity and other religion. God then sent Muhammad to educate the mankind to respect eachother rights and work for the society. Pls study the concept of family life which gives equal rights to all memeber of a family. The totallity of some families make the society. If every body going to respect others rights then of course society can become the examplllary society. in short , i will say that followers of others religions are aafraid of its expention. I request u to have study of Quran , then comment . the islam will take u in next century .

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