Ali Eteraz, the Great Masturbator


* Ali Eteraz,  Islamo-socialist with a blog,  who, among other nutters and fruitcakes,- gets published in the Guardian’s ‘comment is free’, has a go at dissing Wilders film ‘Fitna’ and fails miserably.

Eteraz closing statement:

In terms of sheer originality, though, the best response to this film came from a friend of mine who watched the film – and calling it a film is to abuse both the English language and the legacy of cinema – on my computer with me:

“I could have masturbated in that time.”

* Robert Spencer (JW) takes this ‘moderate’  masturbator apart,  not for the first time.

* Read it all…

Muslim writer says Muslims should give the finger to those who ask them to condemn terrorist acts

To blame all Muslims for the actions of jihadists would be asinine.”

Collectivists when they need to be, individualists when they don’t. Especially when it comes to answering Elephant-in-the-room questions from the kuffar.

It’s all in the book.

Watch out when there is another Muhammad cartoon-rage or a torn Koran. A  billion mad Muslims will be coming to get you. All of them individuals…..

Robert Spencer:

With Ali Eteraz I have had many exchanges in the past; you can judge for yourself about what they may or may not have revealed. In one of them, he stated feebly that peaceful Muslims should remain silent in the face of jihadist violence and supremacism, claiming that Martin Luther King, Jr., stayed silent in the face of racist oppression.

That was preposterous enough, but now Ali Eteraz has made an even more preposterous move, going from supine passivity to defiance:

“Muslims Should Raise the Other Finger,” by Ali Eteraz at True/Slant, November 26 (thanks to JW):

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