Malaysia: Penang Chinese vote against race policies, warns govt

No more dhimmitude:

* Penang Chinese majority had enough of Islamic Bhumiputra discrimination:

Penang, styled as Malaysia’s “Silicon Valley”, is Malaysia’s only Chinese-majority state and is home to the manufacturing operations of electronic giants such as Intel and Sony.


KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Malaysia’s opposition Tuesday announced plans to dismantle race-based discrimination policies and warned the government not to sabotage the transition of power as it prepared to rule in five states.

After a stunning weekend election performance that seized a third of parliamentary seats and four new states from the ruling coalition, an opposition figure was sworn in Tuesday as chief minister in Penang.

Lim Guan Eng, head of the Democratic Action Party which is a part of a three-member opposition alliance, immediately targeted positive discrimination policies for Muslim Malays who dominate the nation’s population.

“We want to run the state government administration free from the New Economic Policy that only breeds cronyism, corruption and systematic inefficiency,” he told reporters.

“Instead, we advocate a stakeholders’ economy for all, based on the principle of shared prosperity in an equitable manner,” he said.

The New Economic Policy was introduced in the early 1970s to bridge the wealth gap with ethnic Chinese who dominate business, by giving Malays advantages in education, housing and business

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* The revolt of the dhimmi’s:

* Now sit back and watch: in increasingly Islamic Malaysia it won’t be long before the clerics call for jihad against the dhimmis.

The religion of Islam denies equality between Muslims and non-Muslims. In lands subject to Islamic law, the dhimmi lives by the grace of the Muslim who is obliged to humiliate him in return for sparing his life. The non-Muslim must literally choose between dhimmitude and death.

Infidels who submit without fighting to the Islamic armies, are granted a pledge of security. They are protected from the jihad laws against infidels which command killing, slavery, ransom or deportation for the enemies. Peace and security for non-Muslims are recognised only after their submission. Protection status is provided through the Islamization of conquered lands.


Bat Ye’or and Andrew Bostom


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  1. With hindsight, Singapore did the right thing & quit Malaysia shortly after its formation.

  2. Bat Ye’or and Andrew Bostom should be must reads in all jr. high and high school history classes. We have perverse history revision in their place. Sickening.

  3. Malaysia was once a pretty prosperous place. With Koranism on the rise that will surely change. Those Chinese had better bail out before they lose their heads literally.

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