3 thoughts on “Egypt: Security Forces Raid The City Of Mahalla At Dawn And Arrest Hundreds”

  1. This is an interesting story

    Egyptians have relied have subsidized food since ww 2, thus relying on aid and cheap wheat from America. What has sparked this latest bouts of riots is the rising price of oil, which has prompted America to start using wheat as bio-fuel, thus increasing the price of wheat.

    By cutting of all aid and subsidized food and start using alternative fiul to the islamic world, the governments will topple and the hardliners will take over, and these nations will only sink further back, much like Iran, until it comes a time when the citizens will see islam for what it is, and they say enough is enough and start to revolt again islam, it is a long process ,but the change will come from within, and this is the only way to fight islam.

    The west can not stop islam within islamic countries, is because muslims believe that behind the smokescreen of democracy, along with patriotism, national security and ideology, that is driven by just one motive: greed, and very single one of the players is a politician for reasons of expediency First and foremost, they are seen as corporate tycoons whose primary goal is to advance the cause of corporations.

    And the moslems are not too wrong about that

    Personally I am beginning to see our governments are just as big danger to us as what the islamofascist are.

    This is partly why I am putting my blog on ice because, I feel I am only preaching to the faithful.

    Theer is very little we can do that when we try and confront the islamic world when our governments are throwing our hard earned tax money into these satanic nationals, so before we can even tackle islam, we must tackle our governments.

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