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From the ‘anything to shut you up’ department:

30 Muslim ambassadors meet Dutch minister over anti-Islam film

Hague. The Dutch foreign minister met ambassadors from 30 Muslim countries to discuss the imminent broadcast of an anti-Islam film made by a far-right Dutch parliamentarian, his office said.
The talks, held at the request of the 50-strong Organisation for the Islamic Conference (OIC), came as several Muslim countries threatened an economic boycott of the Netherlands if the film is shown.


No hero’s in Gouda Land

Dutch TV shuns anti-Koran film

Broadcasters say no to Wilders’ short

BRUSSELS — Dutch anti-Koran film “Fitna” seems unlikely to air on domestic TV, with broadcasters lining up to say they will not take it. None are ready to accept demands by Geert Wilders, the politician behind the 15-minute film, that it should air complete and unedited.
The latest rejections were reported Thursday in Dutch daily De Volkskrant. The Netwerk and Nova news programs, on pubcaster Nederland 2, have both been talking to Wilders but now say his demands are “bizarre” and unacceptable.

Commercial broadcasters SBS and RTL are also reported to have rejected the film.

If no broadcaster picks up “Fitna” this month, Wilders has been told he can screen the film for journalists only on March 28 at the Dutch press center in The Hague.


Dutch want Koran film shown but fear reactions-poll

AMSTERDAM, March 5 (Reuters) – A majority of Dutch people want an anti-Koran film made by a politician to be broadcast even though they fear it will stoke tension with Muslims and harm relations with Arab countries, a poll showed on Wednesday.





Islamic symbolism causing fundraising problems for Flight 93 Memorial 


UN PoS becomes U.S. Ambassador to Israel; promptly denies Israel’s right to self-defense:

With thanks to Gramfan


James B. Cunningham has been appointed as the new ambassador to Israel, he prominently served as America’s temporary representative at the UN and in 2004, when Israel entered Gaza in Operation Rainbow after terrorists killed 13 Israeli soldiers, mutilated their bodies and attempted to smuggle in rockets. In that capacity he harshly criticized Israel’s response to the terrorist attacks against it.

Now as Israel struggles with ongoing terrorism and shelling from Gaza, James B. Cunningham’s appointment is a disturbing reminder of how far the Bush Administration has gone in rejecting Israel’s national right of self-defense. His appointment in the aftermath of Condoleezza Rice forcing Israel to retreat from Gaza is no accident. Cunningham has been sent as the hatchet man to force Israel to continue surrendering to terrorism.

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New Mosque for Naples


Naples, 5 March (AKI) – A 1,000 square metre mosque is scheduled to be inaugurated in the southern Italian city of Naples, according to one of the city’s Islamic leaders.

“For the summer, the city of Naples will have a large mosque, capable of holding almost all the faithful that gather for Friday prayers in the city,” said Abdullah Cozzolino, director of the Naples Piazza Mercato Mosque, in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI).


21/7 bombers launch appeal against convictions claiming plot was just an ‘elaborate hoax’

* They try and they lie: can we shoot them now just for fun?

Four men jailed for life for their part in the attempted 21/7 suicide bombings in London have today launched challenges against their convictions.
The four were jailed for their part in the failed suicide bomb attacks on three London underground trains and at a bus station on July 21, 2005.


The bungled bombings came just a fortnight after the horror suicide bombings in London in which 52 people died and more than 700 people were injured.



“Bomb, Burn Down Danish Embassies and Kidnap Danish Ambassadors to Slaughter Them at Muhammad’s Tomb”


* Feel the love:

” ..we call upon the Islamic nation to rise up, and not make do with a futile economic boycott, in the face of this affront to our honorable Prophet. We call upon them to drive out the Danish embassies and ambassadors from the lands of the Muslims, and to expel them from the Muslim countries. They should take serious and immediate action to burn down the offices of the newspapers that affronted our Prophet, and to bomb them, so that body parts go flying, and with these body parts, Allah will quench the believers’ thirst for revenge.”

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T-Shirt of the Day:



Smearing Steve Emerson


* Steve Emerson from the Investigative Project has long been an outspoken defender of civil liberties, of subversion and sedition by the Islamo-lobby and their enablers, and as a result he has become a target, just like Robert Spencer, Ayaan Ali Hirsi or Daniel Pipes.

When blackmail, intimidation, threats and everything else fails, the last resort is character assassination, as we can see here. Nice try, but nothing will stick:

Paul Kendall: Did an ‘Expert’ on Terrorism Conspire With a Foreign Government to Violate the Constitutional Rights of American Muslims?

* Now we don’t know who Paul Kendall is, because nothing else is known about this sudden upstart, but it certainly looks like a concerted attempt by the usual suspects to smear a highly qualified expert on Islamic jihad.

“Collaboration between Steve Emerson and the Israeli Consulate in Boston” certainly is no reason to suspect Emerson (or anyone else for that matter) of any wrongdoings. But the ummah and her useful idiots don’t have such qualms, they just want to shut him up.

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  1. Why is it whenever I see pics of muslims they always look like they can’t make a bowel movement!?

  2. * New Mosque for Naples

    In Napoli where musulmano is king
    When boy is arranged to meet girl here’s what they sing

    When the crescent moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
    That’s a moschea
    When the musulmano seems to whine like a little cairbambino all the time
    That’s a moschea
    Bombs will bring roofs tumbling-a-ling-a-ling, tumbling-a-ling-a-ling
    And you’ll sing “Far kanella”
    Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
    Like a dead mortadella

  3. Naples’ mosque will hold all the faithful? Good-arrest them one Friday and deport them. Naples will then be Koran free in one stroke.

    Mullah L-you are now the Weird Al Yankovic of the anti-Jihad! A lucrative career awaits you if you don’t mind living in hiding.

  4. When these ambassadors from Islamic countries say there will be violence if the Movie is aired they are encouraging violence and threatening us.

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