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* Peace hustlers hasten to the rescue: ‘Peace’ at the price of annihilation…

Carter, Annan to lead ‘peace delegation’ to Middle East next month


Send in the Clowns!

By The Associated Press

A council of world leaders launched by former President Nelson Mandela is sending a three-person team to try to help ease tensions in the Middle East, the organization known as The Elders said Friday.

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former Irish President Mary Robinson will visit Israel, the Palestinian territories, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia April 13-21.



Raymond Ibrahim blames Wakademia for making Muhammad look like Jesus

In the academic redrawing, Christ is confused and the Prophet is a great humanitarian.

By Raymond Ibrahim

Few things are more demonstrative of the sad state of affairs of modern academia than the increasingly fictionalized portrayals of the founders of the two largest religions in the world: Jesus and Mohammad. Though the same dubious methods are used for both — ignore the most historically valid texts and documents, build ponderous theories atop evidence of the most tenuous kind — the goals are markedly different. In academia today, we find Jesus, far from the Son of God, portrayed at once as a wandering “magician” and a hippie-like philanderer inclined to homosexuality. Mohammad, whom the most authentic Muslim sources portray as, among other things, a warlord who had entire tribes executed and plundered, their women herded into harems, their children sold into slavery, appears as a peaceful and altruistic ruler whose governance ushered in, among other improvements, a sort of seventh-century “feminism.”



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  1. Tutu>>””Peace will not come from the barrel of a gun, as we learned in South Africa,” he said.

    Peaceful resistance worked for MLK and Ghandi. The Moslems should give it a try.

  2. Peanut Khadr has “friends” in strange places:

    Jimmy Carter Continues to Suck Up to Evil

    Posted by Van Helsing

    If we could survive Jimmy Carter as President, there’s a chance we’ll survive Barack Hussein Obama. For those who don’t remember just what a catastrophic disgrace it was to have Carter in the White House, his recent visit to the hostile communist dictatorship in Cuba provides a reminder:

    Beginning with a statement to the people of Cuba, he had nothing to say of the lack of freedom in Cuba. He made brief mention of his visit with American Alan Gross, who is being held in a Cuban jail for providing support for democracy activists in Cuba, but then immediately equated him with the so-called Cuban Five, who are in jail in the US for spying. Carter apparently sees no difference between an American who is working on a transparent U.S. government funded democracy project and guys spying for the Cuban dictatorship. Indeed, Carter referred to them as “the five Cuban patriots” and explained that he had met with their mothers and their wives. He never called Gross a patriot. He went on to make clear that he had privately petitioned both George W. Bush and Barack Obama to release these spies.

    Fidel Castro, he told the Cuban people, “is my personal friend,” and he complained that “some radical leaders in my country” don’t want warm diplomatic relations between the two countries. When it comes to global warming, he praised Castro “as a promoter of this issue” but said that the US was clearly not doing enough. In short, Carter had nothing positive to say about the United States. (Even Barack Obama’s United States!) Cuba, on the other hand, was a warm place with wise leaders.

    Obama has managed to outdo even Carter in sheer awfulness as president. It’s hard to imagine how he’ll top him as ex-president. Although it’s sickening even to think about it, the sooner he gets started, the better.

    Why did Americans allow him to do so much damage for so long and keep on living?

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