ABC hires Islamo Spin-doctor to discredit Wilders 'FITNA'

* Whatever it takes to pull the Islamic wool over naive infidel eyes & ears…


Quran ‘expert’ by ABC News Reveals the Meanings Behind the Quranic Verses in the Film


The leader of Netherlands’ anti-immigration party, Geert Wilders, posted an anti-Islam film Thursday that was expected to raise an uproar among Muslims. So far, the fallout has fallen flat.

Wilders posted his film on the Internet after local distributors declined to release it. His film entitled, “Fitna,” which translates to “Discord” in Arabic, suggests the Quran promotes violence and acts of terrorism. The 10-minute film shows various verses of the Quran followed by a montage of violent photos and video ranging from the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center to photos of the Shiite ritual of self-flagellation.

Wilders concludes the film with a graphic, saying it is up to “Muslims themselves to tear out the hateful verses of the Quran. Muslims want you to make way for Islam, but Islam does not make way for you.” Wilders urges his audience to “stop Islamization, defend our freedom.”

So far, the protests over the film have been largely over legal issues. European news reports say Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard will sue Wilders for using his copyrighted image of the prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. News reports also say Dutch rapper Salah Edin is seeking legal recourse for his picture appearing in the film mistaking him for the man who murdered Dutch film director Theo van Gogh.

Small protests over the controversial film have sprouted in the Muslim world but have remained nonviolent.

ABC News spoke to a Quran expert to investigate what the verses in Wilders’ film mean. Below are expert Mohammad Al-Hayek’s translations of the meanings of the verses used in “Fitna.”

* Who is this ‘Koran expert?’

Verse from Fitna: (Chapter 8; Verse 6) Prepare for them whatever force and cavalry ye are able of gathering to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies.

Al-Hayek: The purpose of this verse is to urge Muslim governments to be militarily strong in order to intimidate its enemies. Building up power is meant to serve as a deterrent to those wanting to attack Muslims.

This chapter was revealed about the major Battle of Badr that took place between the Muslims and the Quraish tribe of Mecca in the second year of the established Muslim state. The verse immediately after it says, “but if the enemy inclines toward peace, do thou also incline toward peace.” Muslims are commanded to halt war immediately if the enemy shows signs of peace. Even in war, Muslims are instructed in the Quran to adhere to strict rules of engagement.

* Mohammad Al-Hayek is simply trying to tell us infidels that these verses, similar to Bible verses, relate to historical events and have no relevance to today’s idiotically named ‘War on Terror’. That, of course, is false: Muhammad has declared war ‘on all mankind, until all profess there is no God but allah and Muhammad is his prophet’. These verses and all those relating to jihad in the Koran are to be followed to the letter and are the perfect model of conduct for every Muslim. Unfortunately, the Peacenix from the ABC prefer to be deceived instead of asking for a second opinion…

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5 thoughts on “ABC hires Islamo Spin-doctor to discredit Wilders 'FITNA'”

  1. Send them a copy of “OBSESSION” the film.
    Don’t you feel we’re preaching to the choir?
    I sent out FITNA movie to some and got called
    messenger of hate….and that was from a real
    child survivor of the Holocaust! So sad.

  2. I think we all understand what another expert like Qaradawi, or Tantawi might have to say about the immutable and revealed word of god.

    I think an explanation of what “peace” means. Perhaps they just wouldn’t believe it. After all, Dar al Harb simply cannot conceive of a world after itself.

  3. Color me skeptical, but I doubt REHAB EL-BURI ever watched “FITNA” in it’s entirety since he describes the film as ten minutes in length – the actual film is 17 minutes in length. He likely read about this film elsewhere and prepared his whitewash for ABC before it’s actual release, updating the report with details he scavanged from other reports.

    Mohammad Al-Hayek simply utilizes the inherent tool of dualism in Political Islam.
    *****QUOTE *****”. . .dualism is the foundation and key to understanding Islam. Everything about Islam comes in twos starting with its foundational declaration: (1) there is no god but Allah and (2) Mohammed is His prophet. Therefore, Islam is Allah (Koran) and the Sunna (words and deeds of Mohammed found in the Sira and Hadith). . . .Our first clue about the dualism is in the Koran, which is actually two books, the Koran of Mecca (early) and the Koran of Medina (later). The insight into the logic of the Koran comes from the large numbers of contradictions in it. On the surface, Islam resolves these contradictions by resorting to “abrogation”. This means that the verse written later supersedes the earlier verse. But in fact, since the Koran is considered by Muslims to be the perfect word of Allah, both verses are sacred and true. The later verse is “better,” but the earlier verse cannot be wrong since Allah is perfect. This is the foundation of dualism. Both verses are “right.” Both sides of the contradiction are true in dualistic logic. The circumstances govern which verse is used.”******END QUOTE

    Lazy, foolish, intentionally ignorant ‘journalism’.

    And the MSM wonders why their credibility is questioned? Feh!!

  4. A total shame, Sheik. I will link you afterwards. This kind of things make me vomit, because they are the typical sign of cowardice among MSM, the political class and the society.


  5. Shame! Shame on ABC for being dhimmis…the perfect bootlickers.
    No one accepts the airbrushed Islam being trumped up, after reading the 1400 year Islamic history that is a continual river of blood.
    Fitna is anything that disagrees with Mohammed. It is the worst crime in Islam. It deserves death. Muslims are attempting to use thought control to rule the world. Muslims believe they have the right not to hear criticism.

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