Griffith's "Islamic Research Doctor" Abdalla sez he will not return the $100,000 grant and will not rule out accepting unsolicited Saudi funds in the future

Islam ‘scholar’ ends Saudi cash chase (for now)

Jill Rowbotham and Richard Kerbaj  / The Australian

*  Deliberate misinterpretation or comprehension problems?

 GRIFFITH University’s Muslim scholar Mohamad Abdalla has vowed not to “chase” any more Saudi government funds and admitted that accepting money from Riyadh was not a good look for his Queensland institution.

* But yesterday he said the same thing only to contradict himself by saying that he will get Saudi funding when no one is  looking. So which one is it?


Dr Abdalla, who helped Griffith University obtain a $100,000 Saudi embassy grant for his Islamic Research Unit, yesterday also praised a controversial Islamic group, which has a Brisbane arm, but said he was not its leader.

Queensland’s Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson last night intervened to support the Islamic scholar, who, The Australian revealed last week, had in 2006 sought $1.37 million from the Saudi embassy and offered to keep elements of the deal secret.

Mr Atkinson praised Dr Abdalla for engaging with the authorities and promoting harmony between Brisbane’s Muslims and the rest of the community.

* Sure. That should be normal. But does that mean Islam-critics like Ayaan Ali Hirsi, Wafa Sultan, Taslima Nasreen or Salman Rushdie are safe from Muslim attacks in Australia?

 He dismissed Dr Abdalla’s links to Tablighi Jamaat, whose overseas members have been linked to al-Qa’ida and the 2005 London bombings, saying the Griffith academic was a role model for young Muslim men.

“His stance, from what I have seen of him, is in terms of being a moderate person, a sensible person, a person who encourages the Islamic community to engage with the broader Australian community,” Mr Atkinson said.

* Just wait and see, Mr. Atkinson. As soon as these “moderates” gain strength in numbers you will see some changes you won’t like.

(He) works extremely well with youth and has a very positive influence on youth.”

Mr Atkinson said Dr Abdalla had encouraged young Muslims to join Queensland’s police force.

*  Mr. Atkinson: how will Muslims in the police force handle rape cases when the perp is a Muslim? Any idea?


*  Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Dr Abdalla admitted that if the Saudi embassy were to approve the remaining $1.27 million in funding sought by Griffith, he would advise the university against accepting it.

“I would say: no, don’t take the money,” he said.

Dr Abdalla, the director of Griffith’s Islamic Research Unit, played down accusations that the Saudi grant would influence the university’s agenda.

“(The argument) that Saudi money would affect us is farcical,” he said.

“I will not chase them – Saudi or non-Saudi.

“We would like to be seen as doing work that is not going to be influenced.”

* Da’awa…

Asked if he accepted that receiving Saudi funding was a bad look for the university, Dr Abdalla said: “Yes, it is”.

He said he would not return the $100,000 grant and would not rule out accepting unsolicited Saudi funds in the future.

The Australian yesterday revealed that Muslim leader Fadi Rahman, who is close to Dr Abdalla, said the academic was the leader of the Tablighi in Brisbane.

* Why would he not tell the truth in this case?

Experts say the group’s non-violent teachings about the importance of the afterlife had left some of its young followers susceptible to recruitment as suicide bombers.

* What…? Read this sentence again. That doesn’t make sense…

Dr Abdalla denied he was the leader of the Tablighi in Brisbane. However, he was sympathetic to its ideals and the group was represented at the Kuraby Mosque – in Brisbane’s southeast – where he is one of the leaders.

* So he is not the leader, but he is one of the leaders…???

Queensland District Court judge Clive Wall last week accused Griffith University of becoming an “agent” through which the Saudi embassy was propagating hardline Islam.

* Dr Abdalla refused to answer questions about his connection with the Tablighi when interviewed by The Australian, except to say membership of the group was not controversial.

* Jihad body linked to top university

He also compared Griffith to Pakistan’s madrassas, which are notorious for breeding radicals.

When Vice-Chancellor Ian O’Connor defended the university’s pursuit of Saudi funding in an opinion article published in The Australian last week, he came under fire for using Wikipedia as a source of his material and for his confused interpretation of Islam.


  Ameer Ali, our ‘moderate Muslim’ advisor:

 Ameer Ali  warned of the dangers of the radicalisation of Muslim university students, saying these students should be critical of everything they are told by secretive Islamic groups.

Howard government adviser Ameer Ali says an “educational revolution” is needed, with students taught to challenge ideologies espoused by hardline groups such as Tablighi Jamaat and Hizb ut-Tahrir, without fear of being ostracised.

“This revolution in modern education has become all the more urgent in the light of competing and dangerous ideologies that … capture the hearts and minds of vulnerable sectors of disgruntled communities,” he says.

“Until the West embraces these progressive educational measures, TJ and HT will continue to thrive and their followers will continue to become fodder for jihadist and martyrdom operators.”

There has been widespread concern that groups such as Tablighi Jamaat and Hizb ut-Tahrir are recruiting on university campuses.

More from The Australian


Haneef Litigation Jihad: witnesses risk civil lawsuits

 * Anything to shut you up. Wanna bet that Haneef is back in Oz by the end of the year?


Christianophobia Watch: Indonesia

In the so-called “moderate” Islamic state of Indonesia, Christians are being forced out of their churches as Islamic supremacists take over:


 The FPI use threats to pressurise churches into closing

Indonesian Christians seek salvation in shops

Al Bebeeceera

According to Church groups more than 100 churches have faced attack or intimidation in the past two years. Pastor Olbertina doesn’t believe this is simply a bureaucratic row.

“Sometimes I heard that the mosque is saying we are kaffirs, and we’re not allowed to stay here,” she told me. “So that’s why I believe it’s not only about the permits, but about being Christian.”
*  If the BBC is reporting on the situation in such a downbeat way, you can be sure it’s a lot worse than this article makes it appear.

Bucktooth Bashir’s poison is working:


Btw: Jemaah Islamiyah does not exist, says vice-president

* Of course not. Just like the Mafia. We must be delusional.  Or are the Islamic terrorists delusional who ‘strike terror in the hearts of the enemy’ in the name of Allah? But  Jemaah Islamiyah simply means ‘the party of Allah’, and who could possibly oppose Allah?

Jakarta, 30 April (AKI) – The Indonesian vice-president, Jusuf Kalla, says the government cannot ban the militant Islamic group, Jemaah Islamiyah, because it does not exist.

“Jemaah Islamiyah does not exist as an organisation and therefore it cannot be banned,” said Kalla in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI).

“How can we impose a ban? Who is the [group’s] president? Where are its headquarters? Who are its members?” asked Kalla.

Jemaah Islamiyah is the terrorist group blamed for most of the deadly attacks that have hit Southeast Asia in the last few years. These include the 2002 Bali bombings which killed 202 people and injured 209 others.

Experts have also often noted that Indonesia has dealt with terrorism in the country without introducing tough laws.
Can’t ban Al Qaeda either. It simply doesn’t exist…



Keep on knocking but you can't come in…!


The son of Osama bin Laden has been banned from entering Britain to live with his new wife because of fears that his presence would cause “considerable public concern”.

Officials have told Omar Ossama bin Laden that there is evidence that he is still loyal to his father, who is held responsible for the deaths of 52 innocent people in the London bombings of July 7, 2005.

More from Times Online

*  They just keep coming:

Illegal immigrants who drown are ‘martyrs’, says imam


“Martyrs’ arrive in the Kanary Islands/Spain

* Of course: whoever believes that Islamic countries don’t support mass-migration to infiltrate & conquer the hated kuffars  in wealthy  Europe is plain and simply delusional.

Algiers, 29 April (AKI) Algerian immigrants who drown in the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe should be considered ‘martyrs’, according to a prominent imam.

According to the local daily, Ennahar, Sheikh Shamsedin Bourubi issued a fatwa, or religious edict, on Monday saying that the Muslim faithful should pray for their souls.

“The immigrants who leave Algeria by sea in a bid to reach Europe and die by drowning in the Mediterannean are ‘martyrs’ and are not committing suicide,” he said.

“So it is legal to conduct funeral prayers for their souls.”

The Bourubi’s fatwa appears to contradict a preceding fatwa issued by the Algerian ministry of religious affairs.

According to the government body, immigrants who leave the country illegally and die in the ocean are committing suicide and should not be given prayers that are in violation of Islamic doctrine.

The ministry had therefore banned illegal immigration, saying it was against Islam.

But Bourubi disagreed with the government’s stance.

“The illegal immigrants that leave by sea face enormous risks and pay enormous sums of money to improve their living conditions,” he said.

According to the Algerian theologian, it is important to understand the social motivation that pushes young people to immigrate.

* Unfortunately naive Europeans don’t understand the antisocial motivation these people bring with them…

* Belgium:

Brussels churches occupied by soldiers of Allah


Misguided clergymen hasten their own demise by allowing large numbers of illegal Muslims to occupy their churches. The squatters are living in the churches. “Church occupations” by illegal immigrants have been going on for a number of years in Belgium. They are not really “occupations” because the Bishops condone the actions and actively support them.

*  We’d be interested to hear from readers in Belgium to get the latest update on this…


Pali 'refugees' arrive in Chile

* Islam: the gift that keeps on giving!

Chile: Palestinian refugees arrive to warm welcome

The first group of 38 refugees – 23 of them children – have arrived in the Chilean capital Santiago. They were greeted by government leaders and members of the 500,000-strong Palestinian community.

The mayor organised a lunch while a band played typical Chilean music and performed the country’s national dance, the Cueca.

The Palestinian Authority’s ambassador in Chile, Mai al-Kaila, and Chile’s interior minister, Felipe Harboe, were also there to greet the newcomers.

“It was like a Latin-American postcard,” spokesman for the Vicaria de Pastoral Social (VPS), Alberto Pando, told AKI.

* watch the news in ten/twenty years time, brother.  You’ll be very nostalgic about those postcards…

VPS is a Catholic aid agency based in the capital Santiago that works with UNHCR to help refugees.-

“It has been so exciting for them (the Palestinians), there has been so much love, so much joy,” said Pando.

* They’ll repay you in kind, brother!

The Palestinians travelled from the Syrian capital, Damascus, to Paris in a commercial airline, and after an eight hour layover they flew to Chile.

“Kids could be seen playing in the escalators at the airports, because many of them were born in refugee camps and thus had never seen one,” Pando told AKI.

All of the refugees are Sunni Muslims and were received at the airport by an imam from a local mosque. He prayed with the refugees and also offered them advice.

Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, is reportedly sympathetic to refugees because she was one herself.

She and her family sought asylum in Australia during the regime of former dictator Augusto Pinochet from 1973 until 1990.

According to Pando, when Bachelet studied in the German capital of Berlin, a Palestinian taught her how to say “refugee” in German.

A second group of Palestinian refugees is expected to arrive in Chile in two weeks.


Griffith-Sowdi Funding Case: "In the current climate one has to be very careful"

Saudi funds not a secret deal: Abdalla


* Well, of course not. Not anymore: because now its out in the open…!

* We reported here, and here

Jill Rowbotham/The Australian

Thanks to Rosie

THE Griffith University academic at the heart of a funding controversy has defended the decision to accept $100,000 from the repressive Saudi Arabian Government to help finance Islamic studies.

Mohamad Abdalla told the HES the money for the Griffith Islamic research unit he leads had come with no strings attached, had been acquired openly and without secrecy and there was nothing wrong with it.

But he conceded the furore over a separate tranche of funding he sought – $1.37 million – had given him pause for thought.

* Islamic dualism at play:

Were the Saudis to approve the money, he would recommend the university not accept it.

“I would say no, don’t take the money,” Dr Abdalla said.

Dismissing as farcical the idea that accepting money from the Saudi Government could compromise the unit, he would not rule out accepting further funds from the same source at a later time, when the furore had died down.

“If they offer it I will consider it,” Dr Abdalla said.

* Cool. At  the moment it may raise too many eyebrows, but when nobody’s looking its okay…

Debate rose over the funding when The Australian’s Richard Kerbaj revealed the Saudis had been offered some discretion in how the money would be spent and had also been offered anonymity over the donation.

When vice-chancellor Ian O’Connor defended the university’s pursuit of Saudi funding in an opinion article, he came under fire for using Wikipedia as a main source and for his confused interpretation of Islam.

* When in trouble, lie and deny:

Under fire for the propriety of his actions, Dr Abdalla was also forced to deny he was the Brisbane leader of the contentious Tablighi Jamaat movement, as had been reported. Although sympathetic to its ideals and acknowledging the group was represented at the Kuraby mosque, where he was a leader, he was not one of its leaders, he said.

Commentators who bought into the debate included Stephen Crittenden of the ABC’s The Religion Report, who wrote: “What the Saudi Government really wants is the legitimacy that comes from being associated with a Western university. There is not a shred of evidence that it has any interest in progressive reform.”

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s National Security Project director Carl Ungerer was also among those incredulous that any donation from Saudi Arabia would be considered acceptable.

*    “Hearts & Minds in the Muslim World…”

“It is naive to think that Saudi Arabian funding is not going to be problematic given we know the Saudi Government and its agencies have funded Wahhabist educational institutions around the world,” Dr Ungerer said. “It’s one of the major problems we have in the ongoing ‘hearts and minds’ campaign in the Muslim world.”


Another Muslim academic, the University of Melbourne’s Sultan of Oman professor of Arab and Islamic studies Abdullah Saeed, is an associate of Dr Abdalla through their joint involvement in the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies and agreed funding was a sensitive area. “In the current climate one has to be very careful,” Professor Saeed, the centre’s lead director, said.

* Please check Abdulllah Saeeds homepage and read the comment by David Chambers

The Australian also reported last week that the Higher Education Funding Council for England was concerned about Saudi funding and the US Congress was examining Saudi donations to colleges.

MI5 had also reportedly warned Prime Minister Gordon Brown that funding from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries had caused a “dangerous increase in the spread of extremism in leading university campuses”.

At the same time The Guardian newspaper reported that HEFCE was considering a virtual centre of excellence networking academics, faith and community Islamic groups to boost Islamic studies.

* Useful idiots come out to ‘protect’ their favorite minority:

The controversy has also drawn out defenders of Dr Abdalla. The Queensland Forum for Christians, Jews and Muslims praised his “ability to build bridges between the Muslim community and people of other faiths” and said it was “greatly saddened to see Dr Abdalla’s integrity questioned”.

* What we need  is draw-bridges…

Uniting Church of Queensland moderator David Pitman said DrAbdalla was “an outstanding scholar and a person of great integrity” making a significant contribution to the life of the nation.

* You can smell a ‘revert’ in the making…


Islamic Council of Queensland president Suliman Sabdia, on behalf of 13 other signatories,wrote a letter to The Australian warning a repercussion of the reporting of the issue “could be increasing Islamophobia and a consequent decline in thousands of Muslim students coming to Australia, not only to study but also to experience our way of life”.

* Imagine that! Islamophobia?  Nah, can’t have any of that, can we?

*  But then we can’t have any Judeophobia, Christianophobia, Buddhistophobia,  Hinduphobia either, and where would that leave the racist ummah?


* Fitzgeralds plea: Separation of mosque and state

Stop, for god’s sake stop, importing trouble — and Muslim immigrants, as a whole, necessarily mean trouble, in all lands where the political and legal institutions, and social arrangements, are flatly contradicted by the Shari’a. Muslims are obligated to change or tear down those institutions, in order to remove all “obstacles to Islam.” It is not special or individual malice that prompts that attitude. That is their duty, a central duty. Why not come to fully and soberly understand that duty, and out of a minimal sense of self-preservation, cease to import those into our lands (America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and every other place that has so generously admitted, under a twisted definition of “refugees”), people who do not, and cannot, wish our ways or institutions or constitutions well.


Islam Rules Britannia: Multiple wives means multiple benefits

Husbands with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim extra welfare benefits following a year-long Government review, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

* Just in thanks to Rebel

* Any idea why British taxpayers should be burdened with welfare payments for multiple Islamic spouses?


Even though bigamy is a crime in Britain, the decision by ministers means that polygamous marriages can now be recognised formally by the state, so long as the weddings took place in countries where the arrangement is legal.

The outcome will chiefly benefit Muslim men with more than one wife, as is permitted under Islamic law. Ministers estimate that up to a thousand polygamous partnerships exist in Britain, although they admit there is no exact record.

The decision has been condemned by the Tories, who accused the Government of offering preferential treatment to a particular group, and of setting a precedent that would lead to demands for further changes in British law.

New guidelines on income support from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) state: “Where there is a valid polygamous marriage the claimant and one spouse will be paid the couple rate … The amount payable for each additional spouse is presently £33.65.”

Income support for all of the wives may be paid directly into the husband’s bank account, if the family so choose. Under the deal agreed by ministers, a husband with multiple wives may also be eligible for additional housing benefit and council tax benefit to reflect the larger property needed for his family.

The ruling could cost taxpayers millions of pounds. Ministers launched a review of the benefit rules for polygamous marriages in November 2006, after it emerged that some families had benefited financially.

The review concluded in December last year with agreement that the extra benefits should continue to be paid, the Government admitted. The decision was not publicly announced.

Four departments – the Treasury, the DWP, HM Revenue and Customs, and the Home Office – were involved in the review, which concluded that recognising multiple marriages conducted overseas was “the best possible” option. In Britain, bigamy is punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Islamic law permits men to have up to four wives at any one time – known as a harem – provided the husband spends equal amounts of time and money on each of them.



Busy life: Mohammed Anwar

* It gets worse:



"If Israel says no, it will pay a heavy price"

…and If Israel says yes, it will pay a heavy price:


“We want a hudna, and we want it now… or we will set 200.000 suicide bombers upon you…”

From JP

Israel may have 200 nuclear warheads, but Hamas has 200,000 people who want to blow themselves up inside Israel, Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said Tuesday.

Zahar, who was speaking to supporters at the Islamic University in Gaza City, said Israel would pay a heavy price if it rejected the Egyptian initiative for truce with the Palestinians.

“If Israel says no, it will pay a heavy price,” he said. “We are a besieged people and we will have to use all our tools to defend ourselves against Israel.”

* Actually NOT. Its Israel that’s besieged by about 300 million genocidal Arab zombies  who occupy 99 % of the land in the ME…

Zahar said he expected Egyptian Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman to brief Israeli leaders next week on Cairo’s efforts to achieve a truce.

He said that once Israel accepted the Egyptian initiative, all the border crossings into the Gaza Strip would be reopened. “The issue of the truce initiative will be determined finally next week,” he added. “I believe Israel will accept the initiative, although it will try to drag its feet on some issues.”

The Hamas leader pointed out that his movement had accepted a cease-fire with Israel in 2005. “Hamas benefited from that truce and no one can deny this,” he said. “Even those who opposed the previous truce have admitted that it was useful.”

Zahar criticized Palestinian factions that were opposed to the latest Egyptian initiative, saying some of them had received $1.5 million from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to boycott a Hamas rally against the US-sponsored peace conference in Annapolis last December.

Zahar said that Hamas would not agree to the presence of EU monitors at the Rafah border crossing, as was the case before June 2007, when Hamas took full control over the entire Gaza Strip. In the past, Hamas said it would agree to the return of the monitors on condition that they lived in the Gaza Strip or Egypt and not in Israel.

Zahar’s remarks came as representatives of several Palestinian groups began talks in Cairo over the truce proposal.

The Egyptians summoned the representatives in a bid to persuade them to accept the initiative. Among the groups that are participating in the discussions are Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

An Egyptian diplomat told The Jerusalem Post that all the groups have agreed in principle to the truce. He said that Cairo was optimistic regarding the prospects of achieving a deal as early as next week, especially since Hamas has already agreed to the truce.

The diplomat confirmed that Omar Suleiman was planning to visit Israel next week for talks with Israeli government officials on the outcome of his discussions with the Palestinian groups. “We are very close to achieving an agreement,” the diplomat said. “We believe all the parties are interested in a lengthy period of calm.”

Hamas legislator Mushir al-Masri said Tuesday that a truce with Israel would not be possible unless all the Palestinian groups agreed to it.

“We won’t go to a hudna [temporary truce] unless there is a consensus among the Palestinians about it,” he said. “We are aware that some groups are opposed to a truce, but don’t believe that the major factions would reject a mutual and comprehensive truce that would end the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.”

India: 'Right of Return' for Kashmiri Hindus?

* Hardly. The Islamic doctrine forbids it: any land, once it has been conquered by the soldiers of Allah,  must never be allowed to fall back under the rule of the kuffar. There are many verses in the Koran and the hadith to show you how its done:


Ishaq:588 “When the Apostle descends on your land none of your people will be left when he leaves.”

Bukhari:V5 B59 N512 “The Prophet had their men killed, their children and woman taken captive.”

Qur’an 8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

Ishaq:327    “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.'”


* The Muslim-writer of the following article  will not tell you these things. But it matters:

India wants return of displaced Kashmiri Hindus

 By Sheikh Mushtaq

SRINAGAR, India, April 29 (Reuters) – They left their ancestral homes in droves 19 years ago when a bloody rebellion broke out against New Delhi’s rule in Kashmir.

* They didn’t just leave. And a ‘rebellion’ against New Dehli’s rule in Kashmir’ didn’t just brake out’- it was a classic jihad against the Hindus.

Now, encouraged by a thaw in relations between India and Pakistan, authorities in the disputed Himalayan region are making plans to help thousands of Kashmiri Hindus, or Pandits, return home.

“Kashmiri Pandit migrant families who had to sell their property in distress and were desirous to return to the Valley would be given assistance of 750,000 rupees ($18,600),” Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced during his weekend visit to the troubled region.

Many Hindus who fled Kashmir have sold their homes, officials say.

Singh asked the Kashmir government to identify land to set up community housing projects and offered to provide jobs to 6,000 Kashmiri migrant Hindu youth.

“The package was decided on the principle that everyone had the right to resettle with peace and dignity on the land of his forefathers,” Singh added.

Authorities say the situation in Muslim-majority Kashmir has improved as violence had declined after India and Pakistan launched a peace process in 2004.

While some Kashmiri Hindus have made their way to Delhi and other parts of the country, thousands of Pandit migrants live in the state’s winter capital, Jammu.

“I always wanted to return and here is an opportunity. Going back home will obviously be the last wish of even a dying Kashmiri Pandit,” said Bushan Lal Bhat, 62, a retired government employee.

“In this terrible heat I always miss the cool breeze of my Kashmir,” he said in Jammu.


Some Pandit groups are demanding a separate, guarded homeland within the Kashmir Valley, while others complained that Singh was not meeting their security concerns.

“The central leadership appears to be oblivious of the ground realities in Kashmir,” says Nana Ji Koul, a shop worker. “The situation for our return is still a distant dream.”

The name “Pandit”, from Sanskrit, means learned person. The Pandits’ roots in the Himalayan region go back about 5,000 years. India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, came from Pandit stock, considered the learned elite of the Valley.

From the 13th century, when Islam became a majority religion in Kashmir, until 1989, Muslims lived side-by-side with Pandits.

* Typical Islamo-BS: The Hindus survived the rule of their Muslim oppressors. The Muslims failed to kill or forcibly convert them all.

But nearly 250,000 Kashmiri Pandits left for safer places in India because of a sharp rise in killings of Hindus and attacks on their homes at the start of a rebellion by Muslim militants in 1989.
* Jihad is not simply a ‘rebellion’- its the essence of Muhammedanism…
It was the largest migration since the 1947 partition of the subcontinent into mainly Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan.

Kashmiri separatists have repeatedly urged Hindus to return to Kashmir where more than 43,000 people have died in the revolt, but have urged them to live side by side with Muslims rather than in “security zones”.

* Why would you be living next to a Muslim when you know he will cut your throat when the imam calls for jihad from the mosque?

Though the government has been urging them to return for years, the Pandits have been deterred by a series of attacks by suspected militants fighting New Delhi’s rule in Kashmir.

In one of the bigger and more brutal attacks, guerrillas shot dead 24 Pandits, including 11 women and two children, in southern Kashmir in 2003, provoking outrage across India.

Many Pandits are sceptical about their return to a valley which was their homeland for centuries.

“Memories are still fresh … my father was in a pool of blood when terrorists fired at him. I was helplessly watching,” said Anju Koul who lives with her family in the Hindu-dominated area of Jammu. “No, I don’t want to return.”

*    “The idea of war under Islam is at the root of our belief”

“The media and the (Pakistani) parliament should know that there are 77 commands related to jihad in the Quran. They should follow these and fulfil their religious duty,”