'Euro-Islam' Delusions

The Theologians Working Towards a Euro-Islam

 By Dieter Bednarz and Daniel Steinvorth
Spiegel Online

* Euro-dhimmies just can’t come to grips with a religion that wants them death or forcibly converted:

Leading Muslim scholars are laying the theological foundations for a “Euro-Islam” which would reconcile their religion with the challenges of modernity. But just how compatible is Islam with secular Western values?

The air in the conference room is stale, and the dour mood among those present is not much better. The room smells of sweat, cigarette smoke, cold coffee — and plenty of problems. That comes with the territory at a meeting of some 100 social workers who work in flashpoints like the London boroughs of Hounslow, Eastleigh and Ealing.

*   ‘Social workers’ stands for those who are aiding and abetting the global jihad. We could also call it a service industry…

In their districts they often have to deal with angry youth gangs, unemployment and failed integration policies. Today, on this particular Thursday, they have gathered here in the large hall of the Holborn Bars conference center to learn that multiculturalism also has positive aspects and, most importantly, that no one needs to be afraid of Muslims.

*  ???

Up on the stage, Lucy de Groot, the organizer of the one-day seminar “Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion,” presents “with great pleasure” a speaker whose appearance alone is enough to add a touch of brilliance to this gloomy conference room. Smiling here and nodding there, the “esteemed guest” strides up to the podium with the confidence of an entertainer who has grown accustomed to success. Tariq Ramadan knows how to win people over.


Frere Tariq, Master of taqiyya

He is conducting the time-honored Muslim tactic of psychotic warfare known as, “Since I can’t dazzle them with my brilliance, I will baffle them with my bullshit.”


Homoerotic infatuation meets with steaming piles of taqiyya:

Many of the veteran social workers have an almost enraptured expression on their faces as they look up at the tall, thin man. With his striking features and dark well-trimmed beard, his sand-colored suit with its elegant casualness, the unbuttoned collar of his bright yellow shirt and his slightly dark complexion, Ramadan resembles a Latino singer. “It’s wonderful to be in London,” he says warmly into the microphone. “Thank you very much for inviting me.” Ramadan places the fingertips of his well-manicured hands together and gazes confidently at the audience. His fan club is guaranteed to be even bigger after this afternoon.

Officially, Ramadan, 45, is a professor of Islamic studies in Geneva. But now he has just come from Oxford, where he teaches at St. Antony’s College as a visiting fellow. In effect, Ramadan is something of a modern-day itinerant preacher. His mission is to boost the self-confidence of Europe’s Muslims and to explain his vision of a “European Islam” to Europe’s Christian elite.  (* something that is never quite explained. Especially not how this Ramadan Islam would differ from the Islam in the Koran and hadith)

The “new brand” of faith which, according to Ramadan, “is currently taking shape among European Muslims with Islamic-European culture” aims to reconcile Western values with the teachings of Islam.

* BS on stilts…

This “Euro-Islam” has allowed Ramadan to win friends among immigrant children and proponents of interreligious dialogue — and make enemies among right-wing nationalists and hardline Islamists.



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  1. That was an interesting comment you made at JW/DW, about taking your dogs bones.

    You must already understand, that you can take the bone because your dogs trust and repect you, also the know you will give it back

    Dogs that do not get their bones back, will snap your hand, We have a lot to learn from dogs

  2. This nonsense regarding “Euro-Islam” is a lot like trying to stick a square peg into a round hole. It can be done (with a hammer) but it will be very painful and messy and in the end it just won’t work right. The dumb dhimmis never see the sheer ugliness of that peg misfitting into that hole, do they?

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