Austria's Haider calls for banning Muslim headscarves

* Which makes him, inevitably, a ‘rightist’ in the eyes of the leftarded media:


* Lets count & mark the smears, just for fun, today’s color is yellow:

From Earth Times

Vienna – Austrian rightist Joerg Haider on Tuesday demanded measures against creeping Islamization of the country, including bans of headscarves and the construction of mosques. “We must not tolerate any longer that radical Islamists mock the rule of law in our country and ignore our values and dominant culture,” said Haider, who led the right-wing Freedom Party (FP) to become Austria’s second strongest party and now is governor of the southern Austrian province Carinthia.
Haider demanded that immigrants must adapt to the “Leitkultur,” a term which translates as dominant, or defining culture.
“Those who live here, have to adapt to our dominant culture and accept the rule of law. Who cannot or does not want to do this, has no place here,” Austria’s formerly dominating right-wing figure said in a press release.
Following the refusal of a female defendant in an Islamist terrorism trial to remove her burka as required by Austrian law, Haider suggested a headscarf-ban “following the Dutch example.”
The Netherlands’ general ban on cloaking was an example worth following, Haider said, as it was a way to ban wearing Muslim headscarves or burkas in accordance with the Dutch constitution, Haider said.
The former FP-leader and founder of a Alliance for Austria’s Future, a rivalling rightist party, also suggested extending a ban on the construction of mosques, introduced in the southern province of Carinthia last month, to all of Austria.


No such luck in Switzerland:

Court rules veil is no obstacle to citizenship: Misogyny is cool! Mummenschantz is in!

* Which sends the Bunglawussi virtually over the moon…


The Federal Tribunal said the veil was an expression of religious belief and protected under the constitution

Moonbats in the judiciary:

Switzerland’s Federal Court has overturned two decisions by local assemblies to refuse citizenship on the grounds of women wearing a religious veil.

Muslim organisations welcomed the rulings, which were announced on Wednesday, as a “step forward”. Naturalisation procedures have been a controversial issue over the past few years.

Under the Swiss federal system, communities also have a say on naturalisation issues.

The court ruling came after two local assemblies in canton Aargau, in northern Switzerland, rejected applications for Swiss citizenship by a Turkish woman and a Bosnian couple last year.

Objectors said the veil was a sign of inequality between men and women and was therefore unconstitutional.

But Switzerland’s highest court found that wearing a veil was an expression of religious beliefs, which are protected under the Swiss constitution. The veil in itself was not a sign of the debasement of women, the judges wrote.

The court urged citizens to look beyond their prejudices and said the fact that a Muslim woman wore a veil did not mean she was flouting the basic values of Swiss society.

Hisham Maizar, president of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Switzerland, agreed with the court’s ruling.

* Naturally…

“I think it is a step in the right direction. We will see what kinds of decisions follow afterwards. We have learned to be a little bit cautious,” he said.

4 thoughts on “Austria's Haider calls for banning Muslim headscarves”

  1. Heil Haider! No doubt the Koranists and their leftist flunkies will paint the man as the new Hitler more than ever before.

  2. >>”But Switzerland’s highest court found that wearing a veil was an expression of religious beliefs, which are protected under the Swiss constitution.

    What about the right of women to express themselves? Are those protected under the Swiss constitution? If some Moslem women don’t want to wear headcoverings they can get abused or killed. Furthermore, the covering of one’s face is a security issue. How many times have we heard of Moslem terrorists hiding in burqas?

  3. So is it required or not? According to the families of teenage girls killed by their male relatives, the wearing or not wearing of the veil is a choice….and not the reason these girls were killed. So iif it ISN”T required, why not take it off when asked? Because it IS required? God Almighty the bullsh*t that comes out of their mouths!!! Someone needs to start collecting stories from the press with statements of it being required, and statements saying it is not. Present this list to CAIR and the OIC and even the Useless Nations and see how they squirm out of it!

  4. Re Haider: It’s about time the Nazis realized that although they have one thing in common with Moslems–the feeling about Jews–once you get Islamics inside your country, they not only refuse to embrace your culture but defiantly try to impose their ideology on it.

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