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* Remember: Mamduh Habib is the whining, wingeing jihad ape who went looking for ‘a good Muslim school’ for his widdle ones, because the Muhammedan facilities downunder are simply not good enough. After a few trips to Pakistan he was picked up in Afghanistan and invited to spend a few years in Gitmo to taste the halal-burgers. For a while the nutroots went apeshit over this perceived injustice. But now, strangely, the sympathies for this turd have somehow dried up, just because he couldn’t prove that he was tortured…

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” update:

From the Bolt blog:

Gerard Henderson isn’t surprised by the media’s lack of interest in a judge’s finding that Mamdouh Habib couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth about being a victim of the US’s war on terror:

The court’s decision was disastrous for Habib. Especially since he has become something of a media celebrity. He has been seen at demonstrations against Australian foreign policy and is something of a hero to the Green Left Weekly set. He has also had sympathetic media coverage: Tara Brown’s soft 60 Minutes interview on February 13, 2005, is a case in point. And his allegations have been given plausibility at an international level – including by Raymond Bonner in The New York Times. Put simply, many journalists wanted to hear that Habib was mistreated, even tortured, when held in captivity in Pakistan and/or the US.

Yet the media’s coverage of Habib’s case has been muted. The decision was barely mentioned on ABC TV and radio – despite the fact ABC commentators have been to the fore in advancing Habib’s case. One example illustrates the point. On February 16, 2005, The Age’s Michelle Grattan criticised the Howard government for failing to take Habib’s claims that he was tortured seriously enough – an accusation denied at the time by the attorney-general, Philip Ruddock. It so happens that The Age was the only key Australian newspaper not to report McClellan’s judgment. Nor did Grattan refer to it in her daily slot on ABC Radio National Breakfast.


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  1. >>”ABC commentators have been to the fore in advancing Habib’s case.


  2. On this occasion justice prevailed!

    I heard somewhere Habib was on some speaker’s circuit. Also he and his wife are justices of the peace.
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