Denmark caves in to hijab in parliament

Abdol-Hamid was happy with the ruling.


‘It’s the decision I expected. Anything else would have been a blow against democracy and in conflict with the constitution,’ she said.

Søren Espersen, DF’s board member, was the only one voting against the headscarf in parliament.

‘I’m saddened by the decision. It’s a bow to the oppression the headscarf symbolises,’ said Espersen.

The board’s decision parallels a ruling earlier in the week by the Board of Justices, which stated that judges may also wear the Muslim headscarf.

From Islam in Europe


“Islamic University part of ongoing process” 

* Yep. That ‘ongoing process’ is the Islamization of Denmark &  Europe, what else? 

The Islamic Faith Society will co-operate with a leading Islamic institute to provide graduate courses for Danish Muslims

Well-educated Danish Muslims will soon be able to take Islamic university-level courses in law, economics and international relations here in the country, reports Berlingske Tidende newspaper.

The Islamic Faith Society will begin offering graduate courses in conjunction with the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, one of the most renowned religious and intellectual institutions in the Muslim world.

Bilal Assaad, chairperson of the Islamic Faith Society said: ‘Instead of Danish Muslims having to travel to Egypt or other Muslim countries, we feel that it would be advantageous for them to take graduate courses here in Copenhagen.’

Al Azhar was founded as a mosque in 975 and since then, it has distinguished itself as one of the leading learning facilities in the Islamic world. Now a mosque and a university, it houses one of the world’s largest and most valuable collections of historical books and other documents.

‘It is an ongoing process, and although we’re pleased with Al Azhar’s consent to work with us, we’re putting great weight on designing courses that will fit into Danish society,’ said Assaad, who also emphasised the courses would contain more than just religious content.

Rasmus Alenius Boserup, director of the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute in Cairo, believed it was a ‘logical development’ that the Islamic Faith Society would turn to Al-Azhar for co-operation in developing its activities in Denmark.

‘There’s hardly anything dangerous in that,’ said Boserup, who also added that Al-Azhar had in the last 50 years secularised its activities immensely, although it was still in the area of religion it marked itself internationally.

* What a seriously deluded wakademic wanker..!

He also said choosing Al-Azhar was a natural choice for the society since the university is the best when seeking knowledge about Islamic theology and thought.

Al-Azhar has opened several institutes in the UK and Austria and works with many of the world’s leading universities, including Cambridge University in England. (LYT)


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  1. Any stupid muslim chick that advocates for the right to wear these oppressive garments should be unable to bring any charges against her family or husband who abuses her or denies her any rights. They want the right to live as muslims, then pay the price. Don’t use our silly infidel laws when it is convenient only for you. You have the right to wear said garments, your husband has the right to beat you, your husband has the right to marry off your 8 year old daughter, and so on and so forth. Give em what they ask for….all of it.

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