The Cost of Islamic Immigration

* For the first time we get some numbers: governments in Europe, Australia & elsewhere with large scale Muhammedan immigration have long been trying to hide the exorbitant cost associated with the establishment of an Islamic proletariat that keeps socialists in power, but saps the lifeblood from the welfare state.


Here it its:

– France has 6,868,000 immigrants, or 11% of the population.

– Immigration reduces by two thirds the growth of the GNP.

– The cost of immigration in France is 71.76 billion euros.

– The revenue from immigration in France is 45.57 billion euros.

– The deficit from immigration shouldered by the taxpayers is 26.19 billion euros.

– When an immigrant does not return home at the expiration of his work contract, it is the State (the taxpayer) who bears the cost of welfare and social benefits.
– Non-European immigrants and their descendants receive 22% of all social benefits.
– The unit-price of requests for asylum is 15,000 euros.
– The majority of immigration expenses do not depend on the Ministry of Immigration headed by Brice Hortefeux.
– Expenses for security linked to immigration amount to 5.2 billion euros.
– The black market involves at least 500,000 immigrants and represents a loss to the State of 3.810 billion euros.
– 65 to 90% of prostitutes are foreign.
– The unemployment rate of immigrants is twice that of non-immigrants.
– Social benefits constitute 14% of the average revenue of immigrant households versus 5% for non-immigrant households.

Lots more from the Brussels Journal

* These costs listed above don’t include the billions in damages for the ongoing French intifadah, when tens of thousands of cars and businesses are burned….


UK: Migration has brought ‘zero’ economic benefit

Ten years of record immigration to Britain has produced virtually no economic benefits for the country, a parliamentary inquiry has found.

* 684  quit Britain every day

A House of Lords committee, which is due to report next Tuesday, will call into question Government claims that foreign workers add £6 billion each year to the wealth of the nation.

It is expected to say this must be balanced against the increase in population and their use of local services such as health and education, resulting in little benefit per head of the population.

“Our overall conclusion is that the economic benefits of net immigration to the resident population are small and close to zero in the long run,” the report will say.

The findings of the Lords economics committee threaten to demolish the key argument made by ministers to justify the highest levels of immigration in the country’s history.

The inquiry by the committee, which includes two former chancellors and several former Cabinet ministers, is the first to try to balance the costs and benefits of large-scale immigration.

The population is increasing by more than 190,000 every year, largely as a result of immigration.



3 thoughts on “The Cost of Islamic Immigration”

  1. 1) Communists use the proletariat’s blind envy of the rich man to gain power
    2) Once in power they brutalize the proletariat
    3) The proletariat risks their lives to escape Communism by crossing the DMZ, the former Berlin Wall, the shark-infested Carribean from Cuba to Florida, etc.

  2. Well, now that the UK has it figured out, how many hundred-thousands MORE are they going to let in? (I’m assuming the government is WAY too stupid to actually call a halt to immigration from Islamic countries. . . )


  3. Of course immigration from the ummah has brought no benefits. Most of these people are poor, have no skills and want a free ride off the evil infidels all while replicating the miserable conditions of their homeland. The result is a disaster-they take much and give very little. This has been obvious for a long time but useless politicians persist in destroying their nations with this suicidal nonsense.

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