Jihad updates:


With kaftan & coffee-filter:

* Islamist jihad turd Cüneyt C. from Bavaria ‘found religion’, went off to Afghanistan and blew himself up, killing 4 people. Think such an Assshole would ever find any ‘virgins’ in the real world?

Spiegel Online


150 Illegal migrants from Algeria, Morocco and Iran occupy 2 churches in Brussels…

…trying to force authorities to reward them with asylum and residence permits. The infil-traitors enjoy the support of the church-authorities who seem to believe that EUrabia needs more Muhammedan head-choppers…



Turkish mosque in Deventer, Holland  


‘Shadowy insurgents in restive Thailand’ are now ‘perpetrators’

* Not a word about Islam or Muslims. The world has turned to s*#t….

Perpetrators cause chaos in Pattani

(BangkokPost.com) – The violence continues in Pattani province following Saturday’s explosion at the car park of CS Pattani hotel.

Authorities reported that one firefighter was killed in an arson attack on a school in Sai Buri district while there were seven injuries.

The dead man was identified as Surasak Boonyarattanasuan.

The perpetrators also burned public phone booths and car tyres, placed metal spikes on route 42 and blocked parts of the route with felled trees. Several suspicious objects designed to heighten fear amongst locals and to create chaos for security officials were also placed across the province.


Ends “sinful” life ging to join Mujahideen brothers

Retired Kuwaiti pop star joins al-Qaeda




5 thoughts on “Jihad updates:”

  1. * With kaftan & coffee-filter (and a gun & a finger)

    As Sheik asked, what’s with the fingers?

  2. * Not a word about Islam or Muslims

    the OIC stands ready to defend Islam against “Islamophobia” of the sort caused by the
    actions above, so it is easier for the soft-cock Press to omit references to Islam & Muslims;
    the OIC has an ‘observatory’ that meets regularly to monitor “Islamophobia”, and the
    West falls over itself to ignore the rising tide of Islamic evil everywhere “Allah” brings
    his gift of death.

  3. the OIC has an ‘observatory’ that meets regularly to monitor “Islamophobia”
    (from Mullah Lodabullah’s previous comment)

    the “observatory” can observe my stiffly extended middle finger, which is constantly emitting this self-same “Message to Islam.”

  4. You’re not “allowed” by the “faithful” (read anuses or ani) and their Western anus-lickers to call these bastards by their name: “Moslems”

    That designation is not “Islamophobic,” because instead of exhibiting a “fear” (phobia) of Islam, it shows an utter contempt for them, the idiotic ideology they follow, and their filthy, feces-smeared, urine-drinking progenitor, the turd-bag of Makkah.

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