Ed Hussein wants to bring us the “Classical Islam that existed in the time of Mohammed.”

*  Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur – The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived!


*  Yep. And this guy is riding on a gravy-train of good will in the UK, because he says he rejects ‘Islamism’, whatever that may be. Too many gullible  people in the West live in denial and want to be deceived.

 UK: New Muslim think-tank says it will challenge the jihad ideology with the true, peaceful Islam


“Western Muslims should be free from the cultural baggage of the Indian subcontinent, or the political burdens of the Arab world. We were born and raised in a milieu that is different from the Muslim East. As such, our future and progeny belong here.”

* Typical Tariq Ramadan crock & schlock…

“Just as Muslims across the globe have adopted from and adapted to local cultures and traditions, while remaining true to the essence of their faith, Western Muslims should pioneer new thinking for our new times. Here, Muslim scholastic giants, such as the noble Abdullah bin Bayyah and Shaikh Ali Goma (Mufti of Egypt), have provided ample guidance.”

*  Not reassuring. Ali Gomaa is the statue-hatin’, wife-beatin’, Hizballah-supportin’, Muhammad’s-urine-drinkin’ Mufti of Egypt, who not long ago denied reports that he had rejected the traditional Islamic death sentence for apostates.


Reinventing Islam:

*  More lies and obfuscation in  the Grunards ‘comment is free’ forum by Maajid Nawaz:

“Our policy document Pulling Together to Defeat Terror outlines far-reaching recommendations to root out the global terror threat, through de-radicalisation centres and a focus on education about the pluralistic nature of Islam – which doesn’t see religion and politics as one and the same.”

* Unfortunately for  Maajid Nawaz, Islam has no ‘pluralistic nature’ and no amount of education will change that. Islam is first and foremost a political system and wages jihad, as it must, to replace  infidel ‘man made law’ with the sharia.  This is the clear mandate for every muslim as per Koran & sunnah. A Muslim who denies this is not to be taken seriously.


*  More lies and rubbish from Ziauddin Sardar at the Grunard:

“its the wrong policies of the UK government that cause terrorism”

“Far from “obeying” this government, Muslims are duty-bound to challenge it. Extremism is not only a religious issue; it is also a product of our politics. And tackling extremism requires changing politics as much as changing religious outlook.”

* Sure thing, bro: Britain causes terrorism, ergo Muslims must  work to change British politics. Got it!

To lionise former extremists feeds anti-Muslim prejudice


“It is a mistake to fete these repentant members of Islamist cults. They are part of the problem, not the solution ”

Blame the UK government:

“Most of all, British foreign policy has a direct bearing on nurturing extremism. The occupation of Iraq, the byproducts of the “war on terror”, the perpetual suffering of the Palestinians are not amenable to Sufi solutions or deprogramming techniques. So we don’t need neocon ex-extremists to tell us what extremism is about. They are part of the problem, not the solution. But we do need a viable politics that tackles the root cause of extremism. Whatever the joy in heaven, we cannot allow former lunatics to take over the asylum.

*  Brother, you should be rattling your cage, instead of writing crapola for the Grunard!


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