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  1. But what if the American people choose Islam? you may be in the minority soon. I’ve started reading the Koran (pbuh) so that if I am in the Minority then I wont have to pay the Jiziyah, it’s as simple as that. Probably best that the West become Muslim because at least there will be peace on Earth. Its similar to WW2, if the whole world had become Nazi then the war would’ve stopped overnight. This is a better logic than resisting world changes and it leads to peaceful outcome. I’m not a Muslim but I stand with them in their oppression, I mean being oppressed and all that by the Zionists and Christian crusaders. Islam is a religion of peace! Many people are racist towards Islam but it’s best to probably either be a muslim, or at least pretend so that the Earth will calm down and no more wars for oil and crusader attempts at trying to convert a billion muslims.

  2. * But what if the American people choose Islam?

    If they choose Islam, they choose death and hell forever. Rejection of God’s only
    begotten Son carries eternal consequences; Islam is represented by the sword,
    and its adherents are prone to wear “sword of Islam” jewellery, and to mock
    God and His Son Jesus Christ. God will gather them against His holy land of Israel,
    and destroy them, in accordance with Ezekiel 38. You can get an idea of what
    lies ahead for those who follow “Allah” and his false prophet Mohammed by
    watching “Ezekiel 38” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gBtV2ydX3I

    Or better still, read it, and Ezekiel 39.

  3. LOL!! Willow sounds like the typical Moslem–loving deceit but lacking in cleverness.

  4. willow just says what a lot of people have said in the past. Then the other ones died and their offspring were condemned to islam anyway by either being kidnapped and enslaved, or subjugated and many of those converted. At times throughout islamic history muslims stopped conversions because they needed their subjugated ones to do the jobs they didn’t want to do. And I suppose that every good psychopathic society also needs their human dogs to kick around.

    If a person can read the koran and still be converted – that tells me that person is amoral because to read the koran is nothing but a book of battle tactics to use against us.

  5. Willow does sound like a trolling prankster, but for arguments sake as many others do “feel” this way –

    “Probably best that the West become Muslim because at least there will be peace on Earth.” – Willow

    The leftist mental disorders deluding themselves that enslavement and submission to totalitarians alone proves why institutionalized western socialism should never have interfered with natural selection. In struggling societies they would not survive.

    What deceitful ignorance to think that Muslims or Islam is at peace with itself. They are a jealous and resentful society of tribal orders that fight brother-to-brother, family-to-family, country-to-country; denomination-to-denomination…hence Sunni kills the Shiet and visa versa.

    This Ideology of Islam and the inherent Muslim nationalistic and tribal views of society and the world will never be at peace and will never be compatible with western values of freedom and liberty. Regardless of how you “feel” that’s the way it should be, nobody told you with certainty that life was fair to your instincts, you imagined it.

  6. Yes, Willow, good idea. Let’s all roll over and becomes slaves of allah.

    Sounds a whole lot of fun, especially if you’re a woman and like being beaten, raped and mutilated.

    Unless you’re black, who Muslims regard as slaves of the slaves of allah.

    Still, it’s OK if you have pure Arab blood and you’re a male.

    So bring on the Calliphate!

  7. It is a pity that willow has taken down his earlier blog, because it was very anti islamic.
    If people had seen it then they would know he is taking the piss, rightly so, considering he is a BNP supporter, and just giving back some crap due to the flak that has come from the mainstream bloggers in the USA such as LGF and R Spencer

    He is the blogger who posted the parody about Spencer being an Islamist.


  8. Dear Willow,

    Be it prank or reality your view probably represents the greater percentage of Muslims or Muslims to be.

    This is not a compliment.

  9. This is a response to “willow”. You sound like many people in Europe as Hitler and his National Socialist Party (Nazi’s) were coming to power. This kind of thinking just accelerated the movement and brought destruction, pain, misery, and death to the world. Islam did not invent freedom or liberty, far from it. Islam decrees that any thought not in the Koran is to be eradicated. It puts women several steps below the status of a best of burden. Islam encourages the murder of those that reject Islam for what ever reason.

    When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, they destroyed all other houses of worship, all art, disallowed the right to education for women (putting them in danger since only an other woman could give a medical examination to a woman and since women were not allowed to go to school there were no women doctors), forbade dancing, listing to radio, watching television, going to the movies, only the leaders were allowed to have communicate via radio or phone, and made life general miserable for the people of Afghanistan.

    It is worth wile to fight for the liberties we enjoy in America. This is the first country that was created with principle of the people ruling rather than a deity or monarch. Millions have fought and died for the principle of liberty and individual freedom. Islam is a throw back to the seventh century. A time of misery and anguish for most people for they were at the mercy of those in charge.

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