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* Winds of Jihad Cartoonist Shem is keeping a close eye on the -temporarily halted- Mosque development in Dunn Street, Cairns:


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Mosque building lunacy:

British Army builds mosque in Afghanistan

The lead paragraph here says that the soldiers are “building bridges in Afghanistan.” The bedrock assumption here is that the Afghans who come to worship in the mosque will see that the British built it and think, “Say, they aren’t so bad after all.”

And probably some will. But this assumption completely fails to take into account the fact that at least some of the people who go to the mosque, if not a majority, will see this act through the prism of a Qur’anic understanding: “And the Jews will not be pleased with thee, nor will the Christians, till thou follow their creed,” (2:120), so the building of the mosque is just a strategem to that larger end, and the British should still be regarded with suspicion. The jihad ideology and Islamic supremacism, unchallenged, remain in place.

“Army helps build mosque,” by Heather Butler for the Blackpool Gazette (thanks to DW)

* Dutch, US & British forces are building Mosques in Afghanistan

* But none of that can possibly stop the perpetual rage of the Musulmaniacs:

Afghan protesters chant ‘Long live al Qaeda’


Afghan Cartoon Rage: “If our demands are not fulfilled, we will stage more protests and resort to suicide attacks against the foreigners”

Thousands of Afghan students chanted “Long live al Qaeda,” during a protest aimed at Denmark and the Netherlands.

Protesters accused the two European countries of insults against Islam. Sunday’s protest in Jalalabad was one of at least a half-dozen in Afghanistan, including one in the capital city of Kabul.

The demonstrators burned flags from each country and also shouted “Death to America.”


Al Reuters

5 US soldiers killed, Shia mosque blown up by army

* Once again we see that mosques are not simply places of worship like churches, synagogues or temples. On the contrary: mosques are centers of subversion, incitement and indoctrination.  Mosques are used for weapon storage and as a refuge for the mujaheddin. Hey, but don’t say I told you so:

 In Basra, the Iraqi army blew up a Shia mosque housing the main headquarters of Thaarallah party, witnesses told Deutsche Presse- Agentur dpa.

The Iraqi army ordered local residents living close to the mosque in Nuab al-Dubat to keep away while it blew up the mosque, the witnesses said.

Security officials told the Voices of Iraq news agency that the destruction of the mosque came after troops found weapons and explosives there.

The leader of the party, Yusif Sinawi, had been arrested in April following clashes between security forces and his guards. He has allegedly been involved in paramilitary activities, killings and abductions in Basra.

Thaarallah was established in 2005 as a local party operating mainly in Basra, 550 kilometres south of Iraq.



“Aggressive policing turns Muslims to terrorism”


* Another wakademic ‘study’ from the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University, but rather unsurprising when you take a look at who’s behind it:


* Ever get pulled over for a traffic violation — perhaps even one that seemed absurd? Did it “radicalize” you so that you resolved to become a worse driver?

* Mental flatulence at its best, read it and weep:

A study from the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University suggests that Australia’s approach to stopping terrorism might actually be encouraging it.

Waleed Aly from the centre says the aggressive police approach is alienating young Muslim men, who may be more likely to turn to radical groups as a result.

* Waleed Aly was previously featured here as the arch- typical bullshit peddler & Islamo-propagandist he is

He says a community-based approach may be more effective than a hardline approach.

“The problem is that as we repeat that [hardline] approach, what we actually end up doing is exacerbating the problem,” he told tonight’s Four Corners program.

“We set in motion drivers that move us towards greater radicalisation.”

He says currently the police are too willing to use aggressive tactics.

“[Police] feel ‘the more aggressive we can be, the harder we can be, the better’,” he said.

“That is, that it’s better to err on the side of being aggressive than to err on the side of being soft.”

* More on Waleed Aly


Bunglawussi Panic Watch

* The comical spokesman for the MCB is totally spooked by a BNP campaign that pokes a finger at the rotten Islamo-socialist alliance and the spineless appeasers:


4 thoughts on “Mosque Watch”

  1. Moslems keep building Mosques where they aren’t wanted in gross attempts to promote their religion. LOL!!! It’s going to have the opposite effect!! These people think their sh_t don’t stink…

  2. * Australia’s approach to stopping terrorism might actually be encouraging it

    In much the same way as antivenom encourages snakebite, or Quit campaigns encourage
    smoking. And now Kevin Rudd is on a quest for the secret herbs and spices … oops …
    “true blue Muslims” to help recast the overly religious image of Islamic Australia, with a
    new-look Muslim advisory body. Islam needs more than badge engineering, Kevin.

    * Rudd’s quest for true blue Muslims,24897,23353731-601,00.html

  3. Re the “Four Corners’ piece.

    How unbalanced was that?
    After all the waves of migration in Australia we have seen many success stories from almost every group – not meaning they became mega-stars, but they have become good citizens.
    No, not everyone becomes alienated.

    Aussies in general are very accepting after being a little cautious at first.

    I got the impression that the young people interviewed didn’t really want to integrate at all and then blamed Aussies and claimed they were ‘shut out’ of Aussie culture.

    No where was in mentioned just why Cronulla happened. No where was it mentioned that people are not being fooled by victimhood any longer. They can see ghettos emerging.

    People don’t like being jeered and leered at, gang raped, etc etc

    People are also wary of 7th century outfits which I consider are used to confront people.

    It was interesting that some went to a gym to learn boxing etc. I think sport is a good idea.

    Having said that there are a lot of other sports that could have been taught after the gym closed.
    Any one for tennis?

  4. Why is the military building stuff? Its job is to blow things up! No wonder we’re doomed-we don’t even know how to use the military correctly anymore.

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