'Tiny minority of extremists' update

Intelligence chief says “several hundred” extremists living in Germany

Moe’s everyday struggle:


* An idiotic understatement, of course. But who wants to upset an increasingly irritated population?

The Associated Press

BERLIN: The head of Germany’s intelligence agency said that “several hundred” Muslim extremists are living in Germany and that al-Qaida is forming a strong base in North Africa, a German magazine reported Monday.

Ernst Uhrlau, who oversees the BND, the Germany intelligence agency, said that “up to 700 people are being surveilled, in different degrees,” according to an interview with Der Spiegel.

He was also quoted by the magazine as saying that “more than a dozen” of those people had made trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan to try to make contact with Islamic extremist groups operating there.

“Converts that end up in extremist groups often tend toward political renegades and absolute intolerance and highest radicalism,” Uhrlau was quoted as saying by the magazine for its special edition on Islam in Europe.

However, he also emphasized that most converts were “friendly people, who discovered Islam in searching for meaning for their lives.”

In the interview with the magazine, Uhrlau underlined that northern Africa was becoming a greater security risk.

The magazine quoted him as saying that German intelligence and security agencies had followed “with great concern” the activities of a “handful of groups” that have settled in the region.

“What’s growing there is bringing a brand new quality of jihad right to our front door,” he was quoted as saying by the magazine.


Our ‘friends’ the Turks:

Turks praise jihad to protest Cheney visit


* What’s this? ‘Secular’ Turkey jihad?


* The SoB is long dead, but his poison still pollutes the ME…

Thousands of Turks chanted anti-American and anti-Israel slogans, sang jihadist songs and pledged to follow the path of Hamas’s Sheikh Ahmed Yassin at a rally held on Saturday to coincide with US Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit to Turkey, according to the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

In a news release on Monday, MEMRI quoted the Turkish Islamist Web sites Velfecr.com and Kudusyolu.com as reporting that demonstrators carried hundreds of Hamas and Hizbullah flags and posters, as well as pictures of the movements’ leaders.


Some of the banners read, “Israel Will Be Destroyed,” “We Will Settle Accounts with the Murderer Israel,” “If Every Muslim Pours Out a Bucket of Water, Israel Drowns,” and “The Way of the Shahids is Our Way.”

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Sowdi King invites reps of ‘monotheistic’ faith’s to Islam

* What else? This is his Islamic duty, his da’awa. But what if they refuse to hear the call?


Saudi King Abdullah’s desire to convene a meeting between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious communities was reported Tuesday by the official Saudi Arabian News Agency.

This, he said, comes after humanity has lost its morality, sincerity and steadfastness. Also, the religions were confronted by challenges such as dealing with the disintegration of the family and ever-expanding Atheism, he said.

* All these ailments of modern society can only be fixed if we all submit to Islam and we will live happily ever after…

* A delusional Jew hears a completely different message:


Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger expressed his satisfaction over the announcement. “Our hands are extended to any peace initiative and to any dialogue that will bring about an end to terrorism and violence,” he said in a statement. “I have said on numerous occasions that the true path to the peace that we long for is through interfaith dialogue.”

* Yeah. And pigs will fly…


UK: Fury over plan to let imams teach the Koran in state schools

* Sure. Why not. Muslims have rights, didn’t you know?

State schools must allow children to practise their faith by inviting in preachers such as imams and introducing prayer rooms and religious holidays, the country’s biggest teaching union said yesterday.
They should make arrangements for pupils to be given “instruction” in their own religion during the normal school day and rights to pray and worship instead of attending regular assemblies, the National Union of Teachers said.



Philippines: Hunt for terror suspect continues

US-backed Philippine troops are hunting for a top Indonesian terror suspect believed to have helped plot the 2002 Bali bombings despite suspicion that he was recently killed.

Troops have checked at least two reported sightings but failed to find Dulmatin on southern Jolo island after the military reported last month that marines dug up his suspected body in nearby Tawi-Tawi province, police said.



UK: Al-Qaeda jail gang spark riot


Prison Jihad

An al-Qaeda jail gang sparked a brutal riot at Britain’s toughest prison after claiming an inmate insulted one of them.
The Muslim Boys mob armed themselves with socks packed with tinned food as they ambushed rival prisoners in a fearsome revenge attack.
All warders on duty were scrambled into action but it took 10 minutes to quell the violence.
An insider at Belmarsh prison, South East London, revealed: “They attacked a group of non-Muslim prisoners at meal time.
“It was brutal and all hell broke lose. One of them was verbally abused and the fight is thought to have been retaliation.

“They have no qualms about using violence to exert their authority.”

Belmarsh staff have grown furious at what they see as bosses’ soft approach to the gang.
Last year, they battered four officers with pool cues in a riot. And three officers were attacked during a separate incident.



Antwerp: Headscarf ban extended to social services

* A tiny light of sanity:

The headscarf ban in Antwerp is now finding its first victims in the social services (OCMW). Two employment counselors in the Antwerp OCMW were given a choice, take off the headscarf or move to the complaints department.

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Sadr followers stage Baghdad protest

* What happens when you forget to take the garbage out? Cockroaches breed in your kitchen…

by Ali al-Sadi

BAGHDAD (AFP) – Hundreds of Iraqi Shiites loyal to radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr marched through the streets of western Baghdad neighbourhoods on Tuesday in protest at the arrests of their leaders.



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  2. >>”Turks praise jihad

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