Whites 'must do more to help Muslims feel at home' says research group


A report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found “white people must do more to make Muslims feel part of the community”

* WHY?

Muslim immigrants face so much discrimination and hostility that they don’t feel they belong here, according to a liberal research group. As part of efforts to improve integration, it called for an improvement in public behaviour towards Muslims.

And it said other Britons are wrong to worry about segregation and Muslim-dominated enclaves, as there are benefits to “residential clustering”.

The report, for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, is a strike for multiculturalism, the doctrine which encourages the development of minorities. Multiculturalism fell out of favour in 2005, after the Government’s equality chief Trevor Phillips warned that the country was “sleepwalking to segregation”.

* We invite your comments as to what white people should do for Muslims and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation…



Muslim leader slams ‘semi naked’ Eden parade

Public flogging, hanging and beheading okay. Stoning of women okay. Sex with goats and camels okay. Wife beating and honor killing all good.


Samba in the street? Hell NO, sez goatfucker:

WYCOMBE Islamic Society has criticised Eden’s opening celebrations claiming they failed to represent the town’s ethnic minorities.

The group, based at the Islamic Centre in Arnison Avenue, has hit out at the shopping centre’s Brazilian carnival parade on Thursday morning.

Volunteer Zahid Jawed, speaking on behalf of the society, said: “I had the wonderful opportunity to witness the opening of the Eden shopping centre last Thursday.

“This has been much needed and will no doubt attract people and jobs to the area. It could also have been a great opportunity to celebrate the town and its people.

“Instead we had the pleasure of watching such things as semi naked dancers on parade. It was made even worse as I had taken children with me.

“Once again the planners decided to ignore and alienate significant parts of the local population and then will no doubt accuse them of not wishing to integrate.

“I would have liked to have seen a much more local and multicultural celebration on the day.

“Another opportunity for community cohesion wasted.”

* Just leave, go away….


Spencer comments on Noah Feldman’s article in the NYT:

Not a word about the dhimmi laws…

...which institutionalize the oppression of non-Muslims under Sharia rule.


* Clueless at Harvard: young wakademic Noah Feldman

And that’s enough in itself to discredit Noah Feldman’s extended valentine to Sharia in the New York Times Magazine.


Arab Press Responds to Gaza Violence with Holocaust Analogies and Anti-Semitism


Ad-Dustur, March 4, 2008 (Jordan)
Israeli soldiers raise the Nazi flag over the dead bodies of the Palestinians in “Gaza;” the cartoon mimics the famous photo of U.S. Marines raising the flag at the battle of Iwo Jima.


The ugliest, most perverted cartoons that receive no mention in the ‘free press’ of the West…

* And Kurt Westergaard lives in fear for his life, moving from safe house to safe house…

* OBL Cartoon Message


 (CNN) — A new statement attributed to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden condemns European countries for siding with the United States in Afghanistan and for allowing the publication of cartoons considered insulting to Islam’s prophet, Mohammed.

Who cares? 

OBL: Revenge for Republishing Offensive Cartoons Will Be Severe

Says “Reprinting the Cartoons More Serious Than Killing Women and Children”


8 thoughts on “Whites 'must do more to help Muslims feel at home' says research group”

  1. So Muslims don’t feel they belong here?

    Oh dear, made a mess of my computer – a big stream of purple piss just squirted out of my bleeding heart.

    Well why don’t they just shove off back to where they feel they do belong!

    I wonder if that Samba dancer has any Welsh in her? More important, I wonder if she’d like some?

  2. What to do to make them feel included???? I know!!! Start behaving like them!!! When they diss our Jesus……OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!! But then that would mean a man could smack me around…..not liking that one : ( But if it will help with building a bridge of some sort, I will try to stand silently as some man kicks my ass around. Afterall, I wouldn’t want to be an islamophobe. Does this make me a good dhimmi?

  3. Sir Henry! don’t mess up your stuff over a muslim!!

    Anyway, what would make them feel comfortable? To give up, become dhimmi, convert to islam or just lay down and bare your neck so they can lob it off. That is how they want our nation. Otherwise, it is THEY who do not want to assimilate – they wear the weird stuff, they demand the segregated rooms (that is totally against the law since it is for purely prejudicial reasons – they feel we are dirty!), they who want us to stop our ways and adopt their turd world nation’s laws – sharia law.

    I don’t think so.

    How many have seen a muslim at a baseball game, or a picnic, or camping, or the gym working out, or at a restaurant, etc. I could go on – but I think you get the drift.

    I see them slithering out of the grocery store at some weird hour at night (ok, I confess – I was at a bar and went to get something to eat – oh, I never see any muslims out dancing – they don’t have to drink – I didn’t drink quite often) with all their brats and accompanied by a muslim male in his head diaper. The woman was in a tent. yeah, someone that just makes me want to go up to and say ‘hi’ to. Instead it raises the hair on my back when I saw them. I hurried up in front of them (and probably pissed off the head male!! hahah) just so I didn’t have to stand behind them. tsk tsk tsk an infidel doing such a thing to the ‘mighty’ muslim! the audacity! (heh heh heh)

  4. I was googling to see where the Joseph Rowntree Foundation got its funding,
    but got distracted by this PDF instead: all the “New Age” buzzwords – empowerment,
    governance, excluded, disadvantaged, engagement etc… and guess who is
    disadvantaged and unempowered (in Britain)?

    Consultation paper: An Action Plan for Community Empowerment: Building on Success

    • A 2006 report British-Pakistani men from Bradford: (blah)
    • A forthcoming report (March 2008) Immigration, faith and cohesion: evidence
    from local areas with significant Muslim populations (blah)

    Immigration, Faith and Cohesion: Evidence from Local Areas with Significant Muslim
    Populations (blah)

    JRF? Might as well be KFC cooking up secret herbs & spices in the vain hope that
    they can alloy iron with clay – hint, it won’t work but they keep persisting with it.

  5. Those cartoons are disgusting.
    Mixing Israel, Iwo Jima, Gaza, Nazism and the US. I am speechless.

    Easier to understand how Hitler rose to power, but I think this is a lot worse.

  6. UBL>>”Mocking Islam’s founder violated “the etiquettes of dispute and fighting,” warned the voice attributed to bin Laden.
    Muslims have not responded by mocking Jesus, whom they consider a prophet as well


  7. >>”* We invite your comments as to what white people should do for Muslims


  8. Muslims need to be told how to act. Obviously they don’t have clue on the subject. For starters; they must speak the language of the country that they have come to, respect the laws and customs of the country that has allowed them to enter, pledge allegiance to the country that they are living in and forsake all others, and agree to be deported without appeal should they be found guilty of willfully disregarding laws and customs of their new home country.

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