Afghanistan: Billions of Dollars for a Bottomless Pit

* Fighting the Taliban in order to establish a Taliban state under the sharia wasn’t such a great idea, was it?


* Afghan parliament committee drafts Taliban-style moral law: no makeup for women, veil obligatory, no female dancers, no billiards or video games, and more…

Source AFP via DW


UPDATE: US offers Pakistan 7 billion because they do nothing about fighting terrorism…

· Civilian cabinet told drone air strikes will be curbed

The US has promised to curb air strikes by drones against suspected militants in Pakistan, as part of a joint counter-terrorism strategy agreed with the new civilian government in Islamabad, the Guardian has learned. That strategy will be supported by an aid package potentially worth more than $7bn (£3.55bn), which is due to go before Congress for approval in the next few months.

The package would triple the amount of American non-military aid to Pakistan, and is aimed at “redefining” the bilateral relationship, US officials say.

Pakistan will also be given a “democracy dividend” of up to $1bn, a reward for holding peaceful elections and forming a coalition government. Of that, $200m could be approved in the next few days.

The aid package, being put together by the Democratic senator Joseph Biden, will mark a decisive break in US policy on Pakistan, which for much of the past nine years focused on President Pervez Musharraf and the Pakistani military as Washington’s primary partners in the “war on terror”. Officials in Washington said yesterday that the shift had already been made.

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