FBI boosts training in Islamic 'sensitivity'

None Diller Than Mueller:



* Weeks added to required ‘enrichment’ program: ‘We all need to learn and understand each other’

* Yes. We had 6 years to ‘learn & understand each other’. Most of us learned something. But there is one who didn’t: FBI Director Robert Mueller, who has a learning disability and understands nothing. And Mueller is heading the FBI. “I hate the word ‘sensitivity’ training,” said FBI spokesman Ed Cogswell. “I would call it an awareness training relative to cultural issues.” Mueller should lead the FBI in this war, and leave the sensitivity sessions to the human resources department or CNN,” complained retired FBI special agent Don Lavey, who served 20 years in the bureau’s counterterrorism unit.

“Let’s just hope the director is leading the charge in this war against terrorism with an equal amount of zeal that he shows for cultural sensitivities,” added Lavey, who claims Mueller is so politically correct he refuses to use “Islamic” and “terrorism” in the same sentence.

* Pack it in, Mueller! Retire, go fishing or f*kx yourself, but let somebody else get on with the job!



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2 thoughts on “FBI boosts training in Islamic 'sensitivity'”

  1. >>”Mueller is so politically correct he refuses to use “Islamic” and “terrorism” in the same sentence.

    What a massive waste of energy to for one to do this. A person like this is part of the problem as a whole and not helping with a solution. God help us.

  2. Mueller advocates what I call “Kingism”-named in honor of riot inspiring criminal Rodney King who uttered those immortal words “Can’t we all just get along”? right after the 1992 Los Angeles riot on his behalf.

    The answer to Kingism is no, we can’t get along. Our side would like to, but the Koranists are not interested in doing so unless they can dhimmify us. And since the answer IS no, then anyone advocating Kingism needs to be sacked, especially Mueller.

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