All the clocks are standing still, because its Mecca-time, you dill!


 *  Winds of Jihad cartoonist Shem had a bit of a giggle when he heard that the world should be ticking along Mecca time. This is his latest creation…

* Just for the record, here is the youtube vid once more:

 Science in Islam: Mecca Time Must Replace Greenwich MT!


12 thoughts on “All the clocks are standing still, because its Mecca-time, you dill!”

  1. I wonder how soon dhimmi Europe abandons their metric system for whatever counting system it was Mohamed used–ten years? Twenty at the outside? Anybody care to make a long term wager?

  2. im sick of hearing this “we all know islam is a religion of peace” . the koran says peace will only be obtained when everyone on earth has either submitted to islam or been killed. mohammad killed christians himself, not just people who misinterpreted his words, he killed them himself. everyone says oh christians killed people too.. but jesus didnt kill people. if you are reading this and you are muslim (obviously living in a developed part of the world considering you have internet) and you think im wrong- try reading your koran for yourself then youll see how evil the religion is. oh maybe you cant read it yourself because its not printed in english/whatever lang.? hmm wonder why, maybe to give other people the power to brainwash you since you have to go to them for all the answers instead of seaking them out yourselves. if there was no ignorance there would be no islam.

  3. Greenwich mean time is recognized as an arbitrary timing that the world was forced to follow. Everyone agrees that GMT has no scientific or historical base and the place which all countries follow to time their clocks has no significance either culturally or historically.

    I do agree with the Cartoonist that the Scholar (Sheikh Yousef) must not speak about something that is not his specialty. Nevertheless, he is still well known for his knowledge and great efforts to help societies and communities understand each other to achieve better image about other people of the world. So it is true that this is a common mistake that just a minority of Muslim scholars unfortunately are still doing.

    Yes Islam is the religion of peace and justice, a great example of this notion is to look at how Islam was first introduced to the people of SE Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia) in the early twelve century… go check it out yourselves. Those people form the countries with the highest number of Muslims population in the world, so it is very exciting to know how they became Muslims.

    If you don’t know your history… you should understand that the whole of the Western world (America & Europe) were all deeply immersed in ignorance during the Dark Ages. The European Renaissance was only made possible through the transfer of the works of the “Muslims” scientists and thinkers of the Golden Age of Islam. You cannot deny this fact because history speaks about itself.

    The difference between the Muslims and today’s Christians is that Muslims do believe in the prophesy of Jesus (peace be upon him) and know for sure that he was a great prophet. The words of Jesus were manipulated by the people after him and for this simple reason Muslims believe in the fact that Christianity is not anymore the religion that God wanted us to follow. On the other hand, the Quran is the final revelation and is the only book that God revealed his commands to the human race to follow and become guided towards a better life as well as as a book the guides us all to Paradise after our death.


    1. Our darkest ages were never as dark as your genocidal bloodcult, Muslim. There were no “Muslims scientists and thinkers of the Golden Age of Islam” – not then, and there’ll never be any, because the Islamic system stifles mental growth. You call the Koran “science”, but there is nothing but diabolical rubbish in the Koran.

      There is no other hand: the Muslim Isa is not the Jesus of the Christians, but a fantasy-product of Muhammad’s sick mind. The Christian and Jewish scriptures are not corrupted, you brainwashed fool: the Koran is the ultimate corruption of the human mind.

  4. i am a Muslim girl in Iran and read holy Koran very much.i can say it teaches us be pensive and said killing one person is killing all people.i know some action of Muslim people are malevolent and have some antiquated believes but it not means god wants it in Koran.they just are our fact Islam says love our religion because all massagers are from one god.Quran says Marya was a venerable girl.

  5. I am a muslim girl and I pray Allah and hope that you and every people who think the way you think and moque on Allah or Islam do never never understand Islam and its magnificant good things in human’s life so you stay the way you are and die, even more I hope you try your best and try all evil doings you can do burn koran moque on our prophet do whatever you want to do, kill us torture us moque on us but you never kill the light on our hearts I hope you stay the way you are. Yes Islam is not good for you.

  6. Yes, lakahkom

    Hate to burst your bubble dear girl, but we all live and we all die.

    That’s the circle of life.

    However, it does appear that lifespans get shortened when Muslims are around.

  7. allah is the only god yes he is the one who give you life bat your are
    bad jesus is fuck and the4 biggest biteh

    muslim 2 billoin

    and you biteh only 50 millooin

  8. @fuuck

    Why are insulting your own prophet?

    There are several problems with your math (not surprisingly)

    1.) Only a few weeks ago, the numbers 1.5 and in two weeks the numbers grew another 500 million? Not possible.

    2.) As for the so called 1.5, that is a dubious and suspect number at best. Like all things Islamic inflated for self-aggrandizement.

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