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Binyamin Netanyahu


“No one can be a subcontractor for our defense. Mahmoud Abbas cannot constitute a solution for our defensive problems,” opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday days after Israel announced that it would allow the Palestinian Authority to purchase 600 armored vehicles from Russia and deploy them in the West Bank.

“The idea of entrusting the PA with our security has failed in the past in Gaza and it will also fail in Judea and Samaria,” Netanyahu said at a conference at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. “The notion that we will provide the PA with weapons in its present state and believe that those weapons will protect us is a nonsensical one.”

“Those weapons will be turned against IDF soldiers much faster than we think. This is exactly what happened in Gaza,” Netnayahu said, adding that the government was erring in allowing the delivery of the armored vehicles. “They cannot protect us and Hamas will use these weapons against us. The security problems are the result of policy errors.”

Netanyahu voiced his agreement with a Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s recent statement to the effect that there was an Iranian presence in the Gaza Strip.

He also warned that the government’s policy in negotiations with the Palestinians over Jerusalem and the West Bank could cause the situation to deteriorate in those regions, as it had in the North of the country and in the western Negev.


Another one who gets it is Newt Gingrich:

Newt Gingrich on Islamic Terrorism

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  1. Go Bibi! How true!

    Shame Gingrich didn’t run for president. He was a victim of Vic Fingerhut. (google his site and see how he destroyed Gingrich).

  2. >>”Another one who gets it is Newt Gingrich:

    Which we’d got him as prez. I flippin’ love that guy!

  3. Ya, go Shiek! I love it that you posted this video by Newt. I was for him for years. He makes more sense than any other American politician. Check him out at and Check out his platform for the american people. I am planning on presenting 2 planks out of his platform (national defence and religious freedom) this saturday when I go as precinct delegate to my county convention. (anybody reading this who can tell what state I am in by that comment is a serious political junkie!) Anyway, I love Newt. Check out his book (or more fun: dvd with a walking tour of Washington D.C.) Rediscovering God in America.

    Also, I have admired Ben Netanyahu ever since I saw him being interviewed on cnn during the 1st Gulf War. He was PM or FM or DM or something. Anyway, the air raid sirens went off, and the reporter for cnn stopped the interview and put on his (or her-dont remember) gas mask. He kept telling Netanyahu: “sir, you have to put on your mask!” Bibi just looked scornfully at the reporter and kept up the interview. I said “this guy has balls!” Loved him ever since. Too bad he’s not running the gov’t now.

  4. Netanyahu was also responsible for handing land over for empty promises do not forget his role in the sacrifice of israeli land for terror

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