Worldwide Resistance Against Mosques

*  From the UK to Germany, from Holland to USA, from Italy to Australia: everywhere residents are organizing against the spread of Islamic command centres:



Campaigners are calling on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to intervene in controversial plans to build a new mosque and community centre.

Residents angered by Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s decision to rent a plot of land in Shelton to Muslim developers for just £1 a year, amid suggestions it could be sold to them for £72,000, have launched an online petition.

They want the Prime Minister, pictured, to order a full public inquiry into the handling of the mosque development, in Regent Road, Shelton, which they claim does not make financial sense.



Group set up to fight mosque bid

Campaigners have set up a crisis group to plan a fresh attack on proposals to build an £18 million mosque in Dudley.

Malcolm Davis, former councillor for St James’ ward, says his phone has been ringing off the hook with residents complaining about the planning inspector’s decision to overturn the council’s rejection of the scheme.

The authority had thrown out the plans to create a mosque and community centre on derelict land in Hall Street.

The matter will now go to a public inquiry in June.



Al-Qaeda Linked Mosque Breaks Ground In Boca Raton 


February 17, 2008 – San Francisco, CA – – The Islamic Center of Boca Raton [ICBR] broke ground on an ambitious Islamic center on February 16. The planned 30,000 square foot structure was designed to vaguely replicate the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

The ICBR has long been the subject of counter-terror researchers, including Joe Kaufman who detailed in a 2003 article, “Boca Raton City of Terror” the activities of numerous radical Muslims in the community, including those of then ICBR imam Ibrahim Dremali:

“In October of 2000, Dremali spoke at a rally where Israeli flags were burned and slogans, such as “With jihad we’ll claim our land, Zionist blood will wet the sand,” were shouted. Dremali told the crowd “not to be sad for those who were martyred and to not be afraid to die for what they believe in,”

The Islamic Center of Boca Raton continues to present a danger to the community. Concerned citizens should contact City Hall and Mayor Steven Abrams office and demand that the construction of a mosque with multiple documented ties to terrorism be halted on the grounds of national security.

City Hall
201 W. Palmetto Park Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 393-7700



11 thoughts on “Worldwide Resistance Against Mosques”

  1. Christians aren’t allowed to build Churches ANYWHERE in Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam, and then Islamists insist on building Mosques in Christian countries when they are not wanted by fearful residents.

  2. Has anyone heard anything about the anti-Scientology group Anonymous? They held demonstrations against Scientology all over the world on the

  3. 10th February. The wore masks to prevent retribution from Scientologists and demonstrated outside of Scientology centres.

    I wonder if we could set up something called Islam Anonymous, or Islamic Anonymous, or Anonymous Islam, and wear masks to prevent retribution from muslims and protest outside mosques?

  4. Good idea, Infidela.

    We could all wear burqas. Men and women. Now that really would confuse the muhammedans. Perhaps sporting a Crusader Cross on the burqa. I’m raring to go!

  5. In France, when Mo’s followers aren’t carbecueing, they have a shootout in the
    Al-Rahma mosque. “Religion of Peace” in action.

  6. Red Rose, please email me through sheik yer mami. I think this could really snowball into something big.

  7. We have been banned in most islamic countries. Why are they coming here?
    This used to be one nation under God, the United States of America. This is not the case anymore. Now, this is the united states of the world.

    Before God allowed the Children of Israel to go into the promised land, He told them they were to have nothing to do with the indigenous population and in some cases, before they were allowed to go into some citys they were told by God to kill every man, woman, child, and even every animal. Too bad we didn’t follow suit and keep the heathens out of this country. now its too late.

    We need to keep the islamic people out of whats left of this country. And if it has to come to violence, well, thats all they know anyway. So be it!

  8. who da heck are you to say that mosque aint allowed in saudi arabia it can be anywhere
    fuck offf why are u chattting shit bout islam it only means peace and your tell other people
    what is islam well u know what you should fuck offf get a life yeH , islam meanz PEACE
    PEACE you know that no i bet not, you can only chat shit about islam but u noe what go
    and learn what islam is all about . den u’ll noe and all though other people thinks that this is
    true get a life dis aint true and if you can think u’ll get away wiv it don’t worri coz u aint ayte

  9. Aisha Rana>

    Obviously another foul-mouthed practitioner of peace J
    You sound like maybe you would like to kill this poster for his comments?

    Again no one needs to learn a thing about Islam you prove what Islam is clearly through your words and manner.
    The Internet is free and the blog poster resides in a free society. In other words there is nothing an unintelligent hate advocate such as your self can say in your terrible grasp of the English language that will extinguish his freedom of thought!
    People of the free world have a life; the only infringement to our peace is what people like you shove in our face like we are supposed to care. You are nobodies in your own societies and nobodies in ours that is why you seek so much attention and burn our cities and gang rape our women.
    You don’t seem to understand (possibly incapable) that you are no longer welcomed in the west as the experiment of integration with your society has failed miserably. We get it now! So you cannot build more mosques to promote your hate in our peaceful countries and you will soon be asked to leave in a very pleasant then direct way. It is you who needs to wake up and realize the peril of your culture in our countries.

  10. To Aisha Rana, first of all you need to learn how to write and speak english. And second of all this person is entitled to their opinion as you had no problem expressing. In case you don’t know it’s called Freedom of Speech dumb ass. And this person is right about churches not being allowed to be built in the middle east. But yet you muslims build your mosque in Western countries. We have been to nice to you people and it’s time to stop, NO MORE MOSQUE IN THE WESTERN COUNTRIES…NOOOOOOOOO MORE….Islam is all about hatred against the non muslims. You are a hypicrite and you pratice double standards. And if people want to bash islam they have a right to do so. Muslims bash ohter religions that are not of islamic faith. Deal with it and move on..

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